Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

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Before any of those titles, however, she was a caring daughter. Hickey worked as a caregiver for her mother, who had multiple sclerosis. Looking back, holistic health could have made mom more comfortable and helped with her detoxification process because of all the medication.

It gives me the freedom and the flexibility to bring something different and unique to Toledo. In a chaotic time for business, and for people, Dr. So if we can implement blind empathy, then we give people just a little more grace. How has your approach to your business, and your life, changed over time?

I always beat to my own drum and worked as a lone leader. Now, I am a lifelong learner and feel very blessed to surround myself with the experts and leaders that I have the privilege to work with and around. I am also a leader that thrives on bringing out the leader within others. I love and trust the intent of my Serenity family to the fullest. What advice would you give to another woman who plans to industry? Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life sure you are consistently checking in with your clients and your staff.

All of your clients are your boss and they, along with the staff, should feel comfortable constantly offering feedback to help the company learn, grow and thrive. I grew up with a lot of adversity but when I was 8 years old, I collected rocks, scrubbed them and polished them with clear nail polish prior to walking the neighborhood selling them door to door. My father and many family members before him were hard working entrepreneurs. How do you stay motivated? I stay motivated by constantly reminding myself of how lucky I am even during the challenging times.

I have down days like everyone else but perspective is key.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

I am healthy, I have an amazing husband of 24 years, family and friends who care about me, successful businesses, and two fabulous dogs. Who do you most admire? I would have to say my mother, Ruthie. She passed away at 48 years old several years ago and struggled with MS for many years. She exemplified love, confidence, and grace. She is and was truly an angel.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

My guilty pleasure: Food. Lots of it. With a martini. Or two. She told me that everyone is different and may not act or react like I would. If my expectations are too high of others, then I will consistently set myself up for disappointment. How has being a woman impacted your career? Being a woman in a wheelchair makes me more security-minded; I carry a gun and try to be aware of my surroundings at all times. How has your business changed in the past year? Being closed for two months almost put me out of business, but I received a small, unexpected inheritance that I was able to use to pay the bills until we re-opened.

The person I most admired was my grandfather. He could do anything he put his mind to. He was spiritual, kind, strong, gentle, funny, generous, hard-working, intelligent, a go-getter. He never let anything stop him. When he retired from his construction business, my grandparents built a campground.

They ran that for over 10 years and then Grandpa became the head tour guide on the Boyer museum ship. Even when he was totally blind he kept giving tours. The wheelhouse was named after him. To this day people tell me stories about him. He taught me a lot about life and about business.

ature accessory or something you wear everyday: I usually wear something having to do with being a grandma or something Ohio State. My husband, Clyde, has taken care of most of the things on my bucket list. I learn a lot about business and get ideas for things I should do or change about my small business. Black Kite Coffee Collingwood Blvd. Learn what matters to your team or staff. If they are empowered and supported, everyone wins. The landscape for restaurants and cafes has completely changed for all of us. We are fortunate to have such amazing community support and it has resulted Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life new ways of doing business which is very exciting!

Take risks. Try everything.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

Learn and improve. Great recent discovery: So many great podcasts. I have really leaned on my friends and family for inspiration. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by smart and talented people doing unique and interesting things! What you do… Sew, alter, restoration, resurrect clothes from the dead— you name it, we do it! Sewing and work is my life. Smile, and listen fully to every customer. It was tough in the beginning— that was some thick ice to break. But perseverance and skill prevailed. Do your own thing. Our business has still been consistent.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

I need to pay my bills! Hot water, lights and food are my motivation. My great grandmother, Anastasia Szyperski. My guilty pleasure: Pickles wrapped in salami.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

ature accessory or something you wear everyday: My bob haircut. To sew for the pope at the Vatican. What you do… I am a new restauranteur who opened the Campus Pollyeyes Toledo location in the middle of a pandemic— so it has been an adventure to say the least. My brother, Robert Nicholson, owns the BG location of Campus Pollyeyes and has franchised the restaurant to include a Findlay store and now I am operating the Toledo location.

I have been a Registered Nurse since and now I am a restauranteur too. My approach to life and business has changed over time. Initially, I was a very task-oriented— especially as I cared for my patients. As I matured, I have come to realize that relationships that are built while doing Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life tasks are just as valuable and last past the tasks. I use that approach as I run my business with my patrons and my staff.

Every professional woman should have a clear sense of her core values and purpose. Core values and purpose serve as my internal compass for how to best utilize my gifts and talents and express them at work. It is very important that a professional woman also manage her health first in order to be fit for the stressors that will inevitably arise. Being proactive with my health is critical as I care for my business and my family. Being a woman has impacted my career in many ways. It is always a balancing act between career and family.

Growing up, my parents were working hard to provide for a large family while growing a small pizza business in the 70s and 80s. Fortunately, my grandparents lived with us and helped raise my siblings and me. As a small business owner, I am blessed to have my family work with me. It may be long hours on some days but we are together and I count that as a blessing!

One key leadership lesson I have learned is to delegate and not micromanage. I am blessed to have a great team with some amazing gifts and talents.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

Good leadership helps to put together the right people at the right time for right purposes so that everybody wins. It is my job to mentor them and give them the opportunity to shine. Several of my staff are UT students who I hope will go on to use the job skills and experiences they learn while working at Campus Pollyeyes later in life wherever their path le them. What gender-specific assumptions do you encounter, and how Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life you respond to them? One gender specific assumption that I have encountered at the restaurant occurred when a new vendor came in to speak to the owner and walked by me to speak to one of my male managers first.

I smiled and politely listened to him, introducing myself at the end of the conversation. Honest mistake. The pandemic has changed all restaurants and businesses over the past year. Unfortunately, as a new small business, we were ineligible for the PPP loans or government assistance.

We were, however, able to set up our dining room with the limited capacity seating and social distance requirements required by the CDC and Health Department from the start. I am thankful that I was able to use my nursing experience to ensure my staff and patrons remain healthy and safe during this pandemic. We are hopeful with the vaccine distribution and students returning to Campus, our business will pick up for inside dining. We continue Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life stay afloat with pick up and deliveries but look forward to the day when we can have an active inside business!

ature accessory or something you wear everyday: My cross necklace. Travel— I love learning about different cultures and trying new cuisine. I would love to go back to Europe! What you do… Essence Mind Body Studio is a Boutique Fitness Studio specializing in many fitness and wellness classes, private sessions, teacher training, Reiki and sound therapy.

I am a Medically and Internationally Board Certified Health Coach that works with clients from all backgrounds and medical conditions to improve their health. It is very important to book time for yourself to recharge and stay healthy on a regular basis. It has been a challenge at times but also has been empowering to keep a strong community going in a time that has been very important for health and wellness care.

What ature accessory do you wear every day? Crystals have fixed frequencies and they affect our frequencies ificantly since we are very entrainable. A long trip to Yellowstone National Park with my camera. I LOVE my photography work and nature and it is one of my dreams to visit there. Stay the course. I have lived my life based on always playing fair and doing all I can to help others. They must see you as a lioness with quite a bit of strength, focus, and a huge desire to care for your pack and family.

Take it as a compliment.

Looking for my Toledo Ohio male in my life

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