Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr

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Posted 2 years ago in Field Report - Permalink - Locked. I thought I would do a post mortem of my a relationship I ended last week, the insights may be be valuable. This came from my journal as I reflected upon the relationship and what I did incorrectly. Hopefully you learn from my lessons also. I had known this woman and her family through family networks and mutual friends, her family is known in the community, I knew she was not a unicorn, but she had high value and given I want a family I asked her out for a drink.

N count is 2, no social media, national champion in athletics, no tattoos or piercings except for ears, studious, lives with wholesome family and has a good relationship with father. One LTR under her belt. I feel I'm at my current peak and growing personally, several plates and a healthy social life. Good genetics and often complimented for fashion and features.

She accepted the date excitedly, she informed me she didn't drink but would love to me. We had great chemistry and following this, she purchased tickets for a second date, but I had declined as I concluded the timing was not good for an LTR. She wanted to enter my industry and followed up with some questions. I was slow to respond as I'm busy. I did not initiate contact. I had several plates, a busy schedule with work and working out; and additionally an active social and business calendar.

If you are high value, women will adapt to be whomever you want, from chaste Catholic to goth, to loves to watch NFL with your friends. We kept in touch, and saw each other casually, she wanted more, we had a coffee together, gave me a book with a small note, prepared a picnic with home cooked food, and when I still refused she resorted to sex. Before I departed, however, she asked again to date exclusively; I knew it was too early, and yet I agreed foolishly. She knew I was sleeping with two plates and knew that this would eliminate my options; I figured I could still instill dread given my SMV and business trips I had regularly.

I had incorrectly decided given the green flags and no Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr red flags, she was through the small gestures of girlfriend material. During this trip, we kept in touch via video calls, and I got to know her further, her values and about her history. She asked probing questions on how I was, what was important to me, about the book I was writing, etc. We had good chemistry and had Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr sex despite her apparent inexperience. When I see her, she immediately starts crying, she confesses she cheated on me once in the first few weeks after the early Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr whilst she was overseas for the athletics competition.

She noted she went to a party, got drunk she always had a shit tolerance but alcohol doesn't excuse being a terrible human being. You can be the best of your game, but if you're not physically there, she will get tingles for other alphas. Set clear boundaries that have consequences if you know they have been crossed. She can be bored, lonely, lack self-esteem, whatever, she can and will cheat. I selected a woman with lower value, the two other women I had LTR'd ly been around ; and were able to repel advances of other men as usual.

A shy, more homely girl with less confidence failed this test miserably. She had confessed to her parents and they stated it was unfair to me knowing I would not tolerate infidelity. In her letter she left behind after the conversation, she stated I deserve to know the truth and that she was so very sorry, she was appalled she did that to me, now that things were becoming more serious it was important I be informed. She said that everything since we returned, when we actually went on the legit second date onwards was real. Look at a woman's actions, not her words. She wanted exclusivity, yet she had a drunken one night stand.

She said she did not drink, party or sleep around, yet she did all three to end our relationship and get fucked. I ended the relationship on the spot and went no contact, I said some harsh truths which given the context were understandable you disgust me and her parents would be ashamedand then walked away.

I have since spoken to mentors I have for business, continued lifting and started salsa to fill in the extra time in my schedule. I re-opened some old plates who had hit me up during the LTR but feel I need more time to focus on myself for now. Learn from your mistakes, but it is best to learn from the mistakes of others. Read the sidebar regularly and live them. Have mentors to advise you throughout life for business, and other areas, and to give cousel when shit happens. Move on, focus on yourself. Maintain attraction, be your own man on your own purpose, be a dominant leader, great in bed, an intellect with a variety of interests, physically fit, well spoken, and a lot of fun to be around.

I want to have a family one day but know that I was lucky, I didn't invest too much and had some good times; I appreciate her disclosing but would have preferred honesty earlier. Such is life. No woman is unique, they are all replaceable. Mitigate damage that can be done when you are forced to pull the trigger at any time. The biggest whore that I've ever dated I didn't know about it at the time told me, in our pre-dating conversations "I never go out.

I'm always at home. This is a solid post. Also, honest question with no intention to insult: You said she had good genetics for making children but you also said she is homely Homely is a strong word, I would say; she was classically beautiful but not hot. She wore consecutive clothing and little makeup. Philosophically speaking, she is remorseful for what she did and otherwise sounds like a decent girl, relatively speaking.

The next guy she meets probably won't get cheated on and will reap all the other benefits. If you were the next guy, not the first guy, you might live happily ever after. I struggle to put words to what I'm trying to describe, but we all make mistakes and correct for them as we go on. While I don't disagree with OP's decision, I can't help but notice he took one for the team in order to fix this girl for the next guy.

