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Explore past psychology SMPs to inspire future projects and learn more about the broad variety of topics research in psychology can cover. Search by year, mentor, department, or keyword to narrow your findings, or select one of the column headers to sort your search alphabetically or chronologically. NVASD refers to people who exhibit the typical behaviors of autism spectrum disorder ASD such as difficulty with social interaction, communication and repetitive behaviors, in addition to producing minimal or no verbal speech.

To fill in this gap in the literature, parents of children with NVASD were interviewed about what their experiences have been in the education system and what they want to change in the future. Parents reported that they valued communication with and support from teachers, challenging academics and increased socialization.

In addition, many parents had difficulty achieving their placement, and many times had to resort to outside resources for assistance. Overall, the parent interviews indicated that current teaching techniques used for children with NVASD are ineffective and require more research. Autism has historically been difficult to diagnose; but in recent years there has been an effort to improve interventions and treatment options to better help clinicians make judgments on 's behavior, abilities and treatment options. The two therapies are complementary to one another and are likely provide successful as an intervention for children with Autism.

In recent years, an expanding body of research has examined imaginary play in relation to socio-cognitive capacities such as mental reasoning, empathy, In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck perspective-taking abilities in early childhood. This study investigates the relationship between imaginary play and theory of mind, a socio-cognitive capacity for perspective taking, among preschool aged children. research has suggested that pretense and theory of mind operate under the same core mechanisms, contingent upon the ability to interpret actions and beliefs as representational.

Play also offers a developmentally appropriate space to enact multiple perspectives, explore causality, and experiment with socio-emotional reasoning. Although neither directionality nor causality have been established, this study assumes the position that imaginary play facilitates the development of theory of mind.

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Furthermore, we hypothesized that there would be a ificant, positive correlation between theory of mind and imaginary play. The present study comprised of 14 preschool aged children ages recruited from a local college community. Researchers administered a common theory of mind assessment and behavioral measurement In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck imaginary play in a single time-point session.

A parent survey was distributed as an additional measure of imaginary play ability. The indicated that theory of mind and imaginary play are ificantly correlated, however after conducting a subsequent partial correlation controlling for age the correlation was no longer ificant. Thus, age had an effect on the relationship between theory of mind and imaginary play.

are further discussed in the context of early childhood education, and suggestions are offered for implementation of play pedagogy. Stress is an inevitable, often daily, part of life. In humans, mild stress can help you stay focused and alert by enhancing neural function. Research using rats suggests that extended stress can lead to many physical and mental health complications, such as altered cardiovascular function, depression, anxiety, and neurological changes.

These neurological changes are often structural dendriticand focused within the prefrontal cortex, with stress having distinctive structural effects in adolescents when compared to adults.

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Early life stress has been shown to cause changes in social behaviors including fear, avoidance, and decreased social interaction among other rats. Research shows that a ificant increase in anxiety-like behavior follows stressful conditions. In fact, research into stress-related changes in late adolescent female rodents is lacking. The present study investigated the effects of repeated mild stress on anxiety-like behavior in late adolescent female rats.

Behavioral found no ificant stress-induced traits specific to late adolescent female rats, however, it did unexpectedly reveal that female adolescent rats may be able to handle mild stressors without behavioral side-effects. Continued work on this study will attempt to uncover the neurobiological mechanisms for the behavioral outcomes observed, and provide insight into future animal research on the potential neurological effects of female adolescent stress.

Social media is a form of communication that was created within the last fifteen years. Social media can be an amazing thing because it provides users with the ability to stay in touch with people they may not otherwise be able to. But these new benefits come with consequences. This study looks at the way social media choices the type, time spent, and content that is seen on social media can impact individuals mental health mental well-being and self-esteem.

Participants filled out various questionnaires to measure their social media choices and mental health. The supported the hypothesis that time spent on social media is negatively correlated with self-esteem. This paper develops a framework that In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck deed to enhance abstract cognitive skills throughout education.

