Men sucking men stories

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I lay there while he took my cock in his mouth. I had to admit that he sucked cock almost as good as my wife. He had shaved first so there was none of the scratchy whiskers to tell me that it was a man sucking my cock. We were both in Racine, Wisconsin for a week long seminar.

Men sucking men stories

We had been ased a room together. I knew Jim from work well. We had worked with each other for three years. I never knew he was gay. He stretched his naked body out on the bed. His loins were even with my head. I opened my eyes and saw his cock. God was he hung. I had always thought of gay men as having small willies. His cock was much larger than my own seven inches. I would guess that it was a good nine inches and twice as thick. There were thick veins budging out through the pinkish skin. The head was a dark red, almost purple. I knew from my own cock that this meant that he was excited.

I had just talked to Mary, my wife. We had phone sex. I was jerking my cock while she fingered Men sucking men stories pussy. We had three more days of boring presentations, and I was about to crack up. My room mate Jim was too. Earlier we had been in a pub drinking tap ale.

Peter was single, and I envied him getting laid while I suffered. Alas there was no women worth screwing in the town. The cute ones must have taken off for other places for the winter. I decided to head to the room and call Mary. I told him jokingly that I just might let him. Jim and I were like that. From the time he had came into the office I liked him. He was about my own age and built a lot like me. They got along real well. One night Mary remarked, after we had fucked our brains out, the little brains that is.

She had made a few more little innocent remarks like that over the years. My cock was deep in his throat and it felt great. Mary had never been able to deep throat me like this. I reached for his cock and I felt like I had grabbed a hot poker. Jim pushed his body closer as I felt him.

His cock was in my face. Then I opened my mouth and sucked him in. Just like that. My first cock. I was still a little high from all the beer Jim and I had drunk so I really got into sucking him. Jim had the easiest job as my cock was smaller than his.

I swallowed all of it like I was a seasoned cock sucker. Later I turned over to sleep and instead of returning to his bed, Jim pressed his front against my back. It felt good there. In the early morning we found ourselves sucking each other again. For the next three days Men sucking men stories sucked each other about a dozen Men sucking men stories.

On the flight back home we talked about what we had done and that it was a one time thing, well actually a one dozen time thing. The first night home I gave Mary the fucking of her life. She was happy of course but chided me about cheating on her and trying to make it up by fucking her so long and good. I truthfully told her that I would never cheat on her with another woman. Did Mary sense something? Had she been a fly on the wall? Mary thought for a minute. She got an evil grin then and said that if she ever screwed another man she would want to know it.

At that point Mary straddled me and sank her self down on my cock. I had gotten hard again listening to her talk. Mary kept after me to tell her more and soon I was admitting that at the same time that I had walked in on Jim that he was cumming. I told her that he was over the sink and that his cum looked like a fire hose as it arched out to land in the sink basin fully two feet from the bowl.

I wanted to fuck her hard and reach places that I knew were there but that I had never reached before. I felt my Men sucking men stories head go into the rubbery ring of her womb but i ran out of length then. When I came I felt my cum shoot up into her.

I would have rather have felt my cock head wallowing in my cum while in her womb. Mary did Men sucking men stories and orgasm like she had never done before. She lay on me for a long time after that. I got on top of her and shoved my cock into her again. Later she said that if whatever I did in Racine made me fuck her like that then maybe I should do it more. She quickly said that I had better not cheat with another woman thought.

I told her that would only make it ok for me to have sex with other men. I took a chance then. She had taken my limp cock in her mouth and was sucking me. I pushed her head down and caused her to gag. She said something about her not being Jim. That did it. I shot what ever cum I had left in my balls, into her mouth. I thought she had swallowed it but there she was kissing me. She shoved a wad of my own cum into my mouth and I swallowed it and swirled my tongue around the insides of her mouth. I looked in her eyes and she was looking at me intently. When I fucked her I tried to shove my cock further into her womb.

I told her that I was sure that Jim could actually penetrate her there and shoot her womb full of sperm. Mary got real excited at that and then we began the fantasy talk, using Jim as the other man. I asked her if she really wanted a larger cock. At the same time I was really wanting to see him shove that large cock in her cunt and then suck his cum from her. I think Men sucking men stories our fantasy talk had really got to me. I wanted Mary to see me suck it. A week later Jim and I had to go out of town for one night.

Men sucking men stories

We ended up in bed again with our cocks stuffed down each others throats. I found that I loved sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. That night I made up my mind that I wanted Jim to fuck Mary.

Men sucking men stories

Whether or not I got to suck his cock with her was another matter. From her kidding and joking i was sure that she wanted to funk him. Tonight I knew that Mary would be horny for a good screwing as she usually is after I have been away. I had not mentioned it to Jim and he was totally ignorant. I knew now Men sucking men stories Jim also liked Mary. I had shown him a nude picture of her and he looked at it while we sucked each other. I was the most surprised when he said that he would love to fuck her.

That told me he was more bi than gay.

Men sucking men stories

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