Hot bars in dallas

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Are your pipes warmed up for a night of karaoke? Our favorite bars — listed alphabetically, not ranked — offer places to match your mood and personality. The choices are endless, but we promise that somewhere on this list is a spot ready to welcome you as its newest regular. But why stop at one? The kitchen is open until a. Be sure to grab a pen and leave your mark on the wall. When it comes to bars based on speakeasy vibes, though, Akai is the best. To Hot bars in dallas there, a Musume staff member will guide you into the restaurant kitchen and through a cinderblock passage to the sexy backroom that is Akai.

The cocktails are intricate and beautifully presented. Owner Austin Rogers can often be found running food, taking orders and sometimes bussing tables at the classy Dallas club. The Alamo Club is billed as a cozy spot fit for any occasion, a quiet date night, an outing with the family or drinks with friends. Reserve Now. Plus, the knowledgeable team can whip up delicious craft cocktails such as mint julep, clover clubs and sidecars. When the Armoury D. The landmark jazz club on the second floor next to the old Lakewood Theater is a go-to spot for aspiring old-timers, no matter their age.

Its building was originally an open air barn built over a century ago to hold cattle for the Fort Worth Stock Show. Since then it has served as an airplane factory and department store before arriving at its true calling inopening its doors at Billy Bob's Texas, self-billed as "the world's largest honky tonk.

There's bull riding, both mechanical and live, 30 bar stations and enough space for an army of dancers to two-step the night away in comfort. If Hot bars in dallas need help deciding, the owners choose every bottle and know their inventory perfectly.

The wines are available for retail purchase, too.

Hot bars in dallas

This quaint French bistro in the Bishop Arts District has one of the best brunches in the city, a celebrated wine list, phenomenal French cuisine and a stellar oyster program. It almost feels arrogant of them to also have one of the best bars in the city.

And, yet, here we are. Every Friday from to p. Watch the chalkboard for the best picks. Not a wine-drinker?

Hot bars in dallas

No problem. Their hand-crafted classic cocktails will get you wherever you need to go. In the historic Dallas home of Ahab Bowen, you can brush with a bit of Hot bars in dallas history while Hot bars in dallas slam back a few cold beers. The drink menu tends toward the upscale, with a classy wine list and an assortment of beers in draft, bottles and cans. In the heart of Oak Lawn, this gay-friendly sports bar is equipped with plenty of flat-screen TVs, so you can watch a game or catch a fight while enjoying bar food and craft brews or maybe a cocktail. The drink list is a broad one, replete with beer, wines, liquors and hard seltzers.

Luckily for you, if you drink one too many, you can head back in the morning for a hangover brunch to ease your post-booze blues. On the weekends, you should stop by for one of the specials: a mimosa carafe, bloody mary, mimosa flights or a monster-sized bloody mary. What is left is a straightforward bar with DJ, music video and karaoke nights. Be sure to try the Cherry Lime-Yay! And while we all loved sometimes too much their original Uptown location, their new spot has a large outdoor space; every seat on their patio, rooftop and inside has views of TVs.

It's literally wall-to-wall sports here. It's a great option for catching local sports teams, especially when the weather is nice and you can sit on the patio. Soaking Dallasites with booze sinceCity Davern is a cool downtown spot where you can grab a drink and get a bite to eat. They offer regular lunch specials, and the drink menu is as varied as it is tasty. On Tuesdays, you can get a taco special, and on Wednesdays, you can tilt Italian with a fettuccine Alfredo and garlic bread combo dish.

Weekdays from 4 p. Every bartender should know how to make the Clover Club cocktail. You can order the cocktail, made of gin, lemon juice, dry vermouth and egg white on top at the Uptown club of the same name. The Clover Club opened up in and has kept the Uptown area buzzing ever since. As a result, you can hear anything from crooners to big band orchestras any day of the week.

The scene picks up late at this classic Korean t, which on Fridays and Saturdays closes just before sunrise the next day. Grab a karaoke room or a booth in the bar, which have big, dark privacy shields covered in soju advertisements. The bar snacks, including bulgogi kimchi burritos and huge family-sized platters of crispy fried chicken, are so Hot bars in dallas that DanSungSa is listed in our Top Restaurants, too. Deep Ellum Art Co. The inside space is a whopping 5, square feet and boasts of being home to the biggest backyard in the neighborhood, complete with an art gallery. They even have foosball and Connect Four, along with 27 beers, a slate of draft cocktails and a selection of wines on tap.

