How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

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Commitment is a funny thing. I ended up finding the answer through life-living, mistake-making, time-wasting decisions that sabotaged the chances of anyone ever wanting to commit to me in any regard. Getting someone to commit to you, your ideas, your relationship, etc. No matter what, people will always be attracted to rarity. Whenever the supply is perceived as limited, hunger, desire and pursuit will always kick in. Commitment involves another person recognizing the value in us that they believe is not only worth investing in, but that is often worth giving up something they used to value before you came into the picture.

This is why trying to figure out how to get him to commit to a serious relationship can be. Is there a way to get someone to commit to a serious relationship? I highly doubt it. There are definitely ways to make others more inclined to genuinely want to commit to you.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

Nor do they need permission to exit situations, circumstances, and relationships in which they are devalued. Check yourself. Am I committed to feeding my fears and low self-esteem or am I committed to evolving? Men who are looking for a serious relationship ultimately commit to women who are able to commit to themselves — their lives, their health, business, evolution, etc. Most people avoid commitment because commitment is intimidating.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

When you commit, you have to follow through. Commitment and execution go hand and hand. Dreams, hopes, words, promises… they are lifeless skeletons of what could be until a commitment to executing is implemented. Once you commit, life becomes so. Your emotional constipation ceases to exist as does looking for laxatives in How to get a guy to commit in a relationship form of gossip, acting on impulse, engaging in fake friendships, toxic relationshipsand validation seeking.

One of the most attractive qualities that a person can possess is when they full-on want you. Romantic love is Romeo and Juliet, Carrie and Big, everything that you see in the movies and on tv fun to watch but not so great to be involved in. You need the other person for emotional oxygen. By committing to your life, you translate to others that you value it.

Think about it — if you have a beautiful home and take pride in keeping it so clean you could eat off the floor, someone who truly values and appreciates the care that you put into valuing your home will take their shoes off at the door without even asking. And the ones who keep their shoes on and walk all around? And trust me when I say, that deficiency was there long before they came into your house. Show them the door. Oh, Natasha! I love the analogy about someone visiting your house and either taking off their shoes or not…. Someone who values YOU sees your worth and respects it.

We value so many things these days — expensive shoes, clothes, brand name make up and destination holidays. Being seen in all the right places and with all the right people. But it can be hard to do. It got me thinking too, about the fact people remember one thing above all else when they meet you. And that is: how you make them FEEL. So, make them feel your self esteem, make them feel you standing graciously in your own power. Make them feel the glow of your own self love, and make them feel lucky to be in your presence.

To want more of it. To see how special you are, through the energy you connect with. The rest is all good hair, make up, job, where you live, how much money you make etc. If you feel that you have to work on this area in life, then do it! People can tell. Because you will know your own worth. You are pure light Lorelle?? I loved reading this new post and what I commented on was what hit me the most. Thanks for your words xxx How are you going? I hope you are getting all the good things in life that you deserve!???

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

Making my own choices and having my own back just like Natasha mentions in this post that we have to commit to ourselves first? How are you doing? Hope you are also getting everything that you wish for? Oh that makes me smile to read that, Mishaell love your name, just so you know. You deserve it! Yes, making your own choices is so powerful.

It teaches you what you really want and like. You stop thinking about pleasing others so much and that can be hard for some of us, because we think we are being selfish. Lorelle — You, your words, your wisdom, your light and your beautiful soul are the gifts that keeps on giving.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

Thank you for existing. Thank you for your compassion, for your empathy, your connection and sharing your heart with us all. Love you endlessly. Hi Nicole, Agreed! And being exploited is crushing when you go through that.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

It can really break you. Ive learnt How to get a guy to commit in a relationship reflect on relationships and it helps you see where you are at. Those good guys out there have untold value! I stayed up late last night to read your words. I was searching for some consolation to a negative thought in my head, and I found it.

And here you are again today. You nailed it. Only through extreme heartache, researching yourself, and learning the lessons can you truly appreciate your eloquently written words. You are so highly skilled. What a gift. You found your calling. Nancy, I am in tears as I write this. Your message meant more to me than my words will ever be able to express. Thank you for being YOU. All my love to you soul sister. I know I have mentioned this before but you have really healed me many times over! It was horrible. I cried when I read your words. So resilient different to tough! So much clarity! The world can be a cruel, hard place and that is why self love is so important.

It bouys you up in rocky seas. Your story is beautiful. Because you are! We are whole again when we create a patchwork of our heart, ing it back together. All those lessons about heartbreak, love, rejection, self love and believing in yourself when you have nobody and nothing. They meld together and only then, do we truly begin to love ourselves. When we can do that, we can also shine love onto others.

Without that we become validation seeking shadows of ourselves. Then we are in pain. Those words you wrote, show how truly evolved you have become. I too, am so grateful for this haven Natasha created. Now I am in tears again. I could not have said it any better.

Thank you Lorelle and Mishaell.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

Love you both. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful answer???? Love you so much xx. You are incredible. Thank you for sharing, for inspiring and for being a part of this tribe. Yes yes yes!! All around YES! Rule 4. Needed to read this. You always know exactly what to say and it always translates into my life one way or another.

How to get a guy to commit in a relationship How to get a guy to commit in a relationship

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How to get him to commit: The EASIEST way!