How to know if a guy respects you

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Are you dating a guy who seems to have an ego? Does your partner make you feel small? You better watch out for s he doesn't respect you. If there's one thing I really, truly regret, it's dealing with so many men who didn't respect me at all back when I was in my teens and 20s. It's a mistake that I honestly wish I could take back—and one of the very few regrets I have in my life.

Part of it was my optimism in the nature of the men who disrespected me. I, being a naive idealist, honestly believed that if I was nice enough to people or if I showed them my good side long enough, I'd earn respect. Of course, they didn't care how nice I was. They expected it because they were jackasses who thought they were better than me. It hurt, and what angered me more about it was the fact that I knew I didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

How to know if a guy respects you

Eventually, after being burned one too many times, I realized that respect is not something that some people are willing to give you, regardless of how kind you are to them. These days, I immediately cut people out who I feel are disrespectful to me. I've become kind of a hawk when it comes to figuring out whether someone respects me. Are you worried about the guy you're dating? Do you feel he doesn't respect you? These s suggest you might be right. Does he leave you waiting for a reply, knowing that what you're asking for isn't much? Does he regularly insult things you like, just so that he can leave you feeling smaller?

Don't be fooled by these seemingly minor acts. They are serious warning s! These little ploys are techniques that men, specifically abusive men, tend to use to get you used to his disrespectful behavior. It's their way of establishing control in lieu of respect and tolerance in relationships. Speaking as someone who's seen this over and over again in abusive relationships, this kind of behavior only gets worse with time. If he's doing this stuff, he doesn't respect you, and the behavior will only get worse.

When a man doesn't respect you, he will treat How to know if a guy respects you like an afterthought.

How to know if a guy respects you

Prioritizing him doesn't mean that you will be prioritized in the same way. It's the truth, and the truth can seriously hurt to hear. Take a look at how long it takes for him to reply to your text messages, or how getting together for a date tends to go. Does it seem like you have to vie for his attention or bend over backwards to schedule something with him? Then I got some bad news for you. Men will make time for people they respect, especially if it's a woman they are interested in. If the only way that he'll meet with you is on his terms, he doesn't really respect you and is just spending How to know if a guy respects you with you because he's bored.

You tell him not to touch you, he touches you. You tell him you don't feel comfortable sending nudes, he throws a hissy fit. Sound familiar? Yep, this is boundary-crossing behavior from someone who doesn't understand that respecting boundaries is a basic form of courtesy. A guy who crosses boundaries is a guy who you need to run away from. I repeat: RUN, don't walk, away from this guy. If he doesn't listen to you when you establish boundaries or insists on trying to convince you to do otherwise, he doesn't respect you.

Trust me when I say that a person who crosses boundaries is not a person who is fit for a relationship. There's nothing you can do to fix a person who has this issue either, so your best bet is to call things off as quickly as possible. Some men are not capable of respecting women, even if they claim they do. For one reason or another, some men hate women.

You can't respect someone that you fundamentally hate. If a man makes very misogynistic remarks, you have to understand that he doesn't respect you—even if he claims that "you're different. You can't change his opinion of women, nor can you change his opinion on you. So, be sure to make that a hard pass. Ugh, I hate this. I call this "Relationship Frisbee," and it's a sick game to play.

Honestly, it's a game that is defined by psychological abuse in relationships because of the negative effects it has on people. When guys are with a woman they don't respect, they start acting like she should do more and more just to keep him around. They start pulling back on compliments, or even showing enjoyment of being around a girl, just to see how far they go to keep her. They will toss these "Relationship Frisbees" to see how high you jump.

Guys who do this love to see women dance their dance, often knowing that they're hoping for a committed relationship. It's a sick form of entertainment. But, there's a catch. With guys who How to know if a guy respects you this, they never respect you enough to commit to you. They don't even care that they're hurting you when they do this, so how could they possibly show you any respect?

How to know if a guy respects you

Nothing quite says, "I don't respect you," like mocking your needs, refusing to acknowledge them, or ignoring them out right. Unfortunately though, it's one of those red flags that many people tend to overlook because they worry that they're being unreasonable. There is nothing unreasonable about voicing concerns in a relationship.

There's also nothing wrong with trying to get someone to treat you the way you want to be treated. If someone acts like your needs don't matter, or mocks you for feeling hurt, I've got bad news for you. When you try to approach your partner about your relationship worries, does he tell you it's all in your head? Or, even more disrespectful, does he tell you to "deal with it? If so, he doesn't respect you—and oh, by the way, he's also behaving How to know if a guy respects you towards you.

Not all disrespect tends to come in a hostile form—at least, not on the surface, anyway. Sometimes, disrespect tends to be a little more innocent in appearance. The most common s a man doesn't really respect a woman are directly related to how he treats her.

Respect is, at its base, what happens when a person sees you as a human being with thoughts, emotions, and morals of your own. The trouble with not respecting womanhood has to do with how he treats you more like an object than a person, showing you that he doesn't really respect you. Dissect how he treats you on a regular basis.

How to know if a guy respects you

Does he behave like you're an object to him, or like you're more of a pet than a person? If so, he doesn't respect you. Though some people might beg to differ, I personally believe that a person who lies to you or chooses to hide stuff from you doesn't respect you. I mean, think about the last person that you lied to. Did you respect them? Probably not, and you may have thought that they'll just take that lie at face value without really caring whether or not they find out the truth later on. When you regularly have to check a guy's text messages in order to feel safe in your relationship, there's a serious problem afoot.

How to know if a guy respects you

That's not normal, and in most cases, is sparked by behavior that makes you feel insecure in your relationship. If you regularly find yourself having to "play detective" in order to get the truth out of someone you're seeing, he doesn't really respect you.

How to know if a guy respects you

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