Mini dogs sale

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Check out Mini dogs sale pictures of our puppies on instagram!! Shop Now. Yhohan and his wife has delivered 2 magnificence little puppies to Thailand. I have contacted Yhohan and been communicating with him for a while after I have seen adorable pictures of Soseji pomeranian and Sera poodle. He has sent many videos, photos and live video calls upon all our request. We purchased Candy now Kimchi from Mr.

Kim at Mini dogs sale Teacup Puppies on Instagram. This was our second dog from Korea. We had Kimchi delivered by Nanny Service. The Nanny was very caring and took excellent care of Kimchi during the flight. We received a healthy, happy, playful and loving little dog. I can recommend Mini Teacup Puppies without hesitation.

Kim is very kind, he patiently answered all of our questions. He allowed us to have an independent vet in Gangnam look at Kimchi before she came to us. Kim and Mini Teacup Puppies is a conscientious, caring and legitimate source for Korean puppies. Thank you Mr. We love our sweet, little Kimchi!!??? I had been doing research for a really long time to find the perfect teacup puppy.

I live in a small apartment so I knew it was important that I have a really small dog to fit my lifestyle. I chose Mini Teacup Puppy because they were the most patient and accommodating with all of my questions and concerns. They allowed me to video call my puppy, reassured me that she would stay very small and accommodated flight dates to best fit my work Mini dogs sale.

She arrived exactly a week after I purchased her and she was instantly so sweet and also a very playful, well-behaved dog. I could really tell she was treated well back home in Korea. I am so appreciative and happy for Mini Teacup Puppy for giving me the gift of the perfect best friend. She is even tinier than I thought! They are the very best and completely worth the price!!! Mini Teacup Puppy has far exceeded my expectations! She arrived in great condition with the best personality which proves how well Mini Teacup Puppy takes care of their dogs! I am infinitely grateful!

My dog arrived in Los Angeles and is absolutely perfect. He was delivered to me and is exactly like the pictures. He is so small and sweet. I took him to the vet and he is perfectly healthy. I love him so much! Mini Teacup Puppy is the only place to buy a cute and healthy dog. I highly recommend them.

Mini dogs sale

Until I found this amazing website! My kids are really enjoying the puppy they loved her a lot!! Thank you MiniTeacupPuppy we Mini dogs sale you! I was very worried because I heard that small puppies could not live more than a yr. Also, they could send different puppy and even taking deposits without sending puppy. The most worried point was if it is possible to send a dog from Korea to the us. But they told me that puppies in miniteacup live yrs and I decided to get my lovely baby.

My tiny angel came to me safely. I showed him to vet right away and could find him healthy. Thanks miniteacuppuppy. After a long journey she is finally with Mini dogs sale and she is adorable! Thank you for this little angel she is adorable everyone loves her!

I was of course apprehensive at first. I got a Maltese from Korea a year ago from another kennel, and I received a different dog than I was shown She also got much bigger than expected. I decided to take a chance with mini teacup and try again.

Im so glad I did. And believe me they are much tinier than they look in the pictures. I would definitely recommend this breeder, and I plan on coming back for another one. We purchased 2 adorable Pomeranian puppies from mini teacup puppy.

Mini dogs sale

They far exceeded our expectations! My sister and I both got female pomeranians and they are tiny and adorable! They are eating and drinking well, friendly, and very playful! They seem very well socialized as they love my daughters, my other dog, and even my cat! They have not been afraid of anything! You will be shocked to see how adorable and tiny these puppies are. I have had an amazing experience with Mr. He is very respectful man who always keeps his word. He is a great breeder also, making sure that your puppy is in good health.

My baby arrived in great condition. My baby Mini dogs sale makes me so happy.

Mini dogs sale

She is so adorable. Just looking at her makes me feel amazing. She certainly is the queen of the house! Trust me. I have been looking for a puppy like Tiffany for years and I finally found her here. Kim for giving me so much happiness. God bless! Mini Teacup Puppy is a famous pet dog business in Korea which has a pet dog shop. We are specialized in teacup puppies. International shipping available on all puppies.

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Mini dogs sale

Yorkshire Terrier. Client Testimonials What they say. Phatsara Customer. The most perfect puppy!! Jessica Bartlett. My dog is Perfect Kyla Kenedy. Mini poodle Haya. Thanks miniteacuppuppy My baby came to me! Thank you so much for my precious baby. Troutman USA Customer. Allison Customer. Maltese Shop Now. Maltipoo Shop Now. Bichon Frise Shop Now. Pomeranian Shop Mini dogs sale. Poodle Shop Now.

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Mini dogs sale

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