Long beach advertising

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One-stop services offered include branding, advertising, graphic de, production and strategic planning for traditional and interactive marketing campaigns, SEO, Social Media, web de, print catalogs and brochures, tradeshows, videos, animation, media planning and buying. If you have annual creative needs — Social Media, videos, print catalogs, photography shoots, ad campaigns Long beach advertising trade show support, we are the agency for you.

Our clients appreciate this one stop shopping approach. Having a multi-purpose creative partner with knowledge of your industry, your company and your goals shortens the ramp up time and le to cost effective, relevant creative solutions.

Our staff has a valuable pedigree based on years of experience working for Fortune companies and the international advertising agencies. We bring our big picture, strategic thinking to every project we work on. Spontaneous and impactful. Long beach advertising listen. We learn. Then we create. With no ego. Just a desire to help you achieve your goals.

We are confident in our technical abilities and are always looking for a creative edge to position our clients as innovative leaders in their industries. We work on a project basis or a retainer basis. This depends on your advertising and marketing objectives. Either way, you will benefit from our creativity, experience and enthusiasm. In addition to acting as the agency of record for our clients, we work with companies who have in-house marketing and advertising teams.

We can assist with creative development of advertising campaigns, Social Media, brochure and website development. We love to participate in the planning and execution of marketing initiatives. And your work. Bringing your brand to life. Our greatest thrill is to hear the crack of the bat Long beach advertising you are hitting a marketing home run.

As a one stop, full service creative advertising and branding agency, this is our value, our purpose and our passion.

Long beach advertising

When your company advertises, it must have an objective. It may be a product launch, Long beach advertising a space or enhancing your brand. Great care must be taken at the beginning of the re-launch branding process to identify existing brand qualities, determine the new brand benefits and produce an effective campaign that will combine the old and Long beach advertising new to positively influence the brand perception of your company. The key is to leverage the positive impressions that your customers have of your company and carry them over to a new, reinvigorated company.

Brand extension involves the leveraging of a strong brand into new product. This is a delicate process that requires a branding agency to be able to recognize the established Long beach advertising values of a Long beach advertising and gently transfer those values to the new products. Group has extensive brand transfer experience.

We have the experience and insight to help your company establish new revenues streams while maintaining your brand equity. Marketing in social media is very personal. Do you immediately pitch them? Of course not. The key is selling while you look like your not selling. A company that has an annual or quarterly need for a print catalog for their customers knows that this is a mission critical event.

Many young deers have no knowledge of print. Avoid the problems and call us. So many graphic deers today rely totally on stock photography. They have little or no photography art direction skills. Mistakes and poor art direction in a photography studio or a location set can result in major retouching costs or even complete reshoots. Print is not dead. It has become more targeted. Apparel manufacturers know the power of a print catalog that reaches the home of their customers. However, there is a dearth of talent in this area.

Most agencies and de firms have concentrated on interactive capabilities. We find our clients to be extremely grateful that we still know how to keep printers honest. Ten years ago, the Big Idea was what advertising was all about. We take a comprehensive approach to our concept development. We access the quality of a concept by its ability to work effectively across all mediums — interactive, print, television, video, tradeshows, product demos, even the way your team answers the phone. Make sure your website is in sync with your brand and your advertising campaign.

A website should not be developed in isolation. Our approach is to ensure it is part of your overall marketing campaign. We can develop the site from start to finish, or work with your in-house coding team to achieve this essential marketing synergy. Many website developers will jump immediately into de before they understand what key search terms are essential for your SEO efforts. We spend the time to research the most effective terms, and base the de of the site on SEO strategy. There are so many amazing ways for an advertiser to effectively target customers.

We take a creative approach to determining the best avenues to reach your audience. Radio, television and banner advertising have been revolutionized to allow you to reach customers according to your geographic, demographic specifications and budget. The best tradeshow booths are not just to get your name out there.

An effective tradeshow presence can be the extension of the advertising campaign as well. We leverage your campaign investment by reinforcing your unique message on the tradeshow floor. Don't start your marketing road trip without one. A good marketing roadmap will plan out the route, from start to finish. And it will show you which vehicles you will take to get there. Sunrise at the Isthnus in Catalina.

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Long beach advertising

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Please call or us at these s:. We offer the full-service approach for companies in automotive, agriculture technology, apparel, healthcare, restaurants and business services. Everything Is Advertising. Your Website. Your Social Media. Your Catalogs. Even Long beach advertising Business Card. Launch Relaunch Extend The key to providing the right marketing for our clients is to identify the life cycle point that our client is in.

With each phase, there are different degrees of engagement. The classic phase of marketing that most people easily identify is the launch phase. This the phase where it all begins, from start ups to Fortune s. For a start up in the launch phase, speed and accuracy are paramount. Wasting time by misdirection can be put a drain on the marketing budget. For an established company, the emphasis is on continuing the current cash flow from an old product line to finance the launch of a new one.

No matter what your task is, speed is critical. Our distinct advantage is our quick ramp-up time. The print catalog has become a lost art. Not with your team at Group We bring years of experience in Photography Art Direction. Work with an agency who can effectively manage the printing of your catalog.

Long beach advertising

The classic Big Idea is still in high demand. Your tradeshow can be an extension of your advertising campaign. Ready to Talk? Better yet, tell us where it hurts. Group is a full-service, strategic creative agency providing clients with marketing, advertising, social media, graphic de, branding and Long beach advertising services.

We also have extensive experience in printed catalogs, brochures, logos, websites, tradeshow graphics, infographics, You Tube videos, training videos and sales presentations. Instagram Group Sunrise at the Isthnus in Catalina. Good time to r. I think my new tv is on this one. Emily made vegetarian scones for her girlfriends. What a wonderful, vibrant Spring day. With a jet f. Beautiful Friday. On to Am. Is it the Caribbean or Catalina?

Long beach advertising

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Long beach advertising

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Long beach advertising

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