Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013

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But more than anything, it made me realize how once again very popular Running Man and the members are, around the world. But then after watching episode of Running Man with excitement, i feel am in the right mood to write. Even though i like Monday couple, i have never gone as far as wanting them together in real life, as their interactions have always been sufficient for me.

Today,i have decided to transform my thoughts into words but at the same time also give space for the readers to form their own judgments on the subject. For a relationship to develop, a person has got to spend quality time with the person they like, talking while no one is around and trying to get know the person on a personal level. With no public or eyes around you, just simplicity. If one day Gary and Jihyo became a real couple and the announcement came on TV, you should not believe it happened all on Running man, no, they talked behind the scenes, called each other and became close ,they made time for each other outside of the show to build a real foundation.

For e. It did not happen overnight: they had to talk outside of work to try to get to know each other, they therefore became close and then their relationship became public for everyone to see. But of course, after filming Running for more than two years as members, it is very likely they have met behind the scenes among the running man members.

I believe a person could never date Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013 while being in love with someone else or being attached to someone. Song jihyo has dated, in fact is currently dating someone outside of Running Man while being known as the Monday girlfriend. When Gary gives her compliments, among the numerous compliments she received from him on Running Man, the reason why Jihyo does not take it to heart, is it because she sees it as a show he puts on Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013 Running Man, therefore she tries not to waver?

But first, let me ask you: [Question] Have you ever had a crush on someone? I will work harder now, knowing that there are people out there who care about me enough to tell me to be strong, but no need for that anymore!! There is nothing that I need to be strong about… there are other people out there who are struggling for real… my biggest struggle is finding myself haha. What are the odds of the two of you actually dating? I think she needs to find someone better than me. You never know what could, have, might happen, happened behind the scenesor even what could happen in the future.

For Song Jihyo, her perfect other half should be : 1 A man who Is stronger than her 2 gives her compliments 3 makes her laugh. The foundation of every relationship even between boyfriend-girlfriend is friendship. Once you have that, you have everything!

Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013

View all posts by My thoughts, life and passions. I think so toobut am just sad if i think with logically. Reblogged this on galuh I see only Gary looking at or laughing at someone whenever they got tripped, fell,etc. Noona-Dongsaeng 4ever!! Reblogged this on Brainism and commented: Wow I found this one really good thought, very open minded.

Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013

And this will answer all the question about Gary and Jihyo. But if they turn into a real couple someday, it would be good though. Naaah, just kidding. She recently went to his concert and he even put her on the stage while performing. Such a great point! Gary said before that if they he and jihyo date and if they break upit would be really awkward to be in running man.

It made me sad when i hear my friend said that he would probably hate Gary so much if gary was not really in love, sweet and all romantic towards jihyo in real life. If Garry is really in love with Ji Hyo, he supposes to date her early before she meets the ceo.

By the way, your points is clear enough and very reasonable. Coz i had a friend which close like couple but they just friend and now they were married others. I think Gary and Ji Hyo were like that…. Love Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013 writting. Can u write up ur idea about spartace couple.

Thank you for write this entry, and I agree what you said. Now I understand and we need to accept what decision they make. I am just happy for them either in Running Man or real life. I can see in them is friendship only and not a serious relationship. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013

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Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013

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