I want to open the chocolate box

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A Chocolate Box of Money! Follow this easy tutorial for giving a money gift creatively. Folks may criticize the giving of money as a gift, but sometimes, that truly is I want to open the chocolate box folks need most. I know. Back in we found ourselves unemployed and in a heap of debt. Debt was enslaving us, so money gifts were precious to us because they allowed us to get one step closer to freedom.

When I first unwrapped the box, it looked like a regular candy box from a sweet shop in a little town in Wisconsin. My mom is from Winona, Minnesota across the river from La Crosse, Wisconsin and that is where most of our Pellowski relatives still live. If you do, please write me and tell me about it!

Cass had included a of different currency, disguised as candy. You can so easily do this yourself! Nestle within candy papers varied denominations: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollar coins and dollar bills, two dollar bills and as high up as you can afford. Inquire at the bank to see what fun selection you can come up with. Glue or tape the liner papers to the box. Roll, fold, or stack the currency to vary its appearance. Then use foam stickies to adhere the currency to the candy liner.

I want to open the chocolate box

I see so much potential for a gift like this. You might also like this Lego Money Holder. For more easy and frugal gift ideas, check out the list. This post was originally published February 2, It has been updated for content and clarity. Read: this is the original that others on the internet have copied. Wife to Bryan sincemom of 6, cookbook author, writer, home educator, and to-do list maker. Learn more about Jessica. Fold a school of fish to adhere to these free printable cards. It can be hard to find family films that appeal to a range of ages.

I want to open the chocolate box

Here are some new family movie recommendations for your summer viewing. If I find…. My first four children were boys. My last two were girls. I live a dual life as a mom. There are princesses and Dora and lots of mud on the other. For some reason, lots of mud is the common theme that runs through…. Hitting the road? Janel shares how she stocks her digital library for her family, saving money as well as space. A few years ago, I scoffed at the idea of using an e-reader device. And then, my husband bought me a Kindle for our anniversary. For several years the kids and I hosted a 3-Day, afternoon movie shindig for friends and neighbors.

It was a great way to break up the winter blahs as well as socialize with other families. Invite your friends and neighbors — I made up…. Upgrade your family photos by learning just a few simple tricks. The Ultimate Photography Bundle offers you an education in a box. Collect specimens on your nature walks this fall to turn into a fun frame for autumn photos. Life as MOM contributor, Janel, shows you how.

Now that Fall is here, the weather is…. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Allyson a Heart for HomeSO much better for the hips!!! When I went off to college, my mom filled a laundry basket with little baggies of laundry detergent 1 scoop measures and tied them up with colorful ribbon and I want to open the chocolate box another little bag with 4 quarters the cost to wash and dry a load way back when It was enough to last me for 3 months! What a great gift it was and I never had to worry that the cash machine worked.

I did the same thing at Easter with the plastic Easter eggs for my Grandsons. The boys loved the idea. I have been looking for a different Valentine gift for my kiddos and this will work perfectly! DD is the only one that can remember him and his tradition and she has kept every bill.

She pulls them out every so often and reminisces about Paw-Paw. I think it would be a great multi-cultural lesson if you included money from different I want to open the chocolate box. My inlaws travel a lot and always bring my son back some currency from their trips. What a fun way to present it! Another idea is to turn it into a counting lesson.

For example, put in a 1 dollar bill, and put in 2 fifty cent pieces, 4 quarters, etc. Then have your child match the amounts. On another note, my twin, I have family in La Crosse.

I want to open the chocolate box

Too funny! This is the best of both worlds, because it actually takes some effort and thought, while being practical. I can imagine using this idea for our office gift exchange. But dressing it up in a fun way like this would totally work! I think this would be perfect to use the little 4 piece candy boxes-especially the heart shaped ones. You could also use money origami to fold some of the bills into heart shapes.

It sounds like it would be tricky but I just googled the instructions and it was suprisingly simple. Love the smaller 4 piece box idea too!! That is a great idea for gifts. I just might do that for the kids this year, using smaller boxes though. We always got our Christmas candy from The Sweet Shop. Thanks for the memory cue. This is also great for giving my Mom her gift this year! She is the worst person to shop for, has been horribly hard to do so for quite a while.

So a I want to open the chocolate box of years ago she started asking for gift cards! She opened up all 8 boxes I also made her open them up with oven mitts tomake it that much harder! So she opened up the last gift — and there was nothing inside! I had tapped the gift card to the bottom of the largest box she had opened!

I told her, if she knew what she was getting — she had to work for it! So this is what I will do! Makes it much more fun and interesting to give her that gift!

I want to open the chocolate box

Thanks for the info! Not me, though! I always wrap gifts to look like candy. I love the look of red and white so I use white tissue paper and cut a pipe cleaner in half and use one on each end. I have also used the really thin red with white polka dots ribbon!! I think the bills rolled from side to side would work well like this! So if you do not have the candy papers this idea will work in the heart shaped boxes.

I want to open the chocolate box

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Chocolate Box