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She is very tight with her parents and considers mom and dad among her best friends. She prefers tall, dark and handsome guys with a quick wit. She spent a good part of her life swimming competitively, where she excelled, and she still swims laps every week at the gym.

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

She loves to get dressed up and look fabulous head-to-toe, but she also isn't afraid to get dirty. Camping, kayaking and hiking are some of her favorite activities. Audrey believes that fear is an illusion and she doesn't get intimidated easily. This Big Brother super fan says, "I will not float. I will make bold moves and I will get blood on my hands. He will roll! Watch Audrey's bio video here! His parents were hippies who let him stop going to school before eighth grade!

Although he was never pushed to study, he was always self-disciplined and got up at 6 AM to read and exercise. It paid off, as he later received a master's degree in medieval history and fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler. He is known as the wrestler Judas. His looks are deceiving, as he is a flower child who does a yoga stance as opposed to beating down his opponent.

Watch Austin's bio video here!

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

Becky Burgess Age: 26 Hometown: Denver, Colorado Current City: Denver, Colorado Occupation: Retail manager On the outside, Becky is the "All American" girl next door who the men will fall in love with and the girls will want to befriend, but inside she's a strategic and aggressive competitor they should fear.

Having grown up in Denver, she's always been athletic and outdoorsy. She's not afraid to get dirty and has been known to out-climb her dates while hiking 14,foot mountains in Colorado. She knows her looks give her an edge in life but doesn't rely on them because she's the total package. Watch Becky's bio video here! Currently, he is getting his master's in sports management.

Watch Clay's bio video here! Her mother was a minister and her uncle is a pastor, but she has always gone against the grain. While her family was in church and Bible study, she was at the beach or out with her friends. Her grandmother was the person who understood her best and the one with whom she would watch Big Brother.

As a poker dealer, she has studied the game and done the competitions along with the Houseguests while watching the show. She knows she needs to learn each person well, even though she doesn't like to team-up with people. She knows she can only trust herself. A super tomboy growing up, she is a strong woman and a single mom. Not worried about the opinions of others, she is doing this for her daughter, hoping to win the money for her future!

Watch Da'Vonne's bio video here! He surfs, snowboards, skateboards semi-professionally, and considers himself a modern-day adventurer who models his life after Indiana Jones. He loves his new life in sunny Venice Beach, but will always be a Southern boy at heart. Watch Jace's bio video here! She's been a Miami Looking to meet a big girl tonight Dancer, a magician's assistant, and danced professionally for 10 years.

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

She hustles to get every job she gets, beating out hundreds of other girls in the process. She knows she's sexy and isn't afraid to use it to get ahead. Typically, she can fly off the handle during conflict, but her strategy for Big Brother is to keep as cool and calm as a cucumber. Most recently, she competed on the 26th season of The Amazing Race with a blind date partner she met at the starting line. Together, they raced through four countries Looking to meet a big girl tonight placed seventh.

With a loss under her belt, Jackie has something to prove this time around, so America is going to see the softer side of her. In his early teens, he was adopted by a Caucasian family and has called them mom and dad since. James loves his southern roots and served six years in the armed forces. Watch James' bio video here! Never one to shy away from conflict, Jason admits he's not easily intimidated. AsJason was always picked last for team sports but would then surprise his classmates with his unwavering determination and shocking speed.

Still living at home with his mother, Jason has always got along better with women and plans on having an all-female alliance upon entering the Big Brother house. He thinks the strong men should be targeted immediately and winning challenges will be a crucial part of his strategy.

Jason wouldn't be caught dead lounging around the Big Brother house in his pajamas all day; he's got too much style and sass for that. Watch Jason's bio video here! He says he only dates attractive women, but knows that he needs to start focusing on what they have to offer besides their outer shells. He is an aggressive guy who negotiates business deals on a daily basis, so he knows that he has the competitive edge it takes to win the game of Big Brother.

He is a sore loser who Looking to meet a big girl tonight do anything to ensure that he wins every competition. Most recently, he competed on the 26th season of The Amazing Race with a blind date partner he met at the starting line.

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

He is loud, obnoxious, and never seems to run out of energy. Single and proud of it, if any Looking to meet a big girl tonight wants more of a relationship, he has a sure-fire way of getting out of it—he'll start acting completely annoying and geeky, so they end up dumping him and no hearts Looking to meet a big girl tonight broken. Watch John's bio video here! The twins do everything together, down to their matching breast augmentations, which were done on the same day.

Julia is known as the feisty, more "tomboy" of the two. She's super athletic and loves surfing, rock climbing, soccer and crossfit. A bit of a man eater, Julia says, "Liz dates for love and I date for fun. More than just a pretty face, Liz is known as a bit of a brainiac, having graduated cum-laude, but still spends plenty of time keeping up on pop culture. When it comes to dating, Liz wears her heart on her sleeve and is a true romantic looking for love. It will be a little difficult for her to separate the game from her personal feelings, but she's well aware that her sultry, raspy voice and stunning looks can work magic with the men.

Liz realizes she can come off intimidating and girls can be catty, so she plans on working extra hard on her relationships with the other girls in the house and hopefully be more of a friend, instead of a threat. Watch Liz's bio video here! She's been boy-crazy and super competitive since she can remember. In high school, she decided to the hockey and baseball teams so she could have her fix of flirting with the boys and competing to win.

Meg doesn't take herself too seriously nor does she live a boring life. Meg says she has what it takes to win Big Brother ; she's likeable, goofy, intelligent, and adapts to every social situation. Watch Meg's bio video here! Shelli Poole Age: 33 Hometown: Marietta, Georgia Current City: Atlanta Occupation: Interior deer Shelli is a fraternal twin and the middle of five children, so she's been fighting for attention since a young age.

Shelli has been in relationships for as far back as she can remember and got married when she was 28 years old. After just a year, Shelli divorced her husband only to hop right back into a relationship with hood friend. Last summer, she was watching Big Brother and told her boyfriend at the time she wanted to apply. He mocked her, and that was enough for Shelli to push her dreams aside. Shelli is now single, living on her own as a successful career woman, and stopping at nothing to fulfill her dream of entering the Big Brother house. This Atlanta native is a good mix of southern charm and city grit.

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

Watch Shelli's bio video here! He may be a year-old virgin who doesn't drink or smoke, but that doesn't stop Steve from being the wildest and loudest guy in his fraternity. At the age of 18, he taught a Cornell Engineering class and was only one year older than his students. This master of disguise and manipulation's strategy is to play the "childlike, less intelligent young virgin who sleeps with his teddy bear. She's a tomboy who has always been extremely competitive, whether it's playing lacrosse in high school or beating men and women all over the world at the poker table.

Being in a male-dominated industry, Vanessa isn't easily intimidated and is used to keeping her emotions in check, which will help her keep her eye on the prize. She's perfected the art of bluffing and knows that she can manipulate her Houseguests however she sees fit while living in the Big Brother house.

Watch Vanessa's bio video here!

Looking to meet a big girl tonight

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