In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck

Abstract cognitive skills include critical thinking, problem-solving, and metacognitive reasoning. These skills are not limited to one domain and are useful far beyond an academic setting. I argue that education for the enhancement of these skills should begin as soon as the child begins school and should continue throughout their education. This paper uses these milestones to suggest ability-appropriate instruction at any age. Animal-assisted therapy is a relatively new field that has not had many research studies devoted to it.

To find out more about this topic, the researcher conducted interviews with therapists defining themselves as Animal-assisted therapists. Once all interviews had been completed and transcribed, consensual qualitative research was performed on the interviews. This study found that the therapeutic alliance and outcome of therapy was affected by Animal-assisted therapy. This study also discovered areas in this practice that need to be addressed and changed. One interesting finding was that a new, unexpected domain emerged that could potentially lead to a future study.

Positive benefits were found for clients who have been in an Animal-assisted therapy sessions, which help support the credibility of its practice.

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Afterimages are effects of neural exhaustion on perception and often create an experience of seeing a shadow of the opposite color than what the eye was exposed to. Prior work showed that a similar effect involving changes in visual sensitivity can happen when the priming stimulus is auditory information. This study aims to replicate Zheng et al.

There is a visual priming task deed to be a baseline for comparison to any sensitivity change that may have been found from the auditory stimuli. It was found that this visual priming task did not yield the expected in that complimentary paired trials should have a heightened sensitivity to the test stimuli. Because of this inability to create a data set where a sensitivity change was measured no comparison to the auditory task could be made in this way. Even without this comparison, there was no effect of congruency of stimuli colors on sensitivity, meaning the priming stimuli audio or visual did not create a sensitivity change in participants visual perception of the test stimuli colors.

A discussion of limitations and improvements are done to suggest ways to rede the areas of the procedure that may have led to these findings. Social class has been a neglected variable within psychological research, despite its impact on beliefs, attitudes, culture, and experiences.

Specifically, there is a In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck of research examining how stigma towards mental illness and mental health treatment varies across social classes. Stigma has been identified as one of the most prevalent barriers to treatment; however, studies have tended to use majority White, wealthy, well-educated samples for data collection.

To address this gap in the literature, the aim of the present study was to assess how stigma surrounding mental illness and attitudes towards seeking treatment vary between social classes. show that individuals in subjectively-lower social classes reported having ificantly higher levels of internal and perceived public stigma towards mental illness; there was not a ificant relationship between social class and stigma towards seeking help.

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Findings support the importance of including social class in research regarding mental health and barriers to treatment. Rates of school discipline use differs depending on student race and gender, with Black males being disciplined at higher rates than other students. When examining explanations of the disparities in discipline use, In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck difference in misbehavior between races have consistently failed, while others have attributed it to racial biases or cultural miscommunications between teachers and students.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports PBIS has been found to be effective in decreasing overall discipline use, but research is limited on its effects on decreasing racial disparities in discipline use. The In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck study sets to examine perceptual differences in PBIS and non-PBIS teachers when responding to behaviors of students who misbehave, and if the PBIS system is effective in decreasing discipline use and discipline disparities.

To do so, vignettes of misbehaving students that differed in race and gender were administered to 68 teachers from St. Although interesting trends in responding based on student race were seen, racial disparities failed to be found. In review of the research outlined, it is clear that social support has a positive influence on anxiety and depression in the post-injury period for athletes. However, little is known about social support differences in individuals who are recovering from their first injury versus their second or third injury. show that parents provide the most amount of support and coaches provide the least amount of support.

There is no ificant difference in social support when comparing first versus a multiple injury. There is a lack of research that exists regarding the self-identities of individuals with physical disabilities. More specifically, there is even a smaller amount of qualitative studies regarding this population of individuals. As a result, there is a need to better understand the self-identities of people with disabilities PWD.

The goal of this study was to interview individuals with physical disabilities in order to better understand the multiple identities that these people can acquire. The participants of this study were a variety of genders and ages, which helped to gather more accurate information, relating to the lives of PWD overtime. The interviews were audio recorded, transcribed and then analyzed to find major themes that exist within all of the interviews. Many individuals with physical disabilities, regardless of gender, experienced similar setbacks within their variety of identities.

