Massage parlors in japan

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Legally operating Japanese owned and staffed happy ending massage shops are extremely rare and almost non-existent even in a city like Tokyo. The fierce competition with illegally run Asian massage parlors are just too much to compete with to run a profitable business for the locales.

These illegal operations are run like any other Asian Massage Parlor in the world which are legally registered and operated, but off the books have hand jobs and sex on offer.

Massage parlors in japan

These law breaking massage parlors are mostly within walking distance to a metropolitan train station in Tokyo. They operate out of residential apartment with Chinese street touts in the vicinity outisde intercepting drunk Japanese salary men and foreign tourists on their way home.

If are your ever approached by one, never ever speak to or acknowledge the street touts presence as they will only tell you what you want you want to hear to get you through the door to sucker you in! Sadly the majority of Japanese massage shops don't offer any sort of sexual services so don't go visiting one expecting a secret menu.

To make up for this void the Japanese erotic massage scene is mostly outcall services Massage parlors in japan are d in the same way as a "health" provider. Estute as they are called locally provide a wide variation of different erotic services from prostate massages to simple back rubs with a hand job finish.

The services are ordered and customized over the phone or internet and delivered to your location. The masseuses are called therapists in Japan and will bring along a suitcase with all the towels and oils they will require to service you. Many Japanese locales prefer to use Estute services as this is regarded as a "soft" service meaning that the quality of girls on offer tend to be better than your full blown health providers which require hard services such a bareback blowjobs Massage parlors in japan rimming. The massage industry is Massage parlors in japan defined into twosexual and non-sexual.

Some are a mixture of both which charge slightly higher prices as the therapists have real massage qualifications under their belts. Japanese owned and operated massage shops in Tokyo are mostly operated as massage shops with no sexual services offered. On the other hand Chinese operated establishments will have a wide variety of additional services from hand jobs to sex on offer with the right price.

One easy way to distinguish between the two is the pesky street touts that prowl the streets soliciting potential male customers left, right, and center. By law this is strictly illegal but the Japanese police turn a blind eye to foreigner on foreigner crime. The up selling will start 5 to 10 minutes into the massage for hand jobs, blow jobs and sex. If your intentions are for this exact purpose then there isn't anything wrong with that, just try to bargain with them as the prices they will quote you will be overly inflated at first. The services will be mediocre at best as there aren't any real guidelines set in place, the curtained off service rooms will leave you with little to no privacy and the overall sketchy aspect of the experience will occupy your nerves till you walk out.

None the less what you should be worried about the most about visiting is that they can be raided at any time so the risks are the same as if you were walking into a drug dealers house.

Massage parlors in japan

All other massage shops are legitimately run operations with no sexual services offered. These shops will usually have a board outside with the prices listed for different types of massages offered.

Massage parlors in japan

No up selling or extra services will be offered to you at these establishments. The Japanese happy ending massage scene is still alive and kicking but not on a brick mortar level. Sexy massage shops in Tokyo are d in the same way as escort services but the level of service they offer is limited to just massages and hand jobs, although some Massage parlors in japan do offer a blowjob finish at an additional charge. These types of services are split into two, Kaishun Theraputic and Seikan Sexualthe end result is the same but what makes them different are the overall sexual nature of the massages given.

Illegal Happy Ending Chinese Massage Shops Many are run out of residential apartment buildings with no age whatsoever expect for back lit billboards dotted around the vicinity of the illegal operation.

Massage parlors in japan

Chinese Street Touts Loitering around Tokyo's train stations after dark, be careful if you are drunk and alone! Inside a Chinese Massage Parlor Cardboard thick walls with make shift curtains for privacy. Within the service room different types of oils and take home goods will be on show for you to purchase.

These rooms may be used as sleeping areas for workers after hours. All massage shops are different, and naturally, the rules will be different so please check with your chosen provider and double check with the rules.

Massage parlors in japan

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Massage parlors in japan

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Massage parlors in japan

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