I have no faith in god

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Some time ago, an elderly gentleman approached me after I had finished speaking in church. More recently another, younger Christian, told me he has lost his faith completely — the Christian faith just holds too many doubts for him.

I have no faith in god

And, most likely, this Summer, you will have read about high profile Christians Joshua Harris and Marty Sampson announcing on social media that they no longer believe. Is it OK for Christians to have doubts? What kinds of doubts? When does doubting result in a crippling loss of faith? Are there people who have pretty much lost their faith but still come to church, hiding their non-belief, either to maintain an image, or for the social circles that church provides?

It seems even some ministers cling on in this way. They end up feeling that Christianity is full of holes. These troubling questions usually include:. Of course, these are difficult questions, period. The links below this article actually relate to short blogs where these questions are discussed in depth. If these questions bother you, do take the time to look.

I have no faith in god

Hard atheists have a belief system as well, and it has many holes. Eg, they believe the universe exists by complete chance, they believe nothing exists beyond this life, and that ultimately science alone will explain everything.

I have no faith in god

None of these can be proven. In fact, the universe, they say, is just a gigantic car crash, an unplanned, un-initiated big-bang that somehow resulted in a stunningly beautiful world. This is so incoherent that some Christians who have had a crisis of faith end up having a crisis of doubt and returning to faith.

My neighbour told me recently that he lost his faith when a good friend of his died, young and suddenly. He was a lovely kind man, the sort that would do anything for anyone. His death was tragic. But the problem here is that as Christians we easily fall into the false idea that God owes us something. We get the idea that we have a special deal with God, and this deal means that God will not allow anything really awful happen to us. But there is no ticket to a life free from calamity. There is no deal like that.

But for now, we all share in the broken nature of this world, and that impacts our lives at many levels. Why did God let that happen? Why did God not heal? I have no faith in god fact, asking them is an important part of learning to integrate faith and life, because we start to see that God is very much present in these events, just not in the ways we thought he might be.

This le to a relationship, a trust in God so that, although we might not know the answers, we become content to sit with the questions. Matthew When they saw him, they worshipped I have no faith in god but some doubted. These guys have lived with Jesus, they have soaked in his teaching, witnessed his miracles and have even seen him resurrected.

They have talked, walked and eaten with a Jesus who yesterday was dead and today is alive. And some of them still I have no faith in god Faith is not the complete absence of doubts. Faith is trusting even in the presence of doubt. Whether or not you feel these phrases apply to you, genuine and overpowering doubts in life can hit any of us, and when they do, it feels alarming, like the rug is being pulled from underneath us.

But, in fact, most of us need to experience some kind of crisis of faith, some dark night of the soul, for our faith to be hardened, to be made real. Janet Williams in Seeking the God Beyond explains that God can use such times to call us to a new and deeper relationship. She compares this experience to learning to ride a bike with stabilisers the tiny, extra wheels at the back that stop it toppling over. Although the stabilisers provide comfort and losing them might seem terrifying, in the end they hold us back from a much richer experience.

Facing up to the hard questions, working through our doubts is key to a lifelong relationship with God that is constantly maturing. These occasions are an invitation to grow in faith. Apparently in Luxembourg each year there is a hopping race where you must repeatedly hop 2 steps forward and one step back.

Why does God allow bad things to happen? Why are there Weird Stories in the Bible? You have created a strawman of the atheist. It is not a belief system, it is the lack of belief in gods. Other than that atheists believe lots of different things. You, the theists believe that the universe came from nothing, conjured up by a magical being. Apologies that somehow the reply thread got disconnected from the initial comment! I really need work, and it is so hard to find due to biblical decisions I am making. My current living situation is terrible, and it is really destroying me.

I hope I will not have to live like this much longer. Hi Chris, A few months ago I had a terrible dream that I consider to be an attack from the enemy. I now have a hard time believing God is good, even though I first believed it to be so and consciously know it too.

Thinking about billions of people getting thrown in hell and me with them. Hi Ljupcho — i will pray for you but I do want to state something clearly. This idea is how the I have no faith in god church got people into submission and I am sad to say that it is still a teaching endorsed in some churches. It is simply untrue. Get in touch. Not that I claim to be a big expert in end-times theology but at … ». It isnt any of those reasons. Anyone who has had a genuine faith already dealt with those questions or decided they were not pressing enough to prevent a relationship with God.

