How to make him regret breaking up with me

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By Chris Seiter. However, if I have learned anything from my tenure here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery it is that what people say and what people do can sometimes be completely different things. This whole question of making your ex boyfriend look back at what happened between the two of you and wonder if he made a huge mistake in either letting you go or simply outright leaving you is a fascinating topic.

Making your ex regret doing those things that caused him to lose you is probably top of your mind right now. But this business of sewing the seeds of doubt and making your ex bf feel sad for his role in the messy breakup is tricky. What is so tricky about creating in your ex boyfriend this sense of loss and remorse that he may have done one of the most stupid things in his life — namely letting you get away? I am not talking just about the kind of breakup regrets he may eventually experience over his actions, but also the disappointment you may have about what transpired….

I promise we will spend considerable time talking about each of the critical Pillars I just listed above. Doing any of these things can better your chances. Doing all of these things will ificantly improve your efforts to teach your ex boyfriend that no longer should he take you for granted and that losing you, letting you go was a huge mistake.

Helping your ex boyfriend arrive at these feelings is where the balance of personal power begins to shift your way. There are probably lots of things that your ex boyfriend and you may feel sad and sorrowful about. A lot of bad stuff may have transpired.

Can you accept your mistakes and forgive yourself, then move forward? Is your ex capable of learning from his misdeeds and can he rise to the occasion to accept his role in the breakup? It turns out that this matter of regret can get rather complicated. For starters, we need to make sure we are all on the same when talking about this topic. For example what kind of regret or sorrow are we dealing with? And can you trust that your ex boyfriend is genuinely expressing sorrow and sadness? Will things really get better if your ex boyfriend rushes to your side to frantically tell you he is sorry, but not really feel it or mean it?

Can you trust that your ex boyfriend How to make him regret breaking up with me truly be remorseful for the pain he caused you? And what will bring that about? Will your ex boyfriend be contrite and sincerely behave How to make him regret breaking up with me a way that convinces you he is truly regretful? Is it possible that your ex bf struggles with empathy and you can never expect to get a sincere apology?

Is he two timing you and only saying what you want to hear to make you forget about the other girl? Is it time to finally decline his apology and end this relationship forever?

How to make him regret breaking up with me

As you work you way through this Guide, I hope to shine some light on these topics and better prepare you to deal with these kinds of questions and concerns. Well, it turns out that breakup regrets cover the whole spectrum. It turns out that there are 4 main areas where a couple can get tangled up in web of dissapointment and sadness, all leading to remorse and a desire to makes things right.

Maybe we should sacrifice him to the breakup godsright! Just kidding. Of course, the way relationships end are rarely the fault of one person. Most often there is plenty of fault on both sides. Maybe you got hooked up with a really stubborn guy who frustrated you so much that it ended up creating relationship chaos. Hey, guess what? Even if you made some mistakes with your ex boyfriend and he has turned stubborn on you, you still have options!

What I want you to take from this is that if you did things wrong, the sooner you acknowledge it to yourself and eventually to your ex boyfriend, the better. It is important to forgive yourself and not hold on to guilt and sadness.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

In this case, the sooner you relinquish your internal regrets, the better it will be for you both. Of course, this is what brought you here to this post. Your ex boyfriend stole your heart, then pierced it with something bad he said or did and now he needs to accept it and show you he sincerely is remorseful. Sounds like it should be easy for him to do this right? So your boyfriend should be the one to confess his sins and apologize, right?

If only things could be so simple. As you probably know too well, your boyfriend is not always the most sensitive and empathetic guy around. But you are in luck, because that is what we are going to be spending most of our time talking about in this post!

Another kind of outcome is when you finally realize that you made a mistake in investing so much of yourself in this relationship. Perhaps there have been numerous fights and multiple break ups in the past. But now you have come to your senses realizing that your boyfriend offers empty apologies and seems incapable of truly regretting his actions. Whatever it is that makes him this way, perhaps now you are able to see the big picture.

So the kind of regret we are dealing with is just the normal sadness a person feels for having tried so hard to make something work, but fell short. If this is your case or becomes the outcome for you later, I would ask you to take the necessary time to mourn the loss of the relationship, but also recognize that you have many wonderful paths that lies ahead and now you are so much better equipped at making better choices of who you want to spend time with.

