How to hook up rv sewer hose

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for this idea. Trying to find that threaded clear elbow you show in the video. The link provided shows me a Camcowhich from the picture does not seem to have a threaded end.

Is the amazon photo correct? Hi John! So if you want to use that Valterra elbow… make sure you get a Valterra sewer hose to go with it. Thanks for your quick reply! I am looking to build a hose with the 45 elbow as you show specifically for use How to hook up rv sewer hose the drive-up dump station — calling for a shorted length of hose.

Hi John. The only hose we actually have any real experience with is the 20 foot Camco hose we link to here in this post. Our Newmar has a wonderful hose storage mechanism, which is a small door that looks like a fuel filler door right behind the water Bay. Behind that door is a long sleeve that the sewer hose slides into when not in use. Many of the Volterra hoses have some sort of hard plastic connector at the ends, which precludes us from using our storage sleeve if we went with one of those.

As far as the dedicated hose just for using a dump station, ten feet should be plenty. Do you or have you thought of any quick way to put up screen rooms or other awning room structures in a easier or faster fashion for newbies and others that might consider using these? Any and all help might make a great informative video! The best thing we can suggest is to post your question on the iRV2 forums.

There are tons of RVers there with experience in all areas of RVing, eager to share their knowledge. Thanks guys. Do you reconnect the sewer-end connector EZ Coupler each time you attach to a sewer line and simply leave the clear hose connector Clear EZ 45 degree elbow attached and inserted into the Newmar chute? Perhaps I should assemble my own hose assembly.

How to hook up rv sewer hose

Could you send a picture of what you put into the chute? Hey Bruce. Takes only a few seconds and works like a charm for us. That allows us to slide the sewer end into the chute, with just enough room at the top How to hook up rv sewer hose the door to close behind the clear elbow. As always guys, another wonderful video. As a side note, after we bought our current coach I realized that the sewer compartment had enough room How to hook up rv sewer hose it to allow the sewer hose connected to the tank outlet all the time.

I really, really like not having to attach the hose each time. However, I do a very good fresh water rinse on the tanks so the hose will be free of debris, and then I cap the dump station end. Thanks Nick. That sounds like a good use of that space.

Our Newmar has a little trap door right next to the water compartment that looks exactly like a fuel filler door. It hides a cylindrical chute that the sewer hose slides into, which we really like. Your video, on this subject, as usual, was very helpful. Question: Who could I contact about getting info. I contacted Newmar, two RV dealers somewhat close, and nothing. The dealer in Florida gave me next to no information, about anything. Thanks Bill Martin. Hi Bill. What type of electrical problems are you having?

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How to hook up rv sewer hose

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How to hook up rv sewer hose

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How to hook up rv sewer hose How to hook up rv sewer hose

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