I m not over lyrics

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The song sounds so beautiful. Brett young does have I m not over lyrics great ing voice. Good Lord Brett has a similar looking tattoo on the same arm and spot as someone this song reminds me of. It also a bit freaky that Brett looks a bit like him here. And they both play the guitar, ugh. Oh brett, this was 7 years ago. And you look like you havent aged a day. Brett Young, You are so very talented. Brett Young. You sound Amazing! You have a smoky sweet quality to your voice that's amazing. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Your covers are incredible. He's a famous country artist now, if you're interested in hearing his own, current songs. Okayim done being a creep but holy balls i cant even watch you anymore Just do a cover Daleys song I m not over lyrics together" Please. Im in love with your music, my favorite song you sing is "Get Out" can't find it on youtube.

I love the feeling in your voice. Also the texture of it is fantastic. I might even prefer this to the original. I like the feel of your cover better than the original : Delivers the lyrics in a much better way! Amazing voice. I like how you made it a little slower and somber feeling than the original! Great job. Nice vid, but i think that a faster tempo with the guitar would of been pretty good at the beging in my opinion.

You are sooooo hundsomeeee!!! Forget about the voice come onn!!! I didnt hear it You could be Gavin DeGraw's brother, I swear. Your voice is kind of similar to his. American Idol, we found your new winner. You are amazing! Love this song and you made it better, you can really go far with that kind of talent :. Are you an angel or something? I really love it! Thank you so much!

I m not over lyrics

Really appreciate how you made the song your own. Love the freedom in your voice. And good lord, you're sexy as hell. Whoa, definitely an original and VERY listenable cover of this song. Great job on making it your own man! Dreams, that's where I have to go To see your beautiful face anymore I stare at a picture of you and listen to the radio Hope, hope there's a conversation We both admit we had it good. Ethan AS. Nancy Medeiros.

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I m not over lyrics

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I m not over lyrics I m not over lyrics

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Young, Brett - Not Over You Lyrics