What really causes loss of faith is the behaviour and attitudes of Christians who by their actions deny the existence of a loving God while claiming to be spirit led. The priest who abused children, the christian parent who denounces their gay child, the married Christian man who makes inappropriate suggestions and jokes while decrying divorce.

The woman who uses her faith to claim exemption from covid laws. Hi there — my experience is that the reasons I have listed are often the reasons why Christians have wandered away from faith, However, your examples of hypocrisy and I have no faith in god wickedness that can be found in people including, sadly, Christians, also provides reasons why people are put off from faith. Thanks for highlighting this. I understand that, but all the time? God expects me to be content living in a run dun farmhouse where the rent can barely be paid, eating old donated food from food banks and taking baths in dirty well water that keep me physically sick, driving a old vehicle that constantly breaks down that will eventually leave me without any transportation at all because I have no money.

The fact that Prayer, Good works and tithing have left me nothing but tired, weary … ». There is an awful lot to work thru there Lou — a lot of bad experiences — I will you separately. God has withheld everything that mattered to me in this life and for all eternity, that it has even made the thought of an eternal life as an eternal punishment. How can I ever want to spend eternity with the God who was supposedly by … ». I feel the same Chris. I no longer know if I want to continue believing.

Lou, you put into words the way I have felt for the past 12 years. I tried to have faith, I tried to remain positive when my whole life shattered all over me. I sang songs about faith. I prayed to feel some kind of peace. To feel like God was there. But, no peace, no answers, just more of the same crap. I feel like I give God chance after chance to come through for me but he just slams the door in my face.

The other thing is, why would a loving, all knowing snd all capable of all things … ». Hi Anne — same invitation to you t get in touch if you wish. Its unfortunately a common one, but untrue nevertheless. I think you are right in that we do expect that God owes us something. But I think that comes from a lot of Christian teaching however incorrect. I found that the people in church said things that really really upset me every week.

My husband and I have had three miscarriages and continue to experience infertility. Often while I am not even thinking of it they bring up my … ». I have not been to church for quite some time, and after this election fraud I think prayer is a waste of time. Looks to me like the devil has won. Hi William — of course, the idea that there was election fraud in the recent election has been tested in your law courts.

They all appear to be saying there was no fraud. If there is fraud it would still have been perpetrated by people. Of course it was perpetrated by people, but to the fatal detriment of a country that God claims to love. Is that what His justice looks like?

I have no faith in god

Anyone blind enough to look for justice or truth in an amerikan court is living I have no faith in god dreamland. Just let a false charge get laid upon you and wind up in an amerikan court and see how it goes for you.

Someone please pray for me. I think because Christianity is like being on a major league baseball team. But the less obedient believers tend to have more doubts, since their walk with the Lord is more shallow and so not much interaction with God occurs.

Of course if one is not truly born of God, then any amount of faith is superficial and can easily be lost. I am religious but I am not Christian because I know that most Christians would find me incompetent and not worthy of Christ. Al, no one is worthy of Christ. Jesus died for all our sins, including the sin of unworthiness.

But you can have a one-to-one personal relationship with God. Exactly right. Faith is the important thing as Jesus commended the Roman centurion. Bless you that is kingdom of God thinking. Nothing wrong with that. Your identity in being of God is stronger than the need to align to a sect or denomination. My name is Matthew. I am consciously aware. I am a sentient human being. I have my own spirit. The Bible is too spiritually advanced for its day, not to have been made by an even more intelligent deer.

Why do I keep finding solutions today, in a book that was written a long time ago? The Bible is too technologically advanced, for its day, not to have been made by an even more technologically advanced creator. Matthew, I only skimmed that, but nearly all of those arguments can be used badly and incorrectly to support any other religion. You should pare down your I have no faith in god to arguments to only ones that prove what is written in the NT is true about the ressurection.

For example, just stating you are conscious, or not evolved, does not mean the N. Rough response. I quite liked his arguments. I think maybe you are being too critical. Seems like the words he wrote came from someone with faith and there is some truth to it. I understood what he was saying quite well.

I have no faith in god

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