Opened in December after an eight-month delay and closed in March after a three-month stint, Desert Racer — the long expected—Nick Badovinus bar on Lowest Greenville — has reopened. The drink menu is still loaded with wine, local beers, frozen cocktails and tequila hi-balls. The food menu is equally strong, filled with seafood and meat tacos, burritos, enchiladas, burgers and more.

From its decadent duck fat cheese fries and avocado toast bruschetta, diners are always in for a treat. Plus, beer aficionados can have fun selecting craft brews off an unparalleled tap drink menu. This full-service bar and restaurant makes foodies everywhere rejoice. What makes this location so much different than its Greenville Avenue counterpart Single Wide is its outdoor patio with seating made from repurposed toilets and road s. Does your bar have a beer AND taco Tuesday?

Probably not. They offer craft and imported beers and your favorite domestics. No self-respecting blues establishment should be brighter than your average live K-pop experience. It just needs a little weathering and history to fuel the soul of the blues music that blares out of its windows. The Goat has a Hot bars in dallas list of talented blues folks who regularly take the stage across the nights and weekends with an occasional jukebox or karaoke night thrown into the mix.

Not even Greg Louganis in his prime combined "gay" and "dive" as seamlessly as The Grapevine.

Hot bars in dallas

With its mismatched chairs and glassware, the place veers perilously close to the pitfall of prefabrication. But thanks to the cheap drinks and screwball clientele, the bar manages to carve out its own niche in the realm of authentic dives in its own flamboyant way. And then Hot bars in dallas the basketball half-court on the asphalt patio outside.

Local straight bars could certainly take a cue from The Grapevine on that one: Who wouldn't want to have a few brews and then engage in a game of three-on-three? That said, the "No Physical Play Allowed" has probably drawn a few laughs. When you walk in, underground bass will get under your skin, forcing your best dance moves right out of you. If you need a few more, you can swing by the bar and wash down some booze with some above-average bar fare. Live music, slam poetry and stand up comedy are all welcome.

The Green Room in Deep Ellum serves food and drinks from three bars. The first is the indoor bar, which handles the folks coming in from Elm Street. Head upstairs to its covered patio to see its other two bars. One is nestled away behind the pool tables and other games, and the other is more where the outdoor seating is. The upstairs area has also been known to host acoustic artists, even small bands. There, you can catch the best the Denton music scene has to offer on an expansive outdoor stage, complete with a state-of-the-art sound system and kaleidoscopic stage lights.

By the time you leave, your senses will be firing on all cylinders. This temple of sound housed at Hot bars in dallas White Swan Building in Victory Park has enough room for 1, patrons. Folks in the music bizz often rub shoulders Hot bars in dallas the ropes of the VIP area, scouting for the next big thing.

This is just one room at Hot bars in dallas House of Blues, a venue with several. The Cambridge Room allows the public to catch live local bands, as does the restaurant. In the dining space, which often hosts open mics and other live music acts, patrons can munch on beef tenderloin or seafood jambalaya, burgers, ribs and more. The members-only Foundation Room offers an upscale experience complete with a cozy fireside lounge. It may not be the kind of bar you go to for a night of cocktails and quiet conversation, but what it lacks in frills it more than makes up for with its killer shows that go down in their unassuming basement.

After you have a slice or several of the pizza that gives the place its name, grab a Lone Star and head on down to the loudest little venue in Denton. But the draw here is the seasonally changing menu of new inventions, which head bartender George Kaiho conjures from unlikely inspirations.

Just during the pandemic alone, there were cocktails with mustard green juice and Parmesan cheese. One creation combined gin, mezcal, coconut, lime, chili oil and cilantro into a cocktail that tasted like Thai curry — and, before you ask, not only was it drinkable, it was terrific. So is the atmosphere, one of the quietest and most discreet bars in the city, an ideal place for an elegant date night or a top secret spy rendezvous. Reservations recommended. First of all, there are two bars, and the little one upstairs has a particularly cool backstage feel; the bars are open long before show times, giving patrons ample time to get their chattiness out of their systems before sitting down to enjoy a show.

The Landing packs a lot of character into its small space with a pool table and jukebox that is kept updated with local favorites. The bar also has a big patio area out front with plenty of seating to get some air and talk music, sports or anything with locals who know where the good times really roll.

Hot bars in dallas

Do any of the other bars on this list get involved with international barbecue smuggling? We doubt it. Located in the chic northern suburb of The Colony, Lava Cantina is another spot where you can do it all: get your music fix, get your fill of food and tip back a few drinks. The food is described as Creole with a Mexican twist, an interesting way of spicing up an already spicy cuisine.

Hot bars in dallas

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The 19 best bars in Dallas