How to plant ganja

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Cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire across the US, Canada and in many other countries around the world. Many people are finally allowed to legally grow their own supply of cannabis!

How to plant ganja

A lot of people unintentionally make growing How to plant ganja than it needs to be, but that ends now! This cannabis growing guide will help you discover the best How to plant ganja to grow cannabis, for your unique situation. Growing cannabis plants is actually pretty straightforward, and almost anyone with a few extra minutes a day and a spare closet or a garden in the backyard can grow their own professional-quality buds at home. What does a cannabis plant need to thrive?

When growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you will need to ensure that it gets the proper amount of these 6 resources. If you planted a cannabis seed today, when is the soonest you could be actually smoking your harvest? Probably about 9 weeks with a quick-finishing autoflowering strain. Indoor grows tend to be shorter than outdoor grows since you have more control over when the plant starts budding.

Auto-flowering grows also tend to be very short. But with shorter grows, you also tend to get smaller yields. Certain strains and certain outdoor grows can take up to 7 months or more. Learn more about how long it takes to grow cannabis. Indoor Growing. Growing indoors is much more private than growing outdoors and you also get more control over your grow. Indoor cannabis grow can be surprisingly cheap to get started and maintain, especially if you plan on growing just a few plants.

How to plant ganja

Take a look at a few completed indoor grow journals to get an idea of how much you can expect to harvest in different types of indoor setups. My lastest W LEC grow yielded over a pound g of dried and cured cannabis. You have more control over everything in an indoor growing environment, which means that indoor growers can consistently produce dank buds.

However, this dank weed-growing power comes with more responsibility.

How to plant ganja

When growing indoors, your grow lights will give off heat. Generally, the more powerful your lights, the more heat they give off. If you want to install a lot of bright lights in a small space, you will likely have to install an air conditioner in addition to your exhaust system to make sure you keep your temps in the right range. Outdoor Growing. The sun will do a lot How to plant ganja the most cost-heavy work for you by providing a free grow light. And just like humans, cannabis plants can die if exposed to freezing or too-hot temps.

Learn more about the difference between growing cannabis indoors vs outdoors. There are lots of different grow lights for cannabis, including:.

How to plant ganja

They lack the power of dedicated grow lights, but can get the job done. CFLs and home LEDs like these are dirt cheap, and you can usually buy them from any big-box store without arousing suspicion. Learn more about growing with CFLs. These lights are traditionally made for seedlings and plants that need lower light intensity than cannabis. If you do get other fluorescent lighting, I recommend sticking with a High-Output T5 light since they are the brightest option in this group. Even so, I generally recommend changing to stronger grow lights for the cannabis flowering stage unless you do major plant training to How to plant ganja plants very short since these lights have a short light brightness range and must be kept very close to the tops of your plants.

Learn more about growing cannabis with fluorescent lighting. This type of light has come back into vogue after some rebranding, partly because it has some very positive traits for growing cannabis compared to HPS lighting. For one, LECs have a more natural color that makes it easier How to plant ganja care for and diagnose plant problems. They produce ificant levels of UV light, which can possibly increase trichome production.

The plants grew surprisingly fast under a LEC and we were impressed by the yields we achieved on our first grow. In fact, LEDs are the only grow lights that have seen major technological research and development in the past 10 years. Each LED model is different and needs to be kept a different distance away from your plants. They are surprisingly cheap to buy and set up, especially considering how incredibly powerful they are. HID lights work very well for growing cannabis and produce consistently good indoors.

However, the higher wattage HID lights tend to run hot and can leave a big mark on your electricity bill.

How to plant ganja

See another grow under the same W light with autoflowersand yet another grow we did with 2 plants under a W HID grow light a while back. Learn more about HID grow lights. Get a detailed breakdown of all the different types of cannabis grow lights. Choose your grow type based on your starting cost…. Your absolute best option would be to compost your own soil or purchase composted soil which gets incredible taste but does take a little more work or money if you buy it. If you have limited soil options, choose an organic potting mix which is usually available in some form in the gardening section of any big-box store.

As long as you use good cannabis nutrients more on that belowa regular organic potting mix will work just fine. Pick up a bag of perlite found in the garden section to help the soil drain better unless it already contains perlite. Should you add perlite to your soil? What type of pot should I use for soil or soilless growing mediums? Read our bubbleponics How to plant ganja to see how GrowWeedEasy.

How to plant ganja

Learn more about different grow types here. Some nutrients are even more specific; for example, Canna Coco is formulated to work best for growing weed in Coco Coir. Looking for a suggestion? One of the simplest yet inexpensive nutrient systems that work extremely well for beginning cannabis growers is Dyna-Gro GrowBloom.

Dyna-Gro can be used at half-strength in soil, water, coco coir, or any growing medium and works amazingly well for growing cannabis. It does not build up salt in your growing medium like many other inexpensive fertilizers, and it will never clog your hydroponic system. You can actually follow the How to plant ganja on the bottle. Like all nutrient systems, avoid starting at full strength or it can burn your plants!

