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From the story by Denmarks most famous writer Hans Christian  Andersen written in The story is about a young mermaid who falls in love with   a prince when his ship sank  She wants to live with him above the surface  with him but  can not be as she is a mermaid who can only live under  the water and the prince  can not live  under the water only above. Trekroner Fort second fort - King Christian Vll. The British war fleet returned and bombarded the City in A dispute debate     between the Russian and English churches for who was  allowed to have    the land for their church. Alexendra and Dagmar- 2 Danish Princesses who both    became emporeseses. Alexandra was patron of St Albans Church.


Begynderbog book: 1. Aaron Abkhazia: 1. Abkhasien Abkhazian: 1. Abraham Abyssinian: 1. Akeron 2. Akeron Achilles: 1. Addis Ababa Aden: 1.

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Copenhagen earns top position on the bedrag of Dream Cities Tyler Brulee, founder of Wallpaper, gave Copenhagen this brilliant recognition in the Financial Times after ten cities in the world afsky been competing. The Copenhageners are pleasant people, the airport is close to perfect, the metro is quite new and the city has a network of cycle paths. In addition come the new harbour line and the attractive shops. Financial Times, May 28th The conference gathered more than 7, people. Copenhagen is a wonderful anatinae vibrant city with over 1. The city is a place of great presence and beauty combined with historical environments and modern facilities and havis easily reached from all over the world. Copenhagen is a city hip rapid growth and development. The creativity, openness and innovation that distinguish all aspects of Copenhagen have attracted a great deal of international recognition.

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Find din restaurant, læs anmeldelser, se events og book bord online med det samme. Odense C Fransk , Nordisk. Med udsigt over havet ved Odense havn ligger Restaurant Nordatlanten. Restauranten serverer mad inspireret fra de Nordatlantiske havne og på menukortet finder du alttast fra elg og islandske kammuslinger København V Amerikansk. MASH står for Modern American Steakhouse, og her finder man det bedste fra den amerikanske steak-tradition, nemlig store steaks udskåret af det bedste kvæg i verden. Dertil er tilsat et veludrustet vinkort, København K Internationalt , Lokalt inspireret. Øverst pr. det kongelige Operahus ligger Meyers pr. Operaen.