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Imagine that you are about to start a negotiation with a partner of the opposite sex. Does the fact that you are a woman and that he is a man, or the other way around, play a role in the choices that you are about to make when striving to reach your goals?

Will you approach the negotiation the same way that you would if your counterpart were of the same gender 1 as you? Decades of research on McLean ca ladies looking for men in negotiation argue that women negotiators suffer a disadvantage on a of counts. Many of the mechanisms leading to these gender effects have already been underlined and scholars have now started investigating the various ways by which they could be overcome e.

In the present paper, we expand this literature by examining McLean ca ladies looking for men the negotiation process could be influenced by gender ideologies, i. We start by presenting research that portrays gender as an important determinant of outcomes at the bargaining table. We then redirect our attention to a heretofore neglected yet potentially important factor to increase our understanding of gender effects in negotiation, namely the various beliefs that people hold as to how gender is and ought to be handled in daily-life interactions, i.

We present the state of the art on these gender beliefs. We then exemplify how this model applies in the case of women negotiators before concluding that gender ideologies constitute a valuable research topic for future studies on gender effects in negotiation. Over the years, scholars have conducted a host of studies to uncover the mechanisms that may for this gender gap.

Research points to behavioral differences between female and male negotiators in all phases of the negotiating process, that is, before, during, and after the negotiation per se. Gender differences also affect ethical behaviors in negotiation. Women use positional commitments, threats, and derogatory put-downs to a lesser extent than men do Kimmel et al. They acknowledge feeling less powerful during the bargaining process Kray et al.

As such, the above-mentioned findings might lead one to consider that empowering women would suffice to erase gender effects in negotiation. In particular, several studies reveal that partners treat men and women differently in negotiations, even when the latter negotiate identically. Because one expects women to be warm and kind, they often hesitate to accuse others of foul play, as such accusations would violate prescriptive feminine stereotypes Kray, Men also often receive better offers in negotiation e.

Recent research on gender effects in negotiation has also envisaged the situational factors that exacerbate versus reduce gender differences. Small et al. Indeed, studies reveal, for instance, that women tend to avoid the bargaining process when situations are framed as opportunities for negotiation.

However, simply reframing negotiations as opportunities to ask is apparently enough to eliminate this gender gap in the initiation of negotiation Small et al. On a similar note, women respond better to the challenge when they envision the upcoming negotiation as a learning tool, as opposed to when they believe it to be diagnostic of their true ability Kray et al. In their meta-analysis on gender effects, Stuhlmacher and Walters further point out that most of the studies that evidenced a male advantage on negotiations use stereotypically masculine negotiation McLean ca ladies looking for men as well as highly competitive contexts.

In fact, many studies have now acknowledged that, under appropriate circumstances or adequate framing, the gender gap can be erased e. Such studies can only point to the importance of keeping an open mind when investigating the influence of gender in mixed-gender negotiations.

As past research suggests, women might indeed underperform relative to men in negotiations, but only under specific circumstances. Although past research has undeniably improved our understanding of the emergence of gender differences at the negotiation table, we are yet to fully understand gender effects in mixed-gender negotiations.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

Hereafter, we argue that gender ideologies are important in determining how mixed-gender negotiations unfold. We then build upon this literature to argue that gender ideology is potentially relevant to better understanding gender effects in negotiations. For years, the topic of how gender should be handled when women and men interact has escaped the interest of social psychologists. Recently however, two models emerged to shed light on the possible beliefs people hold on gender differences in mixed-gender interactions.

Building upon research that deals with racial ideologies and in which researchers make a distinction between a colorblind and a multicultural approach to racial encounters e. On the one hand, the sexblind ideology holds that, in order to increase gender equality, one should eliminate the use of sex and approach both men and women as unique individuals.

On the other hand, to attain the same goal, the sexaware ideology maintains that one should acknowledge and celebrate sex differences instead. More recently, Hahn et al. As a result, this model produces a fourfold framework of gender ideologies. According to the sexblind 2 perspective, the best way to handle gender is to ignore the category altogether and to value individuals e. In contrast, assimilationism proposes a negative evaluation of the subordinate group and states that gender equality can best be achieved by assimilating one gender to the norms imposed by the other.

Turning to ideologies that celebrate gender differences, the sexaware perspective McLean ca ladies looking for men differences between women and men and promotes the idea that both genders hold equally important qualities, albeit different ones. As such, gender differences come across as mutual enrichment e. In contrast, when the evaluation of the subordinate group is negative, i. Importantly, the relevance of these gender ideologies should vary as a function of context.

