Local meet and greet

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We're delivering some in-person activities and classes online due to Coronavirus — contact your nearest branch or visit our courses and workshops section. From coffee groups to meet-ups for new d, our local groups and activities can help you build up a supportive social network. Now more than ever, it's important for you to feel supported and connected to local parents. Since we can't run our in-person events, many of our local NCT communities are hosting live online activities and meet-ups so you can feel connected without having to Local meet and greet the comfort of your home.

Find out what's happening in your local area, or help organise an online event, by contacting your local community. Use the postcode search on this to find your closest branch.

Local meet and greet

To find out what activities are available for parents in the Covid crisis, including Walk and Talk groups, see hereLocal meet and greet simply postcode below. Lots of fun and helpful activities take place all over the country. postcode to find out what's happening near you.

If you see a story, event or campaign, share with your friends and networks. Take a look at the range of information we have for parents online. Tell others about the information and support available to help us spread the word. Or get involved with your Local NCT Community Local meet and greet to find out if you can help with their social media promotion. Get involved with a local NCT community and help plan, set up and run a of activities that help parents. Coordinating a Baby First Aid course is easy to set-up and run and helps local parents feel more confident.

It also raises essential funds to help us do more. the volunteer team for our famous Nearly New Sales. Help is always needed with setting-up, running and packing away these amazing events which help with parenting costs and raise funds to support our work locally and nationally. the volunteer team to help run family friendly activities and fundraisers in your local community.

the local team to coordinate the running of regular activities and key fundraising activities. the regional volunteer team as a key supporter and NCT ambassador. Your skills, enthusiasm and support will help our local volunteers continue to deliver amazing events and groups for parents across the whole of the UK. Post Tweet Post. Local activities and meet-ups during social distancing Now more than ever, it's important for you to feel supported and connected to local parents.

Local meet and greet

Baby First Aid. Family-friendly fun. Local parent support. Parent socials. Local NCT community. Find local activities and meet-ups Lots of fun and helpful activities take place all over the country. Leave this field blank. Get involved and support us Helping NCT is a great way to get out of the house and become part of our supportive community. How much time can you spare a month? Get started today. NCT Antenatal course Find out more. NCT Antenatal refresher course Find out more. Support NCT Charity by becoming a member.


Local meet and greet Local meet and greet

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