How to get a jock to like you

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in. Developing feelings for someone can be very scary in the beginning. How do you know what to say? How do you know how to act around them? These questions can make life more complicated than it has to be.

How to get a jock to like you

Things can even get more tricky if you somehow manage to fall for a popular guy. Popular guys are in a special category of their own and are easily recognized. They are extrovertedusually have a lot of friends, have a wonderful dress sense, and seem to be unable to stay single for long periods of time. Whil e all of this sounds scary and maybe a little intimidating, it can always get worse.

You must be careful, though, because going after the things that you want will never be easy. You will have to make difficult changes to your life and step out of your comfort zone. The 30 different tips below will make the process of getting the guy you want so much easier than if you had to do it on your own. Self-love simply means loving your self, your body, and being proud of yourself. When you like yourself, then naturally others will like you because you will carry yourself with self-respect.

This knowledge of yourself is very attractive and will inspire curiosity and more than a little interest in the popular guy that you want to attract. No one likes someone who is always looking for something to complain about. Try to keep these things to yourself or better still talk to a friend about concerns that you may have about daily happenings in your life. Whether you use a sweet-smelling soap, body lotion, or perfume, ensure that you always smell amazing. Smell particles flow to How to get a jock to like you limbic part of the brain where feelings and emotions are processed.

Smelling good can get him to fall for you that much faster, saving you time and effort. Yes, the depth of emotion that you feel for this guy is so strong that nobody else can understand it. However, you must ensure that you keep it tucked in. Desperation is unattractive and if he sees that you like him too much then it can turn him off you or use it against you.

You might end up being so nervous around him that you show your hand too early and start looking desperate even from the early days of your relationship. He will definitely become wary of your attention and possibly start avoiding you. Listen to them and adjust your attitude or say goodbye. Depending on the kind of personality that you have, this may be the hardest thing to do.

Having confidence in yourself attracts attention to you and can make a guy notice you. Go the extra mile: dress up in outfits that make you feel like Beyonce, get a new and dramatic haircut, buy a new perfume.

Anyone of these things will go a long way in giving you some confidence. Look in How to get a jock to like you mirror every morning before you leave home and speak positively to yourself. You can even approach the guy instead of trying to get him to come to you.

However, no one likes the person who always casts a wet blanket on things.

How to get a jock to like you

Having a positive outlook on life does more than How to get a jock to like you make you get along with people better. If you ooze positivity, then only positive things will happen to you whereas if you are a bundle of negative vibes, then bad things will happen to you more often. Find something that makes you unique and capitalize on it. Think about something you have a passion for and actively work on it. Doing this will attract more attention to you, including that of the guy you like. If your plans to attract him fails, at least you can fall back on the new project that you started in order to stand out.

Make sure yo smile while being friendly. You can go further by sharing a joke or a riddle that will keep you in his mind for days. Carefully plan it out so that when you approach him, you have something witty to say instead of waiting for him to say something interesting. Develop a great sense of humor and try to determine his so you can ensure that your jokes actually make him laugh without being self-deprecating, which can paint you in a bad light.

Flirting is dicey because if you lay it on too thick, you can unintentionally embarrass yourself. Flirting with him communicates your interest in him without requiring you to directly declare your interest in him. Use simple flirting tactics like making eye contact, lightly touching his sleeves, and smiling at him subtly.

How to get a jock to like you

Try to make friends with some of his friends. Make an effort to get to know him more in order to see if your personalities match. You may find out one of two traits that completely turn you off him. To prevent this, try to avoid speaking too loudly about your life or about your relationships within his hearing. Go out of your way to ask him for help even though you may not necessarily need it.

If he sees you struggling with something and rushes forward to help, then let him help you. Guys are visual beings and will almost always pay attention to your clothes first. Switch up your looks by wearing tighter skirts and trousers that make you look better.

Trying to attract attention while being swallowed up by a bulky cardigan is not going to work. He is always going to overlook you for the better-dressed women. To improve your chances of attracting his gaze, then style your clothes and hair in a way that makes you look and feel better. Making him work too much to get your attention may portray you as high maintenance and make him back away from you. Whenever you meet a new person, you should be open to trying new things and making new memories.

If you know that How to get a jock to like you man of your dreams likes to go camping once in a while, then dump your reservations and accompany him. You might end up loving it. People tend to be more attracted to things that are mysterious. How wonderful would it be to eventually date someone with whom you formed a friendship first?

Then dress up in the cutest outfit you own and go there. That could make you come across as too intense and scare him off. An important part of getting to know someone is to share bits of yourself. Something as simple as not putting your phone down and looking into How to get a jock to like you eyes while having a conversation can be all it takes to completely turn him off.

You absolutely want to get his attention and while there are so many ways to do that, there are some things that you absolutely must not do. Some things are not worth it, including changing yourself so that you can get the attention of a man.

Some of them are outlined below:. Never change yourself for a man. There are certain rules to follow, especially with your girlfriends. Covertly of course. The first thought that should come to your mind before embarking on projects like this is that you can get any guy you want. You must first believe in yourself. However, you have to make an effort in order to get what you want. Frances is a Relationship and Lifestyle Blogger focused on helping you build a stronger Relationship. Get started. Open in app. Umeh Obianuju Frances.

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How to get a jock to like you

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How to get a jock to like you

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