How does okcupid make money

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When four math majors launched OkCupid in Marchthey had a fundamental belief that data would be how the dating site would differentiate the company in the crowded online dating market. Unlike sites dating services like Match.

This helps give it a younger demographic for its 7 million users. When a user s up, he or she is asked to think of some questions to ask a potential mate. Questions range from interests, to hobbies and lifestyle choices. So, for example, race affects the messages users get, and the likelihood How does okcupid make money woman has difficulty achieving an orgasm has to do with her age.

The company compiled its observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of OkCupid user interactions, all to explore the data side of the online dating world. The company actually brought a data scientist on board inand he overlooks the blog, mining through all of the data and reporting on the findings there. This data focus had obvious marketing benefits. Unlike most corporate blogs that resemble ghost towns, the OKTrends is vibrant, with posts regularly How does okcupid make money over comments. The blog was being mentioned in the press a lot and got well over 2 million users just a year after it launched.

All this was done without an advertising budget. OkCupid saw all this data crunching as an opportunity to make money, too. A campaign for rum brand DonQ created a landing where consumers could analyze the types of pick-up lines that people rely on. The brand did some social media outreach to drive fans to this. Other advertiser campaigns on OkCupid have shown that targeting by marital status is undervalued. Yagan said he is perplexed by this because marital status really has a lot to do with how much people spend and what they spend on.

Advertisers can target people by keywords on their own profiles.

How does okcupid make money

OkCupid did some work with a top 25 Internet Retailer. The retailer had many data sources. But for this particular effort, it looked at keywords on the profiles of OkCupid users. Specifically, the retailer analyzed the keywords that users used to describe themselves. It found that her preferences differ by age. Another finding was that what is happening to a woman in her dating life plays out in other parts of their life.

How does okcupid make money

Through this effort, the retailer realized that its target of year-old women was too broad and needed to be narrowed to an older group. We also learned that the type of cell phone that a consumer uses says a lot about them as well. LinkedIn does the same for How does okcupid make money advertisers. It uses internal data to help advertisers like Citigroup, for example, find the right target audience.

For OkCupid, the payoff was big. Motivbase helps companies understand the meaning behind people's online thoughts to help them develop new products. While the internet has exploded with how-to guides for candidates to create the most effective TikTok job application, a of commentators are reluctant to embrace a scheme which could entrench biases.

Twitter and Facebook move ahead with brand safety audits by MRC amid increasing pressure to mitigate extremist and false content on the platforms. With remote working becoming a way of life, and communications tools such as Slack and Zoom spelling less of a need for those workplace meetings, working from overseas is set to become even more popular, and no longer confined to digital nom travelling for months on end.

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How does okcupid make money

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How does okcupid make money

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The company behind Tinder and OkCupid says it's worth $ billion