How to inject cocaine

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In most cases, however, this is even riskier than snorting or smoking the drug. This article will highlight some of the common side effects and dangers of this shooting cocaine intravenously. When cocaine is purchased on the black market, it is typically a fine, white powder that people snort. Cocaine is also often cut with other substanceswhich can range from flour or cornstarch to dangerous chemicals or substances. Drug dealers cut cocaine with these substances in order to increase their profits, since fillers like flour allow How to inject cocaine to include less cocaine in each package that is sold.

Cutting agents raise the risk levels of using cocaine, especially when a person injects the drug. In fact, researchers have known for years that injecting cocaine is more dangerous than snorting or smoking it. A study in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that people who injected cocaine were more likely to become addicted. They also used the drug more frequently and in larger amounts when compared to people who snorted or smoked cocaine. Some of the behavioral side effects of shooting up cocaine include:. Cocaine works on areas of the brain that are responsible for controlling pleasure and How to inject cocaine.

In particular, cocaine affects a neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine. This then stimulates reward activity, which changes brain chemistry and creates an addiction. There are also specific physical risks linked to injecting cocaine. Injecting cocaine can cause skin and blood vessel linings to deteriorate. In addition, cocaine purchased on the streets often includes additives. These additives can cause a residue to build up along the blood vessel passages. When this happens, injecting cocaine can lead to eventual cardiac problems.

How to inject cocaine

There is also the risk of both bacterial and viral infections when injecting cocaine, as well as the risk of contracting dangerous or deadly diseases like hepatitis C and HIV. To summarize, injecting cocaine is linked to the following physical health risks:. In fact, injecting cocaine is arguably the most dangerous way to use this drug. Cocaine use in any form carries many risks, including paranoia, hallucinations, aggression and sudden cardiac problems. The high that comes from injecting cocaine may be faster and more powerful than the high from snorting it, but the crash is also more severe and can include symptoms like anxiety, depression, fatigue and paranoia.

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How to inject cocaine

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How to inject cocaine

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How to inject cocaine

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How to inject cocaine

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Injecting Cocaine: Knowing the Risks