Learn more about nutrient burn. Only raise the dosage if you notice that your lower leaves are turning yellow and How to plant ganja off except in the last weeks before harvest, when yellowing lower leaves is a natural part of the maturation process. Learn more about cannabis-friendly nutrient systems. Generally, as long as your water has less than PPM parts per millions of extra stuff, it should be okay to use it for growing. If you are worried about the quality of your tap water, you can choose to use purified or Reverse Osmosis RO water, but you may then need to add extra Cal-Mag and possibly a few other supplements to help make up for the random minerals and nutrients that are normally found in tap water.

However, some places have very hard water or tap water with unacceptable impurities, and growers in these areas will likely need to use purified water to get the best. The easiest way to do that is to test the pH of your water before you water your plants or add water to your reservoir. This is because with a properly How to plant ganja super soil, you actually have a microbial colony living in the soil that will take care of the pH and hand-deliver the nutrients to the roots of your plants for you. Howeverthis is a rare exception to the pH testing rule, and almost all growers need to regularly test and maintain pH for a successful grow.

Many growers have written in to tell me they got all the way to the flowering stage without testing pH, then were surprised that they start running into nutrient problems as soon as the plants start budding. After you get the hang of it, checking and adjusting the pH and will take you less than 3 minutes each time you water your plants. And your monster yields with huge buds and healthy plants will speak for themselves.

Soil: Maintain 6. for more information on pH testing.

How to plant ganja

For those growers lucky enough to know other cannabis growers in real life, getting plants is usually pretty simple. Many cannabis collectives and dispensaries will happily sell you clones though they tend to be a little less liberal when it comes to selling seeds. A great advantage of purchasing clones or seeds from a trusted source is that you know you can trust the genetics you are receiving. Starting with seeds vs clones. Yet many people do not know any other growers in real life. For these soon-to-be growers, the best option may be to purchase cannabis seeds online from a breeder or seed bank.

Surprising Fact: No one in the US has ever gone to jail or prison for simply ordering cannabis seeds online from overseas. If you are considering this for the first time, you may be surprised to learn that, because of the way the laws about customs work in America, it is actually reliable and safe to buy your cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed bank as long as you get it from outside the US sending seeds from one place to another in the US can get you in big trouble though! Learn more about safety precautions when ordering seeds online. Get Clones — You need to know someone with live female cannabis plants if you want to get clones.

Many cannabis dispensaries and collectives will sell clones to prospective growers, or you might know someone who can give you a clone. Learn how to make your own cannabis clones! Choose the Right Cannabis Strain. Trustworthy Breeders. Personally, I think one of the easiest ways to germinate a cannabis seed is to place it directly in a specialized starter cube like a Rapid Rooter. Just keep the Rapid Rooters moist but not soaking and warm. It can help to put your tray on a seedling heat mat. Seedlings should pop in a few days to a week.

So far Rapid Rooters with a heat mat have given me the best germination rates of any method. They work with any growing medium, too — How to plant ganja the seedling has emerged, you can stick the cube directly into your growing medium or hydroponic system. Learn more about germinating seeds via Rapid Rooter. Another popular way to germinate seeds is via the paper towel method. How long is the vegetative stage? Cannabis plants keep getting bigger and bigger with long days vegetative stage and start making buds when they get long nights flowering stage.

How often How to plant ganja I water my cannabis plants? In this stage, your plant will focus ONLY on getting big and strong. Only feed nutrients at full strength if the plant is showing s that it needs more nutrients lower leaves are turning lime green, then yellow, then falling off — the first of a nitrogen deficiencythe most common type of deficiency — if the plant is not getting enough nutrients. Wait, why do I care if my plant is a boy or a girl? How do I control the way my cannabis plants grow during the vegetative stage? Indoor growers — How to plant ganja do I switch my plant from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage?

How can I tell when the vegging stage ends? What do I do if I run into problems? Autoflowering cannabis plants will start the flowering stage without needing a lighting change. Unfortunately, for regular seeds, half your plants will end up female and half will end up male.

Male plants just make pollen sacs balls that cannot be used for smoking. A week or two after you initiate the light schedule or naturally in the wildyour plants will reveal their gender…. Female plants start growing wispy white hairs at the tops of branch ts. This is great news! Unfortunately, most male plants do not develop psychoactive properties like girls do in their flowers. Plus, male plants can pollinate your female plants and cause them to make less bud and more seeds.

Therefore, most serious cannabis growers choose to remove and dispose of male plants as soon as they show their sex. Note: The sturdy green growths are not pistils, they are always there on both boy and girl plants. Learn more: Is my plant a boy or a girl? Learn more about what you need to do in the flowering stage to produce top-shelf buds. What Determines Yields? The hardest part of growing cannabis for many new growers is waiting for the right time to harvest.

There are additional cannabis harvest methods that are much more precise — such as using trichomes to know when to harvest your buds. Learn exactly when to harvest your cannabis with tons of pictures and explanations. Just get a sturdy pair of scissors and cut the plant down in the most convenient way possible.

After you have cut off and trimmed all of your How to plant ganja, beautiful fat buds, you will want to hang them How to plant ganja down in a cool, dark place with plenty of ventilation so that they can dry out. Learn how to dry and cure your buds like a professional, every time.

Dry buds slowly for best and check often for mold or overdrying.

How to plant ganja

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