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May 23, Love is not the candles Love is not the wine Love is not the elegance And the fancy way we dine But love Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware every moment In the way two souls entwine And continues on forever Until the end of conscious time.

Birthday Each Day was like the other without a course, or goal I wandered lost and lonely T'was the winter of my soul, Then from the stagnant darkness A ray of light broke through A blossom grew and it was you and suddenly- came the spring. A house is brick and mortar A pile of wood and stone What magic is required to make a house A Home? A warm and loving life-mate for whom I wrote this poem creates a soul in brick and wood and makes a house A Home. First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for being here today as we honour the life of my father, Vic Mizzi.

As I look round this room I imagine that if we could pull together all the memories each of us have of Vic, it would weave a tale so powerful, that it could take on a life of its own.

Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware

Each of you has happy memories of times spent with Vic whether it be golfing, fishing, socializing or even traveling. I am fortunate, to have been blessed with a lifetime of such memories. As you all know, my dad had many talents. He was a dentist, a pilot, a musician, a writer, even a painter.

Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware

As a dentist, he cared for his patients in this community for over 40 years. He didn't want to practice anywhere else, after all, he grew up here. Not only did he make sure his family and friends were looked after, but also anyone else in SSM that needed his care. He pioneered dental care in the Soo, he was even the first to have tv's in his dental suites so that his patients would have some distraction while he was doing Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware work. If someone had an emergency, he would always somehow find the time to see them the same day.

Vic never said no, it was always ok meet me at the Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware in 10 minutes and he was out the door. He worked all hours; he even worked for free on many occasions. As a pilot he embraced bush flying and had several float planes throughout his time. When I was a kid I loved to go flying with my dad. He took the time to teach me what all the controls and dials were for, and let me actually fly the plane a lot of the time we were up together. He said it was important to know just in case anything ever happened to him during a flight. That knowledge as it turned out actually did come handy one windy day when I was about We were at the dock getting ready to go up.

I was strapped in my seat as my dad untied the plane. Just after he got the last rope undone a gust of wind blew the plane away from the dock. Dad grabbed for the wing, but missed and the plane headed downriver with me in it. My dad ran for help. As for me, well I figured that this was one of those emergencies he had prepared me for, so I kicked in my training and started up the plane myself. By that time my dad had rounded up help from some of the Algoma Airways crew that were there and were busy on shore getting a boat ready to come and get me.

I can only imagine terror that went through their minds as they heard that plane engine fire up. Since I was too short to see over the control panel I had to stick my head out the door to see where I was going.

Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware

I taxied the plane right back to the dock cut the engine off right on cue and let it float the last few yards just as I had seen dad do on our countless other flights. It was no big deal to me at the time. I figured I was trained by the best. As a musician he spent many years in a band he and a few of his friends put together to play at the nursing homes. They played songs he knew the old folks would remember. The band would start out to a room full of sleepy people, but before long feet would start tapping, hands would start clapping, and the room would fill with joy.

They never wanted money. As my dad said, you got paid in smiles for those gigs. Not only could Vic play at least 6 instruments but he was a songwriter as well. He Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware a gift for taking an existing song and rewriting the lyrics for it and turned out more than a few hits among his friends. He wrote a song about Maple Leaf Estates, where he and Linda spent their winters.

It's still a hit down there to this day. I like to think that what I accomplished as a musician, I got from him. As a writer, Vic has been creating poems and stories all his life. He was active in the writing club at Maple Leaf in Florida for many years. My fondest memory of his story telling ability was when I five and bath time came around.

Apparently I was a rather rambunctious kid, and the only way to keep me in the tub was to tell me stories. Dad Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware a character called "Leroy the friendly Monster". It occurs to me that, that would have made a great children's book. The most precious example of his writing I was lucky enough to find and see for the first time only a few weeks ago. We found a small booklet that my parents brought home from the hospital when I was born. It had my formula and feeding schedule on it, but between the s I discovered a poem dad wrote 15 minutes after I was born which I will cherish forever.

As a painter This was news to me, as I didn't even know he could paint. But, as we were gathering photographs for this service Linda found a painting he did years ago. It was a painting of a man in front of a simple background, but I was astounded at how good it was. This was when I found out that he had done not only this but others down in Florida over the years. I hope to get at least one of them to hang on my wall at home. In the final days of Vic's Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware with cancer we thankfully got the chance to have some frank and open conversations about death and dying.

He never wanted a fuss made over him. He wanted a simple funeral. The pain we all feel at his passing may be unavoidable, he wanted all who knew and loved him to know that he had a long and full life, and had no regrets. He bravely accepted what was happening to him, and was ready. One particular night, near the end, I made a point of saying I love you, simply because we never really said it to each other very often over the years, so I made it a point to say it.

I felt it was important at the time. Later on as I was driving home feeling somewhat satisfied, I couldn't help but wonder why we hadn't said it more often. There's always tomorrow I suppose, right? But, the more I thought about it the more I realized that the reason we rarely "said the words" was simply because deeds and actions said the words every day and in countless ways.

Vic offered a wellspring of love through unwavering support for anything I wanted to achieve in my life.

Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware

If I had a problem he always had my back, always took my side, and many times provided a new way at looking at things that I would never have thought of. He always saw the good in everyone. I will always be inspired and uplifted by the love he and Linda shared for 25 years. Together there was nothing they couldn't do. They travelled Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware world, made countless friends and had epic adventures both good and bad. No dinner party was complete without Vic and Linda. My dad wanted to spend his last days at home with Linda, and needless to say she wouldn't have had it any other way.

The love they had between them I believe is what gave her the strength to cope with it all. In those last weeks I witnessed a level of love and devotion far above the vow of "in sickness and in health". At the end of the day, Vic and Linda can teach us that love should transcend words. Saying I love you is great, but love is really in the actions, daily doings and small things that people do for each other every day.

Lonely wives sault ste Dover Delaware

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