How to make my husband a sissy

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This is the first guest post in the history of this blog. The author of this post is a woman in her early 40s who has lived through the situation in the title and wanted to share her experience and some great advice. Enjoy, smoochies!

How to make my husband a sissy

Ladies, if you find that the person you married, thinking him to be a man, actually turns out to be a sissy who is more interested in wearing your clothes than taking them off of you, all is not lost. That shame is understandable. Sissies can be very adept at deceiving people that they are men because they have spent years deceiving themselves about the very same thing. Indeed, most of them typically spend their teenage years deceiving themselves.

Eventually most wives find out. You are probably re-hashing all the red flags you chose to ignore. I did that myself. Those clothes may have even been your own. Maybe your husband appeared to lose sexual interest in you. Your husband might hope that you learn to accept his crossdressing and true sexuality and perhaps even like or participate in it.

How to make my husband a sissy

Many walk out immediately or after some time and you are completely justified in doing so if that is your decision. Some remain under the same roof, living two separate lives, while maintaining the charade of a marriage. A sissy husband will not do a thing if you start seeing other men. The sissy husband is filled with guilt. He knows that he breached faith with you, even if it did not involve love for another.

He knows he has no right to expect you to still relate to him as a man. He knows he is not a man.

How to make my husband a sissy

It may only be deep down and getting him to admit it may prove difficult but he knows. He may be jealous of the real men you are dating, but he knows that it was he who betrayed you. Even if he wanted to say How to make my husband a sissy do something about your dating, he knows he is compromised. So he will meekly accept it. Indeed, in many cases, he will be perversely aroused by his own humiliation. The sissy will, in fact, willingly allow himself to be used as a domestic servant. Most will even revel in the shame of doing so in front of another man, a real man, who you are having sex with.

Your new boyfriend may also enjoy the pleasure of having your sissy husband serve the two of you drinks and refreshments while dressed as a woman. If you can make him feel comfortable enough to accept and embrace the gay fairy he really is, then you will have enabled him to rid himself of a huge stress factor in his life.

Some women find that after their husbands accept themselves and adjust to their new lives of openly being homosexual sissies, the emotional and mental connection they had actually gets stronger. Without the stress of unsuccessfully trying to maintain traditional roles and a sexual relationship, you will find you have much more in common with your husband and are free to enjoy experiences with him. Once again, the pain of this betrayal is very real and it is not a al that there is anything wrong with you.

You were deceived and you are completely justified if you want to wash your How to make my husband a sissy of the perpetrator of that deceit. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook.

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How to make my husband a sissy

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