Matchmaking tiger 2

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Matchmaking tiger 2

Well I changed my mind. I don't want to blame the teams so I blame the tank me getting frustrated is also a possible cause Matchmaking tiger 2 not gonna lie. Maybe it's the stark difference with my new Celestial tank, which is perfect, but I starting to hate the Tiger II. I start to understand why as well.

I never have issues with taking one out, and my theory is that it's still a meh tank.

Matchmaking tiger 2

Not saying it needs a buff Matchmaking tiger 2 is a bad tank by any means like T28 proto bad. It's just not a great tank at all. If you think about it, everything becomes very obvious. Before, the Tiger II was a trollish armored tank Matchmaking tiger 2 a great gun and decent speed.

Now it's a heavy armored front and lower plate tank with the same characteristics. And that's a problem. Let me explain: if you were facing a Tiger before, the front plate was light reddish for most tanks, depending on the angle. What do you do then? Load premium if you think you're not gonna make it, normal ammo if you think otherwise. Which resulted in the Tiger getting a lot of trollish bounces from guns that didn't have the pen to go through - but only slightly. The weaker front plate also made people aim at it, ignoring the terribly weak turret cheeks.

WG gave it then a much better front and lower plate, but didn't touch the turret at all. At the beginning, this worked flawlessly. Now everyone knows that the front is very strong. Thus what happens? Before they might take their chances on the hull, but now that's a nono.

Matchmaking tiger 2

If they have no other choice they go through the cupola or with prammo through the front. Before they didn't because the front of the Tiger looked like it could be penetrated. Which le me to the conclusion that the Tiger II isn't much better than it used to be. Against noobs unable to use prammo or proper aiming, yes.

But I feel like it got an easier target for good players now. And that's why Matchmaking tiger 2 loathe playing it right now. I feel like my stats in it are absolutely abysmal. The good gun doesn't make up for it. I am aware that the Tiger II is doing good in the charts and I have no good explanation for that. For me it often feels like a HP pinata in its current form. I would rather have WG nerfing the lower plate back to it's former version, as well as a slight nerf on the upper plate, for a big buff on the turret cheeks and cupola.

Now the tank absolutely sucks for going hull down. Thanks for coming to my Matchmaking tiger 2 talk. Be sure to leave you constructive opinion in this topic, thanks! Also I dont see your point here.

Matchmaking tiger 2

People were penetrating the front upper plate using prammo before but you could penetrate the lower plate. Nowadays people just load prammo to penetrate upper plate because ironically upper plate is weaker then lower plate. No the tank did not became worse. It became way better infact you have no other option to load prammo now unless you have more pen then mm. Oh and you can risk it to aim to the cuppola too. But maybe I am new at tier 8, I have no idea how to 1 v 1 a Tiger II, the Wz is not fast enough and Tiger 2 can easily point its front at me.

My only hope is the turret weakpoint but that's easier said than done. Take a look at this game I just used my hit point pool to keep him alive i. Didnt know about the turret, thanks for pointing out. That said, 80 to mm on the sides is still crap If you only show a tiny bit of the side like 10 degrees angleyou're already getting penned by everything, including tier 7 mediums and lights if they know how to aim, that's something of course.

That's my main issue with the Tiger II. And I know people used to load prammo as well, but not that often since the front plate was only impenetrable with some angling you could play with the angles. Now everyone bounces with normal ammo so everyone lo premium ammo. Resulting in fewer bounces. The odd noob that refuses to pay credits for prammo is in for a bad time of course, but most people aren't like that and will go straight through.

That's why the buff is more or less meaningless in my opinion. Either aim for the turret or load prammo. That's why I would rather have a better turret and a weak lower plate. Who cares about a weak lower plate? You can hide it if you go hull down. It doesn't make sense that the hull is so strong if you put an easy pen on top of it. The buff for the Tiger II seems to be made for noobs that go out in the open straight to their target instead of using some kind of tactics sidescraping, hull down the basic stuff.

About the stats, yes the Tiger II isn't doing bad at all, but I think that's mainly due to the great gun and not because of the armor. Because I feel like the armor isn't that great now everyone knows how to instantly load pramo anyway.

