Honda accord on sale by owner

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Used Honda Accord for Sale 4. Overall Rating. Track Price Check Availability. By Rating. Overall 5. I have a hard time seeing out the back of cars I can see out of cars built in the 90s and before, but not very well out of lots of today's cars because the backs of them have been raised and the back and side back windows have been made very small.

I live in a large metro area where I have to change lanes on interstates everyday Honda accord on sale by owner it took me a long time to find one I could see out the back of safely. Well actually, I never found one, but Honda made the Accord with the camera on the right-hand passenger's side window that allows me to merge without looking over my shoulder, so I bought it.

I am very happy with this particular feature, and the car also has the backing up video feature - I like th I bought the Honda Accord because I was looking for a vehicle that I could feel safe in. I am very happy with this particular feature, and the car also has the backing up video feature - I like that too.

Honda accord on sale by owner

There is one feature I don't like, which is the comfortableness of the seats, but I am living with it ok. Look, what do you want from me. I drive to work, I drive home. That's fun to me, ok? With the insert, it's fairly comfortable, but on long journeys, occa.

The color of the interior, peanut brown and black was very easy to keep clean. I also really liked the set up of the controls, and dashboard. They did not look too futuristic, but had a nice flow. There are many controls, and per my opinion much better than more expensive cars.

Honda accord on sale by owner

The performance of the vehicle was great! The Accord has a very smooth ride, while not using much gas. I found that the mpg did match up at Honda accord on sale by owner on the expressway. This specific style 4 cylinder engine did not speed up too fast, unless you used the auto shifter, in which case you could get up to a faster speed much quicker that just having it in drive.

The Accord has a lot of space inside the car and in the trunk. It fits a The interior of this car is what ultimately encouraged me to buy this vehicle. It fits all size people very well. I am short, and had no issues adjusting the seat to perfectly fit me. When having taller passengers, they often commented on how spacious and roomy the car was for them. There are many seat adjustments, to allow for a comfortable seat. I used the car one time to move to a new home. The seat folds down to be able to fit longer items, and the back seat can fit small boxes. I never had any mechanical issues with this car, and only needed to change the oil every 5, miles.

Honda accord on sale by owner

Overall, this was a very reliable car and a joy to drive. I was picking up some friends from a concert. There was 4 of them in addition to myself. Honda accord on sale by owner had coolers, folding chairs and backpacks with them. I was picking them up from a busy street, and they had to load in the car quickly. The size of the Accord made it possible for them to throw all of the gear they had with them quickly in the trunk without organizing it to fit.

Then they all jumped i Then they all jumped in the spacious car easily and we were on the move! Don't think we could have done this so quickly in a small car. My favorite feature was heated seats. With leather seats in the winter time, it can often be cold. The seats heated up very quickly and did not get too hot making it uncomfortable. The acceleration was not that great, but that was to be expected with the 4 cylinder instead of the 6. However, if you wish to have a little better acceleration, you could do so by using the trip shifter. Accord Owner.

Overall 4. This vehicle has been very reliable in the last year.

Honda accord on sale by owner

I would not particularly recommend or not recommend this car. The Honda Accord isn't really a bad car it has it good and bad just like any other vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage. I get anywhere from twenty five to thirty miles per gallon on average. For a older car it does have a few luxury features that my family and I appreciate, such as the sunroof and leather seats.

The sleek black color with the gray leather seats that look amazing and a engine that runs great. I feel that this is a fairly safe car with the way it's built, it's not to big and not too small, with an effective alarm system.

This is car is a five seater with two seats in the front and three in the back perfect for small families. There is a ton of Honda accord on sale by owner sp There is a ton of trunk space. Another feature included with this car is the back seats fold down to create an open trunk space so that you can fit more items in your trunk or longer items.

An amazing feature that will make things such as moving and transporting ski's so much easier. This Honda accord on sale by owner is also fast for a family car and can go zero to sixty in seconds and has "balls" for the type of car it is. On these days we stop at various stops that are labeled as poke stops. At these poke stops we stop and park the car and usually if it is sunny and beautiful, start with rolling the windows down.

Then roll back the sunroof, move back my seat and put my feet up. Then I pull out my phone and ope For a car that is 12 years old, my Honda Accord has many pros to owning it. It has a nice Sleek look with a black exterior and a gray leather interior. The Sun roof and automatic windows are some of the various luxuries that come with this car. The Honda Accord also gets approximately mpg on average.

Honda accord on sale by owner

The engine runs really well. When the security system is activated you can see a red blinking light so that you know that the alarm is live and you are safe to leave you car unattended. The s The security system is activated by simply locking the car with the remote lock. Some of the Pros of the Honda Accord is the amazing amount of trunk space. The back seats have the ability to detach from the seat and move forward to extend the trunk to make the already humongous trunk space into more space for whatever you may need, This amazing feature makes it easier to move, transport furniture and go skiing and do all different things when your kid free.

After 12 years of wear and tear of being driven and beaten on by owners transmission is beginning to be a problem.

Honda accord on sale by owner

The transmission has been giving us this issue where when it is in gear D3 it almost "skips" like it does not want shift while the car is accelerating. We have been forced to drive the car in D4. With long term neglect for oil changes and minor brake issues this car is not bad for being so old. The brakes work on this car when it wants to. Sadly I has replaced the brakes about a month ago.

Honda accord on sale by owner

Well I had my friend replace them. Now I have continuing problems like the brak Now I have continuing problems like the brake light coming on randomly while I'm driving and the car almost haven't been able to stop the car when needed and it almost caused a car accident. The tires are worn and have maybe a half year left on them. The tires were brand new when I bought the car in fall ofthey were a all season equivalent to snow tires except without studs on the tires.

The Hood Has a huge dent about the size of a watermelon. Oil cap is broken so it is hard to remove yourself. Three out of the four automatic windows do no longer work anymore. The carpets are worn dirty and discolored from age. Honda Accord News.

Honda accord on sale by owner

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