Irish fortune tellers

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I like to think that everyone has experienced some kind of magic. It also consists of fairy bridges and a wishing chair, which I visited on my 19th birthday and made a wish to get into Ryerson University. My acceptance letter arrived the next day. The thought of going to a psychic first occurred to me when a few of my friends told me about their own experiences.

Irish fortune tellers

I never knew what to make of psychics because I had never been to one before, but I have always had a fascination with them ever since I watched Now and Then as. After turning 21 I finally decided to go, because for the Irish fortune tellers time in my life I felt completely uncertain about what my future was going to bring. I knew I wanted to go to someone trustworthy, and some friends in Ireland recommended going to a woman in Bundoran called Teresa.

I mostly just went out of curiosity, fun, and for a good story to tell my friends when I returned to Toronto. But I could have never guessed what a life changing experience it would turn out to be. On the 16th of August — two weeks before I moved back to Toronto — my parents and I went to Bundoran.

The familiar fresh coastal air greeted me as I walked throughout the town, reminisced about the wonderful memories I had made there and explored the summer Adventure Park. It seemed a little gimmicky, and I felt myself grow skeptical.

He seemed almost spooked, and it suddenly made me nervous and unsure. But she charged little and my parents encouraged me, so I swallowed my fears and walked up the caravan Irish fortune tellers. From the outside, the caravan looks completely normal, but as soon as I stepped inside it I felt entirely different. In fact, there was hardly any psychic paraphernalia at all. When I pictured seeing a psychic, I imagined dim lighting and a bunch of candles with a woman that was wearing some kind of a cloak and drenched in jewels.

Irish fortune tellers

Maybe even a black cat in the corner. But here was a relatively normal looking caravan if not a bit cramped and cluttered, with an ordinary kitchen and a table booth. For some reason this was more unsettling for me because it made it seem more real. As for Teresa, when I walked in she was she was standing at the sink doing dishes in jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

She gestures for me to sit down as soon as I say hello, and then I notice one of the only indications that this stranger is actually a psychic. Propped up on the table booth are laminated news articles, and I wonder if they chronicle some kind of investigation she helped predict. She then sits back down, gives me a blessing and proceeds to tell me about the guardian angel I have, the many friends who speak of me so highly and the bright future that awaits me. Then she looks Irish fortune tellers at me.

Her eyes are so striking that I feel she can see right inside me, into my soul. This is when my heart starts pounding. She knows exactly how my mind works, how I overthink and fill myself with regret, and she can tell exactly what my family mean to me and how much I love my home despite choosing to study abroad. Two important things to know about me to know before I continue.

One, anxiety has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl, and it has only been in the past two years that I have learned how to overcome it. I love being around people and I have an amazing group of friends, but socializing drains me from energy and my favourite place is hiding in fictional worlds.

I push myself to be different and to be more like the people I look up to, which is why I was so emotionally affected by what Teresa tells me next. But do we ever just take a minute to look around and think about how we made it this far? We Irish fortune tellers have dreams and goals, but at one point Ryerson University was our Irish fortune tellers.

Irish fortune tellers

This was our goal. And we made that happen. Anytime I think about the future now and it gives me anxiety, I now instead replay in my mind the moment I opened my acceptance letter to Ryerson and I think about how uncertainty can lead to incredible things.

Irish fortune tellers

Teresa gave me the insightful details about my future that I was looking for. Out of everything she said, the best thing Teresa told me was to stop looking for answers. The last thing she said to me before I left her, were three simple words:.

We are young, free and limitless, caught between being adults and still feeling like. This often leaves us in angst and searching for answers in crystal balls, when the answers have been inside of us all along. Maybe the magic Irish fortune tellers not in being able to predict what is going to happen to us next. An Encounter with an Irish Fortune Teller. RU Student Life Follow. Call Me a Theorist Alternative perspectives on everyday things. Life Lessons Future Storytelling. Call Me a Theorist. Alternative perspectives on everyday things.

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Irish fortune tellers

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