However, every individual with a disability experienced life differently. What matters more to In St Marys tomorrow want a hot fuck individual with a disability, may not be as ificant to another, it all depends on how prominent a particular identity is within the life of the individual. research has indicated that eyewitness memory is a very important part of forensic investigations. When analyzing eyewitness memory, it is important to look at the confidence and accuracy of the information being reported. There are many different factors that can influence eyewitness memory.

One of the major influences of eyewitness memory includes the type of interviewer feedback that is given to the eyewitness during the interview process. Positive interviewer feedback indicates that the eyewitness is providing correct information. Negative interviewer feedback is anything that in the eyewitness doubting their reports. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of negative and positive interviewer feedback on both accuracy and confidence of eyewitness reports. The participants were randomly ased to either a negative or positive feedback group and required to read a written crime scenario describing a hit and run.

The participants were then asked to answer ten questions about the crime scenario. After each question the participants were presented with positive or negative feedback. After receiving the feedback, the participants were then asked to rate their level of confidence on the response they gave to each of the ten questions.

However, the medications on the market to treat depression are not effective. Current treatments for depression have been shown to provide relief in only half of the patients to whom they are prescribed and normally take weeks to produce effects. A common symptom of depression is a decrease in motivation to continue highly desired behaviors such as social interaction and maintaining rank. To quantify social rank and the effect of the stress, the current study utilized dominance tube tests, agonistic behavior recordings, sucrose preference tests, and a novelty suppressed feeding test.

Although most of the data was not statistically ificant, the of this study show patterns in the expected direction. This has led to the conclusion that with more data, L, could produce a ificant recovery of dominance in rodents suggesting that it could be an effective fast-acting treatment of depression. research has shown the various effects on the brain resulting from consumption of alcohol and consequences that alcohol has on social behavior. Rodent models indicate varying consequences on social behavior after ethanol has been consumed.

This research focuses on the female rodent model to examine sex differences in drinking behavior. Subjects were 2 groups of 4 adolescent female Sprague Dawley rats. After 16 adolescent intermittent ethanol exposures beginning on post-natal day PND 28, subjects were tested in the social memory and social preference paradigms. The showed there were no ificant differences between the EtOH and control group time spent with either a novel animal social memory or an environment ly paired with a novel animal social preference.

This study in the area of threat attention looks at the relationship between threat attention and sports, as well as the effect of gender on this relationship. In order to measure for this concept, participants from two college lacrosse teams one male and one female were required to partake in a threat attention computer test. The test subjects had to detect threatening or non-threatening images while being presented with varying facial expressions in the middle of the screen.

from this study found that there is no difference between the genders when it comes to threat attention alone. However, the study found that there is a difference in the genders when it comes to the relationship between threat attention and performance. These suggest that threat attention may contribute to an increase in performance for men but that it may lead to a reduction in performance for women. For individuals who identify as both biracial and bisexual bi-bifinding support in community can be especially difficult.

Bi-bi individuals can experience rejection from both their racial and sexual identity communities, and often have a hard time feeling like they truly belong in their communities due to imposter syndrome and gatekeeping from other members. Using consensual qualitative research CQR methods Hill et al. research has supported that hiring discrimination exists against different groups of minorities.

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In the present study, researchers survey human resources professionals and analyze their perception of how hireable a potential employee looks based on how their represents them and their social identities. The goal of this study is to determine if the protein synthesis inhibitor rapamycin can be used to prevent relapse in models of conditioned reward through disrupting reconsolidation. Memory reconsolidation is the process of memories going from short-term memory into long-term memory and protein synthesis is necessary for this to occur. It is possible for protein synthesis inhibitors to be used a method of relapse prevention by blocking the reconsolidation of drug-related memories.

In the current study, the protein synthesis inhibitor rapamycin was used in a cocaine condition place preference paradigm with a sample of 12 female rats. The conditioned place preference procedure lasted for a total of 11 day and consisted of 6 phases; pre-test, conditioning, acquisition test, cue re-exposure and rapamycin treatment, drug memory test, and drug-primed reinstatement test.

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