Love at first sight test

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Tbh, I don't really remember. I have, like, a million crushes right this second. No, I prefer to take things super slow.

Love at first sight test

Um, my crushes develop at a normal rate. Yes, I've def fallen for someone way fast before. Their eyes. Their body. Their hair. Their smile. Depends on what their pics are like. I might chat with them to see if anything is there. I'd def respond, especially if they had a decent pickup line.

No, friendship can come later. Yes, Love at first sight test need that solid foundation. I'd rather be friends first, but I know it doesn't always happen like that. Lol, I def have a few friends I would totally date. If I don't feel that immediate spark, I'm out. I try to give everyone a fair shot. I haven't, but there are times I def should have. Not yet, but this is for sure something I would do. Of course. Some people don't?! Nah, I'm more about security over all that passionate stuff. The whole thing seems like kind of a fairytale idea.

I think so, but idk if everyone finds theirs. Yuh, you've gotta take chances! They're welcome to come and talk to me. If Love at first sight test friends dared me, then probably. No way, I'm way too shy. I've def been in love maybe more than once. Lots of flings but nothing ificant. I've had a handful of decently serious relationships.

Umm, do secret crushes count? I'm always getting my heart broken. I do the dumping. It's kind of a mutual thing. I haven't really had many relationships. Omg, it's like a freaking movie. Gross, those are my parents. Idk, I've never asked them. Um, I guess so? Valentine's Day. International Kissing Day. Sweetest Day. The greeting-card companies made these up. Their presence alone is enough. Concert tickets. Tbh, I don't really like surprises. Bae sending me a love letter. Bae singing me a love song. Bae writing me a mushy poem. Ew, these are all cheesy AF. Yes, and tbh, I'm still not over it.

Lol nah, I'm the one who does the heart breaking.

Love at first sight test

Of course, but I'm totally fine now. No, I haven't been in love yet. As taken as you can possibly be.

Love at first sight test

Single and ready AF to mingle. It's complicated. I'm alone rn, but tbh, that's fine with me. Awww, isn't love just the best?! Why do they feel like they have to share that with the whole world? Depends on who the person posting is. I'm low-key kind of jealous. Yes, and omfg did it hurt.

Love at first sight test

No, but I have cheated on someone. I've both been cheated on and cheated. No, and I could never imagine doing that to someone either. Picnic in the park. Dinner and a movie. Monster-truck rally. Ice skating. New York City.

Yuh, for sure! Lol, absolutely not. Only when I look at Harry Styles Maybe not a full-on butterfly but, like, a tiny moth? Yes, it was so cray! Wtf are you talking about? Eh, the past-lives thing isn't my vibe. I have felt immediate connections, but idk. From day one, I want to spend Love at first sight test second together. I take things slow for, like, at least a month.

Seeing each at least once a week is good. I don't want to take things so slow we lose that initial spark. Yes, I couldn't get a word out. No, I'm articulate AF. Kind of, but something else might have distracted me. Yes, but I'm also sort of a shy person.

Romantic comedies.

Love at first sight test

Big important. Tbh, it's not a high priority for me. It matters, but not all that much. Sorry, but they need to be at least kind of cute. I can't imagine life without them. Ugh, I wish we could just go back to how things were before. I understand why some people use them, but they're not for me. I def use them a lot but also try to meet people organically. Wedding, kids, the whole thing! Omg, I'm not a creep. Maybe, like, a fleeting thought. This is embarrassing AF, but yes.

No, I'm super open-minded. Yes, I like what I like. Mostly yes; all the people I date share similarities. Other than a few non-negotiables, I'm up for whatever.

Love at first sight test

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