Kerr mason jars

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Kerr is a range of mason jars for home canning. They can also be used for freezing, dry storage, and decorative functions. Kerr has traditionally been primarily marketed in the western United States, where it has historically had a customer base loyal to the brand name.

Many people like Kerr jars because of the clean sides on the main, everyday jars in the Kerr product line. The clean sides, some people feel, allow labels affixed onto the jars to hold better. Note: Not all Kerr jars are Kerr mason jars. The jelly jars have quilted-texture sides. Note that, as Kerr mason jars all mason jars, if you want freezer-safe ones you need to look for straight-sided jars. The Kerr name for home canning supplies is owned by the Newell formerly Jarden company, which also owns the Ball and Bernardin preserving supplies companies info current as of Bernardin, along with Golden Harvestare the two home canning names that Newell owns lock, stock and barrel.

Ball is primarily marketed in the eastern United States, while Newell tries to preserve Canadian sales territory for Bernardin. Kerr used to issue canning guidance and manuals, which was considered sound for its day.

Kerr mason jars

Advice such as:. Answers to your canning questions. Canning publications appear to no longer be issued under the Kerr name. Newell issues them instead under the Ball and Bernardin names. Any Kerr publications, as good as they were in the day, would now be considered out of date and should be referred to for historical interest purposes only.

Are you a jar collector and want to find out about a particular Kerr jar you have? Try this web forum over on the Glass Bottle Marks web site. While Ball now has all the recognition in home canning, it was actually Kerr who introduced two fundamentals we now use today: a mason-jar lid with the gasket affixed to its underside, and, wide-mouth jars.

Ball copied Kerr mason jars innovations. The Kerr jar company was founded by Alexander H. Kerr, born 4 September in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After some basic schooling, he migrated west. He went first to southern Idaho, Kerr mason jars he ended up in the retail grocery trade. Kerr, Samuel C. Kerr and Francis R. Giles-Clough Glass Co. His partner was John Giles.

The company made metal lids and spring clips. Fruit Jars — A history worth remembering. In: Bottles and Extras. Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors. Winter They were not screw-on lids; they were clamp-type lids which had a rubber gasket attached to the underside of the lid, incorporating elements from a de patented by Julius Landsberger in The jars and their lids were very similar in operation to the Fowlers Vacola jars still used in Australia today. The company would go on Kerr mason jars make the Economy jars untiland replacement lids for them until From toKerr kept his business offices in Portland, Oregon.

Then, inhe moved the office to Chicago. During those first years, Kerr did not actually make his own jars. Harvard Business School. InKerr finally had enough business to open his own first manufacturing plant, in Altoona, Kansas. Inhe came up with another simple one-piece flat disc-and-gasket combination for lids, similar to the Economy lids de, but held in place during processing by a screw-on ring band instead. Other models at the time required you to re-tighten a lid, or snap down a clamp, as well as often using separate independent red rubber rings for the actual sealing.

Farms Finest: Mason jars preserve food and American history. Aspen, Colorado: Aspen Times. They would remain there until Kerr mason jars, though the company was incorporated in Delaware. Factories established or bought by Kerr include: [6] Whitten, David. Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation. Web. InKerr introduced what is now the standard 3 inch 76 mm, inner diameter wide-mouth mason jar:.

Kerr mason jars

Cool Springs Press. Lethbridge, Alberta. Click for larger. By the s, jars with the screw-on ring bands were more popular than the Economy clamp-type models.

Kerr mason jars

During World War Two, some Kerr jars shipped without their metal lids. A participant in an antique jar forum wrote. They do not have lids due to the WAR…. These Jelly Glasses packed without lids. Kerr Squat Jelly Glasses. User posting. Kerr on the bottom of Kerr mason jars jars. Inthe company did a second public offering, to retire some debt and recapitalize. At the time, the company had seven factories, and 27 sales offices. In the s, Kerr began a period of erratic moves that some attribute to a poor leadership at the top:.

Kerr Group Inc. Init was decided that the company would rename itself to The Kerr Group. The company was no longer just Kerr mason jars mason jar company, or even just a glass making company, at that. It was making different types of packaging, containers Kerr mason jars closures for far more than home canning, including glass bottles for commercial condiment makers, etc. Kerr sold the division that made commercial glass bottles for packers off to the overall Ball Corporation in The company began focussing on other things such as plastic closures for the pharmaceutical industry.

Kerr had, though retained ownership of its original domestic home canning jars, supplies, and lids division. They decided to try to expand in Canada, where ly they had only sold in the western half of the country:. InKerr mason jars began to market caps, lids and jars in the Atlantic provinces and, shortly thereafter, it moved into the larger Quebec and Ontario markets. Inquiry No. October Untilthe company was a leading manufacturing of home canning supplies, through its consumer products business division, with an estimated 45 percent market share, continuing the work originally started by A.

Kerr in Those operations included the manufacture and sale of caps and lids and the sale of canning jars and lids used by consumers for home Kerr mason jars of fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and the like, together with the sale of other related products, including iced tea tumblers and beverage mugs, and plastic dinnerware and drinkware. Due to a combination of cyclical demand based on annual growing, harvest, and weather conditions; a shift in retail distribution channels for such supplies away from smaller specialty stores and into the larger mass-merchandise retailers such as Wal-Mart and Kmart with concurrent lower profit margins ; and little growth in the unit, operations for the consumer products division were discontinued.

Alltrista, parts of which formerly belonged to Ball Corp. The manufacturer of metal stamped jar tops, rubber jar rings, and glass jars for packing, founded inalso produced Kerr mason jars blanks used to make pennies. Kerr Group, Inc. The products include child-resistant packaging, custom imprinted caps, plastic vial and caps systems, evidence closures, continuous-thread closures, custom and stock plastic bottles, and plastic squeeze tubes. Company overview of Kerr Group Inc. Kerr was a devout Christian; for many years every case of mason jars he sold had a pamphlet in it urging people to tithe to their churches.

He himself credited his financial success to tithing. Despite his devoutness, in he divorced his first wife name unknown at time of this writing to marry Albertina Sechtem July 13, — October 17, on 29th September It caused a scandal at the time. Kerr was already 48, and the father of two children — his son Thomas was graduating from Harvard that year. The Oregonian. In OctoberAlbertina died of typhoid. He remarried a third time, to a woman named Ruth. Kerr had two children with his first wife, one with Albertina, and an additional five children with Ruth. When Alexander Kerr died inhis eldest son Thomas took over running the company.

He died in InRuth took over running the company until her death in Los Angeles times. Whitten, David. California of the South Vol. You can browse for Kerr Jars on Amazon. When on Amazon, be sure to compare prices to ensure you are getting the lowest price with the best shipping deal. Walmart online also carries them. I am looking to purchase Kerr top and rings for canning. There is not any be had. That is uncalled for and unheard of.

Might as well buy the food all ready in the can. Can you tell me where to get tops and lids. No one has your jars anywhere. Utterly ridiculous. As it is canning season I paid extra for expedited shipment. After two weeks I finally received lids from California. That originated from and were made in China. Is there any way to buy actual Kerr lids that are made in the USA? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment.

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Kerr mason jars

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