Now I am sure this is not the kind of regret you came here to read about. Now, I have seen plenty of cases were couples have come to doubt if their relationship was meant to be. They may feel the passion of love, but they may also grapple with struggles to get along. Successful couples seldom quit at the first of trouble. Sometimes they learn and work through their problems. Not because they love How to make him regret breaking up with me other more, but most often because they have the skills and competencies to find a path they both can happily walk down together.

Sure, there will be regrets of all types. But if the compatibility is not there, then it means you will find it with someone else. Seldom do people get it right How to make him regret breaking up with me the first, second, or even third relationship. We are all out here trying to find the right matches. No, this site is all about influencing your ex boyfriend to come back to you. Imagine if you could be such an influence on your ex that you could make him choose to come back to you.

THAT is what I am trying to show you. Its about enabling your ex boyfriend to feel a real sense of regret for what has happened. You see, he may not be able to get there by himself. I am not saying you are dating a man devoid of feelings or some kind of heartless and soulless dude.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

I am just encouraging to read on to discover more about these 5 Pillars of getting your ex boyfriend to see the error of his ways. In this Guide, I am going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to leave your ex with feelings of regret. The goal is to make him regret leaving you so much that he will think of nothing else. In essence, I suppose it can be argued that this Guide is all about improving your chances of making an ex want you back which is what almost everyone on this site How to make him regret breaking up with me.

One of the biggest concerns from visitors to Ex Boyfriend Recovery has to be if their ex boyfriend would even consider a reconciliation. When I was researching for this guide I looked at multiple sources for inspiration. Many of these sources were forums full of women asking men if they ever regretted breaking up with their exes. Of course, what you say in public, or on the internet and what you know to be true can be completely different.

Men are hardwired to never admit or show weakness. Saying in public that you really regret letting go of your ex girlfriend can be perceived as a weakness but I know enough about the way relationships work to know that a lot of what men say publicly is meaningless.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

What really matters is what is going on in his head. I run a website so it is kind of my job to be tech savvy. One of the ways I do this is to look at what people are typing into Google. That means that every month about 9, women are typing that particular phrase into Google. I took a screenshot to prove that I am not lying:.

This means that there are actually more men searching for advice on their exes than women. In other words, statistics say that more men than women actually regret letting their exes go. Yes, lets talk about that for a moment. I think the best way I can explain this to you is to explain the regretting process of men. In the example I gave a few sections above I literally proved that there are actually more men regretting letting go of their exes than women.

Lets step into the shoes of one of those men. I want you to imagine for a moment that you are a guy who has just left his ex girlfriend. Now, maybe when you were planning the breakup of your relationship in your head you thought it would be a good idea. Maybe How to make him regret breaking up with me thought that you would spend all of your time with your best friends hopping from bar to bar meeting new girl after new girl.

The Quick Way- Essentially regret will kick in weeks after the breakup of a relationship. I have actually experienced this phenomenon myself. I remember after I broke up with a girlfriend I started regretting my decision a bit later I think it was predestined though.

Well, when you date someone for close to a year you get used to talking with them every single day.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

After we broke up the shock of suddenly NOT talking can be a little weird. Of course, the combat to loneliness in this type of situation is to go out and find someone to fill the void that an ex left and usually that person is your ex. It is unfortunate but it is also true. Some men will refuse to believe that they made a mistake by leaving you. No matter what you do or say nothing will change his mind. It is only until he goes out into the world and experiences the horror that is other women who are not you that he will finally realize what a mistake he made.

I want you to imagine that in every relationship you get into with a man you are going to be given a between 1 How to make him regret breaking up with me This is going to be a correlation to HIS overall experience in the relationship. Now, obviously if a breakup occurs the that you were given has fallen below a satisfactory level. Here is the funny thing though.

Humans in general tend to take things for granted. We are always obsessed with getting the newest things and sometimes that carries over into our relationships. Lets say that you and your ex broke up. In your exes head he rated his experience with you as an 8.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

Soon he begins comparing every girl he meets to the standard you set. The problem he finds is that no girl even comes close to his experience with you. If you want more information on raising your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back please check out my E-Book. That is what this is all about. One of my favorite quotes ever came from the great Frank Sinatra:. I know this is going to sound weird but I want you to embrace this philosophy. One of the biggest problems I think that women have when it comes to getting an ex back revolves around how much effort you put into getting him back.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

I love the effort I really do but the fact of the matter is that you are putting your effort in the wrong place. Instead of placing all of your effort into your ex you need to place it on yourself. Look, I totally have your back when it comes to getting him back or making him regret letting you go. You leave all that stuff up to me.

How to make him regret breaking up with me

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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Letting You Go