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Post Next Post. Does anyone know how we can mail order hardcore movies in our sexually repressed state of Utah?

Http www cduniverse com default asp style ice

Not saying everyone in the state is sexually repressed this much is obvious just wandering short of driving to the border if there is a web sight where we can order hardcore pornography that's right I said it I used to get some from Adam and Eve but that changed a few years ago.

Now I say just google it. Some websites Http www cduniverse com default asp style ice ignore the stupidity that is Utah's protection from ourselves laws. Google the zipcode to use. There's a certain one that will trick sites into shipping here. I have family in Utah. Can't I buy movies here in California and mail it to them as a gift?

I'm sure I have a cousin reading this and they'll be sending me a message to mail them one soon. Get together with a few friends and film your own. Get a ROKU box and they're available on the private channels. Roku Adult Channel Guide. People still buy hard copies? Thought that's why Blockbuster went under. You can get anything you want on the internet and way cheaper. Kind of like watching golf We understand you can order the hard stuff by changing the zip code to any other state.

Then when the card gets kicked back then enter the correct zip andit should go through. Never tried it. We think porn is even and will commit your soul to the ever reaches of eternal fires of hell. Never had any problem with this site. I got mine off ebay no name actors but all in all good dvds. If I remember correctly, Utah law makes it a crime to ship porn into utah.

We agree with filming your own!! U can get them online at adam and eve. And secondly it is free on internet, u could just burn it to DVD if u chose to do so. Cheapest place to buy cds, toys and anything else and they all ship to Utah.

Http www cduniverse com default asp style ice

How hard core we talkin' here? If you want main stream stuff like sex with stuffed ferrets and circus midgets doing it with ponies then you can get that at any Redbox or the BYU bookstore. If you want the really nasty stuff Our favorite way is to go to a lifestyle house party where the host has a DVD exchange. That's a great idea, where do we up? Swingular is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

Http www cduniverse com default asp style ice Http www cduniverse com default asp style ice

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