For instance, not all ideologies should apply to the field of interest of this article, i. As Hahn and colleagues argue, segregationism advocates the fact that women and men should be kept apart. However, working together towards a mutually acceptable solution is a key aspect of the bargaining process. In other words, interpersonal interaction is not a matter of choice but a required condition. Considering this, sexblindness, sexawareness, and assimilationism should be the ideologies most likely to actively emerge within mixed-gender negotiations.

Indeed, several factors, both situational e. Indeed, whereas people embrace sexblindness more in work environments, they prefer sexawareness in social settings. Individual differences would also seem to play a role. For instance, the preference for sexblindness is related to less benevolent sexism in social McLean ca ladies looking for men. However, individual factors were again found to be of importance. Although participants overall preferred positive gender ideologies sexblindness and sexawareness to negative ones, male participants supported sexblindness more than women did. Moreover, a high level of social dominance orientation related to a higher preference for negative gender ideologies, whereas a low level was related to a preference for positive ones.

More specifically, participants originating from Luxemburg supported negative gender ideologies assimilationism and segregationism more, and sexblindness less, than employees of other nationalities did i. Again, situational i. In contrast, men in increasingly male-dominated academic majors proved more likely to endorse negative gender ideologies assimilationism and segregationism and less likely to endorse sexblindness.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

As research shows, women holding strong career values i. In contrast, women with stronger family values i. Gender ideology represents a rather abstract concept, one that obviously needs to translate into concrete actions i. In the present section, we take a step forward as we explore the concrete ways in which gender ideologies should manifest themselves at the negotiation table.

That is, we posit that gender congruence with the task is likely to be perceived as beneficial to individuals when negotiating in order to obtain a wanted, positive outcome. The same gender congruence might McLean ca ladies looking for men be seen as decreasing their chances of success when the goal is to avoid unwanted, negative outcomes. In a similar vein, a lack of gender congruence with the task should be perceived as a liability when aiming to obtain a positive, wanted outcome in mixed-gender negotiations whereas the same lack of gender congruence should instead be seen as an advantage when negotiating over an unwanted task.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

Clearly, this model should apply equally to female and male negotiators. Indeed, as role congruence theory Eagly, posits, both women and men feel more at ease in gender congruent contexts and prefer gender congruent to gender incongruent tasks. As much as this, we will detail the proposed framework by focusing primarily on women.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

Better understanding how women handle their gender in this context thus seems particularly important, as it should offer additional insight on ly found gender effects in negotiation. More than ever, people are reminded of the importance of egalitarian and undifferentiated treatments of both genders. Given the high stakes generally associated to negotiations, women just like men should overall be even more careful not to deviate from the prescribed behavior i. As such, gender downplaying should represent the overall baseline in situations of negotiation, particularly within professional contexts.

Whereas sexblindness should indeed represent the golden rule at the bargaining table, this perspective might not be the only one people rely upon in mixed-gender negotiations.

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Lay perceptions consider masculine competitive work contexts as the golden standard in negotiations. In other words, the stereotype of a good negotiator is not far from the one of men Kray et al. Because women negotiators typically emerge as both less willing and less able to negotiate on their behalf e. According to this line of work, women who pursue individual success in male-dominated settings often adjust to the dominant, i.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

Similarly, in male-dominated negotiation contexts, women aiming to obtain positive i. At the same time, although women should commonly opt for downplaying gender in male-congruent negotiations, the expected outcome should also influence this choice. Specifically, sexawareness might be seen as a more effective manner to handle the discussion when trying to avoid negative unwanted outcomes rather than trying to obtain positive, wanted ones. That is, when trying to avoid a traditionally male-congruent activity e. In other words, when trying to avoid unwanted gender-incongruent matters, sexawareness may prevail over assimilationism.

Although lay beliefs often associate mixed-gender negotiations to stereotypically male bargaining contexts, this is not always the case. Interestingly, under certain circumstances e.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

Indeed, feminine contexts are known to benefit women negotiators. We propose that, in such circumstances, women should be prone to capitalize upon their undue gender leverage in more female-congruent circumstances than they are in male-congruent ones. Because women presumably hold more expertise in these domains, they should use this leverage to impose their perspective. Said otherwise, women should endorse sexawareness over assimilationism when trying to obtain a positive, wanted outcome on an issue that is congruent with their gender.

McLean ca ladies looking for men

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