Liberator esse position guide

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Table of Contents. This piece has covered all bases and helped my partner and I get into so many positions we never would have been able to try without it. The Liberator Esse is, as I have already mentioned, a piece of sex furniture. Or in the case of the Esse, it is basically a curvy couch, specifically deed to be an extra comfortable place to have sex. This sex couch comes with two pillows, a comfy headrest, and a mini scoop to help with positioning. The pillows can be used with the couch or on their own… more on that later. Everything comes vacuum sealed and the foam releases quickly once you have it set up.

The foam is sturdy enough to hold up a good bit of weight but comfortable enough to lounge around on all day. Liberator esse position guide foam is protected by moisture-proof liner and its velvet covering, the material is actually called Velvish, made of a machine washable material that is easy to remove. The Esse is 23 inches high at the head of the couch, I was able to add an additional 5 inches with the headrest pillow.

This can be flattened out using the mini scoop, bringing it to an even level with the footrest. At the foot, the Esse is To get in this position my partner braces her knees in the scooping curve, while leaning her arms against the headrest, and I position myself behind her with my knees on the smaller curve. This takes a bit more balancing on her part but gives her more control in how deep I can go.

It also puts us face to face so that we can kiss as we go at it, this makes definitely one of the more romantic options. This is where I lay in the scoop, with my head on the headrest as I Liberator esse position guide my feet on the smaller curve. She then mounts me in reverse cowgirl, with her feet in the scoop beside my hips, and, well… bounces. This position is especially tug-tastic when I just want to lay there and enjoy the ride. Cleaning the Liberator Esse is much easier than it might seem. There is a zipper that runs along the length of the couch which allows me to completely take the velvet cover off the foam.

The cover can then be thrown in the washing machine and dried in the machine. While it is washing, I take an antibacterial wipe and clean the entire moisture-proof lining that is found under the Velvish cover. The pillows are Liberator esse position guide in the same way as the couch, and I clean them in the same manner.

Liberator esse position guide

As I mentioned before, the pillows can be used without the couch, and ours gets a fair bit of use. We use Liberator esse position guide flipped on to their curve and rock the pillow rather than thrusting. Any lube or bodily fluids that get on the couch or pillows come out easily, I have found that the smell of our detergent lingers after it has been washed. This sex couch has vastly improved our sex life and every sex position we could imagine. We have gotten into more sex positions than I care to try to recount thanks to this lovely piece of furniture.

There are many positions in which we can get ourselves, and I love that we can use the pillows without the couch.

Liberator esse position guide

This wonderful product has now become a staple in our sex life and we use it nearly every time we have sex together. The Liberator Esse has become a vital part of our exploration and has assisted in many positioning techniques that would have never been possible with a flatbed! Save Liberator esse position guide name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. About Tugbro. Please comment! Please name here. You have entered an incorrect address!

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Liberator esse position guide

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Liberator esse position guide

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