Honda of huntsville

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Prices above average and unwillingness to discount due to "Vehicle shortage" while their lot is full of vehicles that have been sitting for months. No thank you. The Honda site suggested special incentives.

Honda of huntsville

There is a nationwide vehicle shortage and will be quite some time before inventory is heavy again. Got a call from back in a couple of hours. After picking up my car I checked and none of the tires had approached their built-in low tread indicator.

Honda of huntsville

With 7 Hondas in my immediate family we have had considerble trust in the brand. This is unacceptable Cory Viola is the definition of sleazy sales man. Brought my Honda Civic in for an oil change Honda of huntsville tire rotation. Found out four Honda of huntsville later they charged me for the tire rotation but didn't perform the service. I now question whether they performed the oil change. Michaek went above and beyond to get the perfect car for me. In a crazy pandemic world, he made sure to answer all of my questions, take extra pictures, and deliver my new car in pristine condition.

Would highly recommend! I was promised an hour and a half wait for a service. It took over 3 and a half hours, so I was unable to get the car wash I had paid for in my purchase package. When I later returned for the car wash it was unsatisfactory. I called the dealership and spoke to their finance manager about getting out of the package contract. He promised to call me back the next day but he did not do so. We bought a new Honda Civic Honda of huntsville day before Thanksgiving.

Total time from first phone call to delivery was about 3 hours. I have hated most of the dealings with car dealers I've had over the last 50 years. Lots of bait and switch and other nonsense including high pressure and rude people. None of that here. We did a lot of research before we decided on a Honda. First contact was a call we made to see if they had a Civic that met our price point for an "out the door" price. Our salesman, Tyler Bennett, was very helpful and understanding.

He called us back to confirm they could meet our requirements so we drove down to their lot. I was expecting the worst. He had it sitting out front waiting for us.

Honda of huntsville

After a quick test drive we bought it. Preston Brown handled the final paperwork. Since we were writing a check the process went quickly and without pain. No pressure or other games. Just nice people helping us get the car we wanted.

I highly recommend Jerry Dawson Honda. Jerry Damson Honda responded. Congratulations on your new car! Thank you for writing such a great review about your experience at our dealership! We are pleased that your experience with Tyler, Preston and the team was so positive. We look forward to seeing you again. Best, Jerry Damson Honda Team. I purchased a car from Jerry Damson in Huntsville Honda of huntsville months ago.

Honda of huntsville

When I initially test drove it, the sales person told us that it had been through a point inspection which ended up being a lie and that the owners kept up with Honda of huntsville of the general maintenance which really set my mind at ease. Especially knowing what a large purchase this would be. We ended up going back and purchasing the car from Jerry Damson because we trusted their word. Before I even made my second payment little things started happening.

Honda of huntsville

Different sensors and lights started coming on which prompted me to take it in to my trusted mechanic. At the very least it has several thousands of dollars worth of repairs that need to be done. My mother and I went back to the dealership to let them know what was going on and get this situation resolved but that is not at all what happened.

We spoke with Wes Goode, the used car manager, who left us with the understanding that Jerry Damson doesn't care that the sales person told us the sales person lied, that I haven't even made my second payment on it yet and that I'm not at all satisfied with the way this has been handled or the way we have been treated! We would like to discuss this issue in greater depth, please directly at your earliest convenience.

Laura Fuller responded. As I mentioned to you yesterday on a different review, I have already contacted JerryDamson. I was told that someone would call me and I have yet to receive that phone call. The only contact I've Honda of huntsville from Jerry Damson is through a face book feed. My understanding from the responses I've received so far from JerryDamsonhsv is that it is okay for Jerrydamsonsalesreps to Honda of huntsville in order to achieve the sale.

I relied heavily on that salesman's statement when making the decision to purchase that car not knowing we were being lied to about the car having a point inspection. This was my first time buying a new vehicle from Jerry Damson. I have to say, I was quite pleased with the professionalism, communication, and straight forward approach when purchasing my Honda of huntsville. Ethan Owens in the Sales department answered all questions I had, and worked with me to get the right vehicle at a good price.

Honda of huntsville

His communication was near instant and his service was superb. When I purchase my next Honda vehicle, it will be through Jerry Damson. Kennie Conley in the Finance department was refreshing to work with. In the past, other dealerships' financing departments attempted to guise costs of all the "extra" things they could "give" me.

This was not the case with Kennie. He was also straightforward, showing us all our options, and the associated cost and coverage. He was very concise in explaining the differences in coverage, and very easy to work with. Highly recommend this place when purchasing a new vehicle. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Our team works incredibly hard to exemplify the commitment to customer care and we're so thankful that your time with us was well spent. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or future auto needs as we are always here to help.

I Honda of huntsville never had a more pleasant experience at a dealership. I didn't feel any pressure to make any decision before I was ready. Scott Register was an incredible salesman. I'm sure I bugged the xxxx out of him with my text messages but I felt completely taken care of. I will definitely be returning to see him at Jerry Damson the next time I Honda of huntsville a car. Excellent service. Reason for reporting the review: Select Dealer Reviews Find the best dealership for you. Service Reviews Find good folks to fix your car. Cars for Sale Find the right car for you.

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Honda of huntsville

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