List of scientists who converted to islam

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The list will be helpful - even if you know nothing about Islam. A scientist who has been studying for years in their field. After years of research, they decide to convert to Islam. Why would they do this? What was the reason? Here you will read about how scientists convert to Islam.

Also, you will see the scientific facts that are in the Quran. Finally, you will read about the numerical miracles that are in the Quran. Is it true that scientists convert to Islam? Yes it is. Keep reading to find out what scientist have said about Islam and the Quran.

You will be surprised what they say. Many of them were atheists before understanding Islam and converting. Meaning they did not believe in the one and only God at all.

List of scientists who converted to islam

He was amazed by the accuracy of the statements made in the Quran in the 7th century. Statements about embryology. Before anyone knew anything about it. These statements in the Quran could not be based on scientific knowledge of the time so it must have come from God. He also talked about embryology in the Quran. He said that Prophet Muhammad must have got this info from some source and that he has no issues that it came from God.

He said for a man to make such profound statements about science in the seventh century is amazing. He said it could not be mere chance. He said he sees no conflict between genetics and Islam. He said Islam could guide science. He said the knowledge in the Quran is from God. He said the Koran described human development and commingling of the gametes through organogenesis. He said nothing in history has seen such a feat besides current day science.

He talked about the origin of the universe and how it would be impossible for a man like Prophet Muhammad to know about this from his own mind. He said science today proves what the prophet said years ago. He talks about astronomy and using telescopes. He said that the Quran has true facts about astronomy. He was amazed by what the Quran says about astronomy and how the ancient writing of the Quran agrees with modern science today. He was very interested how this information in the Quran could have this science in it and that it must be from God. He said that the Quran could not be simple human knowledge and must be from a Supernatural Force.

List of scientists who converted to islam said the Quran is almost unbelievable and a very remarkable book. He said all the facts of science in the Quran can be scientifically proven today. Born List of scientists who converted to islamformer chief of the Surgical Clinic, University of Paris, has for a long time deeply interested in the correspondences between the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and modern secular knowledge. He said it is impossible to explain how a book produced at the time of prophet Muhammad could contain ideas that have only been discovered today.

How could a man know these facts without the slightest of error? A European scientist converts to Islam after his knowledge of some scientific facts in the Quran which were only discovered in the twentieth century. This sc This is the only available material about the story! Cairo December Watch how Science in the Qur'an 'convinces' a British Scientist to convert.

Please could you support the Da'wah by clicking the 'Like' button Blue thumbs up! Is There a God? Watch and learn the Proof. Please support the work by 'Clicking the Blue Thumbs Up' icon. Please watch and learn on 'New Dawah Training ' on Updated: 4 months, 4 weeks ago. Do you want to know what scientific facts are in the Quran? I will list some here for you. But you must know that mankind's understanding of science changes. For example, science used to think that honey was produced inside the bee until later it realized that honey was produced in the beehive.

However, read the following and make your own conclusions.

List of scientists who converted to islam

The Quran could be referring to the creation of the universe when it says he God turned to the sky when it was smoke. Many scientists believe this is what it means. The Quran says that the sky and the Earth are sewn together. Scientists say it refers to the early universe when it was a cloud of gas. Another part of the Quran talks about everything being made of water.

List of scientists who converted to islam

Modern science has proven that any organism is made up of large amounts of water. In another place, the Quran says the sky we have built and it is still growing List of scientists who converted to islam. Does this refer to the fact that the universe is always expanding? The Sun and the resting place is also mentioned in the Quran.

Scientists say we see the Sun as fixed in List of scientists who converted to islam distance from us. The Quran also mentions how the chest gets narrow when breathing up in the sky. Meaning at high altitudes. This can be experienced in a plane but was mentioned years ago. Another place talks about the darkness of the universe and that the lower heavens have been adorned with lights. Meaning of stars in the universe. The Quran talks about the sky being a roof.

These days we know the sky acts as a protection above us from harmful things that come to us. Knowledge of the atmosphere above. The Quran talks about the mountains as pegs. When we look at the science behind mountains we see that they indeed act like pegs. You can also see the mention of how the Earth rotates. An idea unthinkable at the time of the Prophet. The idea of two seas meeting is also presented in the Quran. Today we see that between any two seas there is a distinct barrier.

It is caused by different levels of salinity and weight. Surely a hard thing to imagine years ago. Another idea in the Quran is of winds causing fertilization. Today we know that pollen is spread by the wind. The Quran also talks about the darkness of the depths of the ocean. Something that would be hard to know years ago.

A prediction was made in the Quran that the Romans would be defeated in the lowest land. It seems that did end up happening near the Dead Sea years later. God mentions in the Quran the darkness of the womb. Another part of the Quran talks about the formation of cl o uds. The Quran mentions the idea of solar years and lunar years and makes a calculation to work out the difference. The Quran mentions that humans are made from sperm and goes on to describe the process of the formation of the fetus.

These miracles, as Muslims call t Green speaks about the scientific Ultimate scientific proofs from the Quran that percent correspond to the scientific findings of our time, such as the Origin of Universe, Description of In this episode of "The Proof of Islam" Mr.

Green speaks about the scientific miracle of the Holy Quran. Abdurraheem Green embarks on a journey, a journey to There are some numerical miracles in the Quran for us to ponder over. The pair of satan and angels is mentioned 88 times respectively. Shabir Ally explains how mathematical patterns found in the Quran point to the Qurans divine origin.

We continue our series, How will I know? Some of the incredible mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran! Well focus on the specific occ How do they help further our belief th Updated: 5 months ago. To sum up, you have read about some scientists who converted to Islam. You learned about their reasons and why they did it. You also saw some of the scientific facts that are in the Quran.

Finally, you read about the numerical miracles in the Quran. Articles about Islam, Muslims, converting to Islam, God, Angels, prophets, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus and Mary, the Quran, prayer, the ka'bah, the day of judgement, free will, other religions, Islamic history, hijab, marriage, sharia, crime and punishment, Muslims in the West, health and diet, science plus much more. Table Of Contents. Intro 2. Scientist Converts To Islam 3.

List of scientists who converted to islam

Scientific Facts In Quran 4. Numerical Miracles In The Quran 5. Scientist Converts To Islam. Here is a summary of the sites we recommend to you.

List of scientists who converted to islam

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List of scientists who converted to islam

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Many Scientists Convert to Islam