High class speed dating

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Oh, this lesson is awesome! Because of the nature of the class, the students do not tend to be readers, nor are they generally intrinsically-motivated to High class speed dating. They really enjoyed the lesson, and my eighth grade library assistants, who saw the speed dating as they worked in the library, all asked me to do this with their classes, too. The best part? The classes I did this with were excellent at High class speed dating quietly, even though many of them are struggling readers! Prep : Decide how you want the tables set up. I had 9 tables with 4 chairs at High class speed dating table.

Each table was a different genre. For the reading resource classes, I chose high-interest genres such as horror, humor, manga, nonfiction, survival, romance, sports, and realistic fiction. I put books on each table to represent that genre. Each table had a labeling the genre. I also set up a PowerPoint with the directions for the minutes.

Students could sit at any table. I just told them to sit anywhere and that we would be moving soon enough. I went through the PowerPoint slides available in my TPT store—see link belowintroducing speed dating and how it relates to our book speed dating activity.

We went over the directions thoroughly, and I made absolutely certain everyone knew what to do. Time to start! When going over the directions with the students, I talked about book speed dating etiquette, which the students loved. I want them to think about what makes them want to read a particular book. Even as a successful reader, I personally never commit to a book without looking at the font size, white space, and the blurb. This is why I believe the second minute of this activity should never be skipped.

In this second minute, the students looked closely at the front and back cover, the condition of the book, read the blurb, open the book and look at white space, illustrations, font size, chapter length, etc. I specifically told them not to read the book at this time. Was there a particular table that never got used? Was there a table that was full every time? Did the timing work for the class? Did they have enough time, or not enough? For my classes, I added a second nonfiction table since it was full every time.

Surprisingly, barely anyone was interested in the magazines table. I am excited to add a fun twist for when I do this activity again. They can redeem the cards at the checkout counter. Overall, this lesson was a great success.

High class speed dating

Many of the books got checked out, and the students were really engaged and enjoyed it. Best of all, they were introduced to High class speed dating of new books and genres! Simply stated with plenty of photos! Snyder—I do, but it is on my school computer. I went back to look at this post as I haven't done it for a while, and I wondered how much time overall you had, and how many chances they had at the different tables?

Thanks again from Johannesburg! Hi, Julia, In my school, I had my students for about 40 minutes, so we did this activity for about Each rotation was 5 minutes, so they would have gotten to "date" approximately 6 books.

High class speed dating

In my current school, I have my students for a full hour. I modified this up a bit recently and did a musical chairs activity, where the students had 3 minutes with the book. The musical chairs made it move more quickly, and they got to experience lots of books—maybe as many as I didn't have them write anything down when we did musical chairs; we just rotated. I put a stack of about 5 books under each chair so if they ended up on the same chair again, they could choose to pick something new or keep reading the one they tried the first time they landed there. Hello there.

High class speed dating am teaching high school juniors this year High class speed dating was wanting to do something similar with them. Do you think this would be an effective activity? I am really wanting to promote choice reading this year. Some may grumble at the moving around part, especially if you have them first or second period. I love this idea! I am new to teaching library this year, and I am trying to find some fun activities.

This is amazing a simple to implement. Any chance you could it to me? Have fun! I accept the Privacy Policy. Search for:. Currently Reading Just finished Leigh's bookshelf: read.

High class speed dating

Be Prepared. The Rabbits' Rebellion. Exit, Pursued by a Bear. GenreficationLesson IdeasNewbies.

High class speed dating

Thanks for sharing! Do you have a way to share the PowerPoint that you used? This seems perfect for February! Did you have a chance to post the Pp yet? If so, where could I access it? Catherine, it has been posted above. Please me if you need a digital copy to edit.

High class speed dating

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High class speed dating

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