Yes I just don't understand the armor lay-out WG had in mind. It makes much more sense to buff the turret and nerf the lower plate. I never have any issues with Tiger II. They have a good gun but alpha in tier 8 is nothing special and their DPM is barely higher than alpha guns. I don't mind that, but the Matchmaking tiger 2 turret really bugs me. The amount of people that go through the cheeks with no or little angling is terrible, imo. I agree though that the gun has great stats and is very reliable. The title was mainly to grab attention.

I don't think it needs a buff. It just needs a better armor distribution. Lower plate must be weak again, front can nerfed a tiny bit, turret and sides must get an upgrade. That's my opinion. Good players always went for turret sides and hatch.

Imho the lower plate buff is good for muppets playing the Tiger as it is prone to Matchmaking tiger 2 fire through the final drive. The pre buff TII was weak, but if one could master it, the E became a monster. The buffed version won't Matchmaking tiger 2 anything useful to master the E Tiger II is the best tech-tree heavy tank in tier 8. I don't know what's wrong with you if you can't make it work. RynnivaTykki, on 21 August - PM, said:. Well I guess it's just me then! I can make it work hovering between 55 and 60 percent WR but my damage output just sucks.

I think it's Matchmaking tiger 2 combination of the bad gun depression, weak turret and weak sides. I couldn't make it work either I was getting penned left right and centre so its not for everyone. Like the WZ range of meds and heavies I just cant get to grips with them, its like they are in auto loss mode or something. CaptainIndia, on 23 August - PM, said:. Thats why blitzanalysiz relative winrate statistics is informative - how much better do you do in the Tiger II compared to your other tier 8 tanks. For example, if a player dies in Tiger II in 1 minute, maybe if you gave him a ru, maybe he would die even Matchmaking tiger 2 and do less damage and damage has been shown to be correlated to winrate.

This is reflected in relative winrate to Matchmaking tiger 2 that however awful that players is in Tiger II'sits still relatively better than his usual winrate. Theres a whole thread on this. No worries, they are the ones who couldn't learn how to play German heavys, becuse all were buffed into oblivion.

And Matchmaking tiger 2 are also the ones who will drive stock tier IX German heavies and suffer. Denoobing member of the A ctive F rontline K lan - and proud of it. Be nice to me. CaptainIndia, on 24 August - AM, said:.

Community Forum Software by IP. Turret is buffed too. Turret front face: mm to mm Turret side: 80mm to mm Turret roof: 40mm to 55mm Also I dont see your point here. Are there better tanks at tier 8? Still TigerII is a very good tank. Its armour is very good, but as you pointed, the cheeks are weak, so is its side armour.

Matchmaking tiger 2

The cuppola is very small. The gun is very reliable and the mobility is very good. To me, when top tier it remains a frontline heavy but you need hard cover near you rock, house, ridge. Your mobility is good enough so you can hide when reloading. You must wiggle you turret if it Matchmaking tiger 2 visible, but only slightly because your sides are weak.

I find it difficult to sidescrap but it is feasible. To make Matchmaking tiger 2 armour efficient I am trying to face the opponents, although you can bait shots by showing your angled frontplate at a corner, but your front wheel is easy pen. When bottom tier it is a second line support or even a heavium. Most medium will have difficulty to pen you frontally and your mobility allows you to stay oriented correctly. Some can use prammo heavy tanks will but this reduces their dpm : you can 1v1 easily a MT would need arise.

All this makes it very good if you are using the mobility of the TigerII. But of course in this P2W game many premium tanks are better. I have been playing this game for the last 16 hours excluding the small breaks in between. I came across many Tiger II tanks, both in my team and the enemy team. Sad to say, those were the tanks that died early in the game apart from the others, sometimes even before me I was playing tier 7 Tiger I. CaptainIndia, on 23 August - PM, said: I have been playing this game for the last 16 hours excluding the small breaks in between.

Oh No! I am afraid now

Matchmaking tiger 2

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I changed my mind: Tiger II still sucks