Koa san road bangkok

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Khao San road, which now represents a series of streets, is a place in downtown Bangkok where backpackers and tourists are immediately drawn to from when they first touch down in the airport. When I refer to the good, the bad and the ugly — Khao San Road has all it all. In abundance. No surprise really. Cheap food and cheap booze, a huge drawcard for the thousands of backpackers who descend upon Khao San Road weekly. Furthermore, if your backpacking attire is looking a little rough around the edges from too long on the road this is one of the greatest places in the world to replenish your struggling wardrobe.

Either way, every night is a party on Khao San Road. Maybe I have been in Thailand too many times and the tourist scene has jaded me but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Khao San Road, Bangkok. The content below if for nightlife on Koa san road bangkok San Road.

But check out Mulligans Irish bar is also a great bar on the main strip, but off it enough to avoid the crowds, and also Brick Bar — there are a host of regular bands playing here, but the house band — with a larger than life front singer — usually blows them all away. If you want Koa san road bangkok chill rather than rage, just around the corner from Khao San is a street called Soi Rambutri.

Similar outlook but much more chill. The perfect street to warm-up. Or to nurse a hangover for that matter. Then for a final after-club, check out Gazebo until 6am. If you want the perfect day Bangkok ItineraryI wrote that here.

And I wrote about Bangkok nightlife and the best clubs in Bangkok here too.

Koa san road bangkok

But these things listed below are things to do in Khao San Road area, without venturing too far away. Get your Instagram shots, and then get back to Khao San to celebrate. Taking a canal boat 7THB is the best way to get to central Bangkok. Completely occupying a roundabout on a major thoroughfare is the Democracy Monument. A minute walk from Khao San Road. The main attraction. In the day time, insects for snacks are for sale, counterfeit goods, delicious Pad Thai and some sunglasses galore. As the sun sets, the debauchery begins.

Koa san road bangkok

Look out for the buckets cheap booze drunk through straws from buckets. They do some serious damage. A nearby temple, within walking distance, and no entrance ticket. Also, it has great digital nomad insurance for people who are constantly travelling too! You can read my review hereand you Koa san road bangkok -up here. Also, if you want to start a blog, and start to change your life, I'd love to help you! me on johnny onestep4ward. In the meantime, check out my super easy blog post on how to start a travel blog in under 30 minutes, here! And if you just want to get cracking, use BlueHost at a discount, through me.

Oh, one last thing! I first stayed on Khao San in The Buddy Bar was at the other end of the street Temple side and it was 30 baht per night. All the guest houses had big black ledgers we backpackers would write info and stories in…man they were gold!!

Koa san road bangkok

The Japanese took it by storm for a few years…they basically set up house and lived there for months on end. The Israelis had a big presence for a long time. Still have some great Koa san road bangkok in the area. The old coffee shops playing Merry Melody Cartoons until a.

The hair braiding and Rasta movement snuck in for awhile…still there somewhat. Oh — it became trendy for upscale Thais to hang out for a time also. I looked the part — long hair — be — hippie kinda guy…lol. I just said no to see their reaction — it almost turned nasty!!

But I ended up drinking with the crew after. Ahhh too funny. Just looking a little worse for the time spent dealing with drunk farangs. Prices have escalated way out of control… — baht a night for some of the places. I still pop in once or twice every year just for old time sake.

Koa san road bangkok

But for me — the charm and fun side of Khao San disappeared about 15 years ago. I got tired of stepping of drunk farangs passed out on the side walk in their own puke. I even have a little video of a dog pissing on one. Hey I tried to get him up but he told me to fk off! So — piss on him!

Too many memories. Long story short — it is what it is…a spectacle. Still fun and it will be memories for those there now. If you go have fun — keep an open mind and just be careful. Also, shop wisely, stuff is much cheaper in other places.

Chok Dee from the old guy! Used to Koa san road bangkok more often. I never saw an abundance of street girls there. The author makes it sound like Nana. Google before going there to see what the current set up is. But had to get outta there after 2 days at risk of developing a migraine lol. I live here in Bangkok!

Koa san road bangkok

Hey there my husband and I are going to Thailand in Feb of and I wanted to know if there are any places to get toiletries example:: hair products, personal hygiene?? Let common sense prevail and you will be ok. I was here 15 years ago and it was friendly and fun then as it is now. Hi, we are going to Thailand Koa san road bangkok the first time in June, my husband, myself and 2 teenage.

We will stay the first 2 nights in Bangkok and, without knowing much at all about the districts, have reserved a hotel in Khaosan Road. Is it safe? Should I cancel and find somewhere else? This author is not correct at all, you have nothing to worry about. Been there dozens of times and rarely do you see what he mentions.

Khao San Road is safe for touristif you stay in decent hotel then no problem. Food and communications are good.

Koa san road bangkok

All tourist places are nearby beside the river. Try to visit floating market. My friend and I will be in Bangkok in march. Ive read your blog about Khao san rd which really helpful. Thank you.

Koa san road bangkok Koa san road bangkok

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