Both her and the next guy will feel as though they have a clean slate to work with. That has to be frustrating. Exactly my thoughts, I've gone no contact now but wager she will connect in a month or so. What would you do in this situation, remain true to your word and keep her at arms length forever, right? I suppose you could demote to plate for as long as it takes to get any frustration out, then decide how you feel about things.

If I didn't want to plate her, given I have other options that have less social fallout; just go no contact forever rather than keep in touch like an old associate would? I always feel time heals all wounds and I like the idea of a path to redemption. If you were ever to fix things, you'd have to tear the house down and plate her along with other chicks. Once it's absolutely ruined, you might no longer have resentment about what happened and can start over either with her or someone new, or keep plating.

I remember when an LTR cheated on me and I found out. I stopped caring for the relationship and we actually had better sex for about a month, then I walked away for good. I think you could ghost, or plate with others and you'd be fine. I wouldn't keep in touch like an old associate if there was no sex. The funny thing is it will be a DHV and she'll want you back forever. Do with that as you please down the road. So this girl has an N count of 2 doubful and claims she doesn't drink. Then with an N count of 2 they have amazing sex despite her inexperience.

Then while overseas she gets drunk and has a ONS with some random dude? Possible but highly unlikely she's being truthful from the beginning. Imo she finds a guy she feels is high value wants to come off as the wholesome girl next door who hasn't been with many guys. Let's face it fucking isn't a gift people are born with, you get good at it one way. It's not God given talent. I think she lied up front, lied for a while about her ONS then for whatever reason got it off her chest. There's more pussy in the world, hers isn't special congrats to OP for not getting too involved.

In regards to the sex, yes it's doubful. My original point was she was terrible in bed when we met, after the year we had great sex but it's immaterial now. The "Good Girls" want the sense of security, that you did not provide in the beginning. I do not blame her for "cheating" on you, because honestly she did not feel as she was your girlfriend for real, so subconciously she was open for other options.

In other words - you just were not there for her in the beginning of the relationship. If you are not there, your SMV is zero. I don't know if for me it's healthy. In time I will feel nothing, which is perhaps worse for her; having no emotional investment. In time we will cross paths again, I've learned a lot from this and I hope she will apply these lessons in future relationships.

Do you actually believe a 25yo female who looks good and is a top level athlete who travels nationally for competitions has only had sex with 2 men? Surely not? Or does the "n-count of 2" just indicate that is how many she divulged to you? I've literally had a female say "oh that was just a one time thing and it sucked and I wasn't even Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr him so it doesn't really count.

That said, by her actions sexually, Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr of the sub 50 women I have slept with, I would have concurred with around guys. By 25 I would suppose most would have at least 5 on the low end. The few outliers that don't fall into that are so few and far between that to consider them as existing at all is really just a form of "unicorn" hunting.

I personally find little to no value in the alleged N-count of a woman because it's usually a lie and even if it wasn't, I don't believe it has any true social value anymore. Although I have found that by doing my best to down play any "taboo" undertones surrounding extreme sexual promiscuity read: don't slut-shame even in the slightest whatsoever you can sometimes get them to admit to having partners in just years of sexual activity. It's pretty humbling to hear. Why wouldn't she lie about how many partners she had before she met you?

An attractive woman able to have a drunken one night stand while she is in a real, has Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr had more than two partners by And besides, I don't think it works like that. You can't know the amount of guys a woman has slept with, judging by her performance in sex.

You said she already had one LTR before you met her. So in that sense she had regular sex for a long time and she probably had more experience than a girl who has only had 10 one night stands. Plus, when you are in a relationship, that's when you spice things up and experiment the most. One night stands tend to be more plain.

Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr

Maybe she was just not that good at sex. Also, can I ask you a question? I have an idea of the reason why she confessed, but I'd like to know first. Did you guys have any sort of disagreements before her confession, as far as the relationship is concerned? For example, maybe she wanted you to live together or something similar but you didn't want to? No, there was no major inflection point ahead.

Here's a question. Keep in mind I'm not judging or anything, I'm purely curious:. I feel like we as men, have a feeling that women lie, and don't like that, but at the same time, if they tell the truth, we actually treat them harshly, with no respect to telling the truth. How do you justify your actions, given that If a woman is reading this, the only conceivable thing she can grok from this, is This also potentially speaks to me as well. It says that people don't really respect the Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr, and to not completely reveal myself to ANYONE, other than males I have a relationship with, and that relationship mostly being one where we can reveal our true self to one another.

Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr

I think that she probably was worried that someone would rat her out. Otherwise, she would have not told.

Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr Homely old fashioned Massachusetts woman wanted for ltr

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