How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

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Love is the most beautiful thing that exists in the world. True love can purify the heart and build a strong bond that will provide you with How to ruin your ex girlfriends life of memorable moments. Some of the deadliest leaders like Hitler fell in love too, and had a dedicated partner by his side. In the beginning of a relationship, every couple considers themselves the most adorable pair in the world, but unexpected circumstances can separate them forever.

Yes, the breakup is always painful unfortunately, and you have to move forward no matter how badly you are hurt inside. Life presents you with so many decisions. The post-breakup life is not likely to be peaceful if you dated a witch like girlfriend. She will haunt you with some clever plans and destroy your happiness! So, you must be very careful. Here you can find 15 tricky ways your ex-girlfriend may defame you after the breakup. Consider yourself warned. Via memegenerator. Yes, broken hearted women try some risky ideas to defame their ex-sweethearts.

There are girls who want to teach a lesson to their boyfriends with the threat of suicide. You are really lucky if your former girlfriend is not included in the list. A girl can write a heart touching suicide note that can make anyone feel that she had the worst guy in her life. She knows how to keep herself safe while performing her suicide drama. For example, some girls consume a few sleeping pills and get hospitalized. After two days, they get discharged and society starts pouring its sympathy unconditionally, unaware of the awful truth behind her behaviour.

Such suicide attempts can also send the guy behind bars, and he will forever have a stigma attached to him from that day forward. Via quickmeme. They name their dogs after ex-boyfriends, but not with love! Your former girlfriend can humiliate you by giving your name to an animal. Just imagine, what if she calls her pet in front of mutual friends! You will definitely get pissed. Via memeshappen. In order to protect women from sexual harassment, the judicial system has special provisions.

But many times, evil-minded women misuse it and harm their ex-boyfriends. Every man desires to live a dignified life, but a single lawsuit can bring him down. It can make him embarrassed and destroy his career forever. The innocent guy may spend the precious period of his life How to ruin your ex girlfriends life the four walls of a prison.

Of course, no one can push him to prison without strong evidence. She can arrange that too! Creating a fake evidence will not cost her an arm and a leg. In many cases, women lodge a rape complaint against her ex-lover though it was sex with mutual consent. Via picsmine. She can accuse you of something that you have never done, for example: molestation, battering, cheating, adultery etc.

She may contact your other ex-girlfriends who are your enemies today. Altogether, a crowd of women can cause severe damage to your reputation. You will find your photograph on the prime time news, but for a bad reason! Via imgflip. Most of the girls start living a lonely life soon after the breakup and they end up in depression! But some brave hearts accept the breakup with a sportive spirit.

As the result of hard work and strong determination, they will reach their goal. After getting separated from your How to ruin your ex girlfriends life, you have no idea how she has been coping up with the breakup. She is burning the midnight oil to ensure that she will overtake you in everything. One day she will be on the dais receiving a prestigious award or a medal from the dignitaries. Of course, she will mention your name in her victory speech but with a negative tone. Via mentalhelp. You both have spent thousands of beautiful moments together and her camera has captured some of them.

Unfortunately, those pics and video clips are extremely intimate! Now, the ball is in her court. She is ready to go the extra mile to defame you. You are likely to become the victim of revenge porn. Your ex can share your hot nude pics on social media and porn sites. Later she was caught and the court ordered her to pay a heavy compensation to the victim. Via huffingtonpost. You are gonna have a miserable post-breakup life. Since you are working as her subordinate, she has ample opportunities to defame you in front of your colleagues. Your boss can ask you to do some dirty work like cleaning the cabin or bringing food to her table etc.

You have no other option other than to follow her orders. You will become her puppet! She may keep you away from the office parties and picnics, and everyone will come to know that you are highly ignored. Via how-to-get-my-ex-girlfriend-back. Your former girlfriend may start roaming with your friend or colleague. Lol, you will be made to look like a buffoon.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

She wants to show the world that her present boyfriend is super cool and you are absolutely nothing. One fine day, your colleague will come to you with his wedding card, all those who know your love story will be rolling on the floor with laughter looking at your one in a million expression. Of course! With a fresh flower bouquet and a fake smile on your face, you will greet the newly married couple. Via hudsonbelfast. Will she do that? Yes, there are thousands of living examples around us. Usually, couple exchanges their social media username and password with each other, some cool guys share their bank details too.

Heights of love! However, after the breakup, things will get worse and worse. As you know, social media is the best platform to defame How to ruin your ex girlfriends life easily. She will log into yourpost some vulgar content and tag your boss, parents, and friends. The very next moment your phone will start ringing and you need to answer all those people who are in trouble because of your Facebook post. She can also send your business secrets, files and details to your competitors via.

Via memegen.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

So far, no one has commented anything bad about your sexuality. But, your girlfriend may create such situations. She may call you impotent and blame it for the breakup. Due to her publicity stunt, many people will start judging your private life with misinformation that was spread by your former partner.

Your devil like former girlfriend may reach your future in-laws with some cooked stories and make them cancel the wedding. In the future, no girl will accept your proposal since everyone will believe the hundreds of fake stories about your sex life. Via frendz4m.

As you have observed, girls spend a lot of time on social media during and after the breakup. The list includes screenshots of your night chats, beach holiday pics and selfies that captured your romantic moments.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

Fortunately, the breakup is not the end of your life, as many successful people have proven to us. One day, you will be walking down the aisle with a beautiful woman dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown. But wait! She can stop the wedding with a fake marriage certificate. Creating a marriage certificate is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Via makeameme. There are thousands of dating sites existing for the single men and women. Your girlfriend may create a fake in your name and share your phone on such sites.

Every day, you will receive hundreds of proposals, and some women may force you for sex. Even after causing so much damage, you girlfriend will not feel satisfied. In order to add fuel to the fire, she will send your profile link to your current partner as well!

To trouble you more, she will write your in public places as well. You may have seen many telephone s behind the doors of a public toilet with a sex request graffiti.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

Be careful! One day you may find your own phone too! Via pinterest. All credit must go to your ex-girlfriend! Such fake will make your family upset and create unwanted confusion.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

Joe, 32 yrs. How can you save yourself from this trap? Lol, you have no option, you must reach out to the media and the police for help. Your girl may get this dangerous thought to spoil your name. Jessica Lind, a theater actress troubled her boyfriend with a cinema style kidnapping story. The police even launched a major investigation and caught an innocent man. At the end of the investigation, they found out that Jessica created a web of lies just to get her boyfriend back.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

There is one more interesting case. Ina girl named Samantha Martinez faked her own abduction just to get revenge on her boyfriend. Later, Miami Police arrested her and ended her kidnap drama. Sources: The TelegraphMiami Herald.

How to ruin your ex girlfriends life

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how to destroy your ex girlfriends life