Imap is not responding

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Imap is not responding

Using the IMAP protocol, you can use your on multiple devices such that they are synced in real-time as well. This issue surfaces intermediately and sometimes, on a large scale, for example recently Google had an issue where thousands of users got the error message temporarily.

In this article, we will go through all the causes on why this issue occurs and what to do to solve it. This error message is mostly seen in mobile devices such as iPhones. These error messages are present in Desktop as well but the frequency is very low. We analyzed numerous user reports and after doing a Imap is not responding analysis, came up with a list of reasons why this issue occurs. Before you start with the solutions, it is important to mention that you should have an open and active internet connection.

A restricted network ones that have proxy servers etc. The first thing which you should try is force quitting the application. Whenever the application is running even in the backgroundthere are several stored variables that are used by it. If you are using a mobile application, make sure that you close the application properly by removing it from the recent applications as well. If you are on the computer, exit the application and then end the task by navigating to the task manager.

After forcing the application to close, open the application again and check if the issue is resolved. Another workaround that proved to be very useful is ing yourself your own. What this does is jerk your and force it to get its modules to get up and running. This might solve the not responding issue you are facing. Just navigate to your native ing application from where you are receiving this error and draft an to your own address and send it.

Wait for a few seconds while also refreshing your inbox. Once you receive yourrefresh your and see if the issue is resolved for good. To fix this Imap is not responding, you have to update the operating system to the latest build.

Imap is not responding

This goes especially for Apple users where Apple released a special update to resolve the client issues. If you are using some other client, make sure that you update it to the latest version. Also, try reinstalling the client and check if that fixes the issue. Especially, if you are using Gmail, uninstall it completely and then reinstall. We also came across several cases where because of bad internet connection, the error was occurring. There are several instances where the internet connection has several limitations which cause it not to work. You should try switching to your Data network Imap is not responding network and see if the issue is still present in that case.

Imap is not responding

Also, go into your mobile data settings and enable Mobile Data usage for all applications that are listed there because this has been known to fix the issue in some cases. If the issue is not present, it means that the network which you were using was not working properly. Hence you should consider changing it. If imap.

You can carry out other solutions to fix the issue. Note: Make sure that you are not using any internet connection involving the use of proxy servers. The most common fix for this error message is to completely delete the and then try adding it again. When you do this, the gets removed from your device along with all the configurations and settings. In this article, we will show you how to remove an from your iPhones.

You can replicate the steps in your Android or other devices. In order to do so, try the following steps. Fix: imap. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works Imap is not responding most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. You can download Restoro by Imap is not responding the Download button below. Download Now. I'm not interested.

Application in an Error State: The mobile application can be in an error state with the network interface. A quick refresh of the applications works in this case. in an Error State: The which you have added in your has several components and configurations. There is a possibility that the configuration files are in an error state and not working properly. A re-addition of the address will fix the issue in this case. Network Error: If there is a network limited at your end, the application will not be able to communicate with the correct servers. When the servers get fixed, your client will automatically start working.

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Imap is not responding

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