Minneapolis guitar lessons

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The experienced and educated teaching staff at Twin Town Guitars believes that anyone Minneapolis guitar lessons be a musician. Patience, practice, and plain old fun are the keys to making our students both successful and happy musicians. Find out more about the talented and vibrant Twin Town Guitars teaching staff by browsing through their Minneapolis guitar lessons information below.

Nick is a multi-instrumentalist who performs in several groups that have been featured on the Current, Cities 97, and City s. Nick studied jazz improvisation as a Cassler Music Scholar at St. Nick has been giving music lessons since age 15 and enjoys working with students of all ages.

Nick loves to take song suggestions from students and strikes a warm balance of solid expectations and fun, student-driven choices. Students have the Minneapolis guitar lessons to explore music theory in a practical, fun way by taking a closer look at their favorite songs. For intermediate and advanced students, Nick specializes in jazz theory and improvisation. Students learn how to craft new melodies over different chord progressions, access their creative potential in the moment, interpret the function of various chords, or even compose their own works.

Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons. Joe Christensen is a teacher, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He enjoys playing and creating in many different musical styles and environments. He continues to build his and musical interest every day. Joe loves to get students excited about their instrument by diving into the music that moves and inspires them to play. Joe encourages students to play creativity and to find their own voice, while also providing students with the tools necessary to achieve their musical goals.

Offering Online Lessons. Liz has been playing guitar since she was 9 years old. As a youth student she studied classical guitar and went on to learn rock, blues and jazz as a teenager and young adult. She was a member of middle school and high school choirs, and started writing original compositions for guitar and voice at the age of Liz has been teaching elementary school for over five years, and is currently finishing her Master's in Education at the University of Minnesota. She has a passion for education, music and performance, and loves working with kids and adults of all ages.

Nelson Devereaux is a recording artist, composer, teacher, arranger and woodwind player living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Milwaukee native Nelson Devereaux started playing alto Minneapolis guitar lessons at 8 years old, studying with Berkeley Fudge at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.

Currently, Nelson studies with saxophonist, Jeff Coffin. Bella Fleck, Dave Matthews Band. Upon finishing his degrees in Music Education and Saxophone Performance, Nelson began touring with Har Mar Superstar and recording, arranging and touring with the indie-rock band Bon Iver. As a teacher, Nelson has taught privately since high school, when his band directors allowed him to instruct their Jazz IV zero hour class.

Nelson has been teaching saxophone, flute and clarinet at Twin Town Guitars since and has been on judging panels for jazz education in Iowa and Minnesota. He specializes in individual study, where lessons span classical and jazz, and he has helped students prep for auditions and gain entrance to the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony, Minnesota Youth Jazz Band, Minnesota Junior Winds, as well as college auditions!

He is left handed. A graduate from the University of Minnesota, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Taylor enjoys exploring the many avenues music provides. He has been playing electric bass for over ten years and the ukulele for nearly a decade. Taylor understands the drive that pushes aspiring musicians to become performers out in the community, as well as the joy of playing along with family and friends.

Utilizing the ukulele's charm and simplicity, Taylor supports musical goals and inspires the students' desire to progress. Raised in the northwestern tip of Minnesota, Ethan Elseth has resided in the Twin Cities for the past six years, working as a professional musician, teacher and composer.

Ethan tours nationally and internationally with Har Mar Superstar and has a Minneapolis guitar lessons passion for writing music for orchestral musicians. Ethan also writes music for Rock Star Supernova winner, Lukas Rossi, for commercial licensing use, and for various forms of media. Initially a self-taught musician, Ethan understands that it can be a little overwhelming when you first start music lessons, and he also knows what it feels like to get stuck in a musical rut.

Ethan uses his own personal experience in these areas to help students overcome barriers and to truly help students excel. Ethan loves to see the light bulb go off in a students head, and he conducts lessons with great patience and cordiality. Offering Online and In-studio Lessons. Terah's musical journey began once she discovered her passion for drums at the age of ten. She was trained in classical percussion and drums in Berlin, Germany, and then received her Bachelor of Music degree in the U. During Minneapolis guitar lessons school and university, Terah played percussion for concert bands and orchestras, including a European honor band concert in Vienna, Austria.

Minneapolis guitar lessons

She played drums for musicals, jazz ensembles, basketball pep bands, various rock, dance and church bands, studio recording gigs and touring bands. Later, she focused solely on drum set, her favorite style being anthem-rock and anything groove. She has been teaching private drum lessons since An eventual move to California provided Terah the opportunity to play rock gigs around Los Angeles, and to perform as a drummer at Disneyland for five years. During her time with Disney, she was chosen to be the lead drummer for a Screen Actors Guild national commercial and a major company convention.

She helped teach drum parts to new hires, and here's a fun tidbit: she got to teach Mickey Mouse as well! Terah can teach you to read notation Minneapolis guitar lessons follow charts, or to simply listen to songs and decipher the beats together. Her philosophy is to let the student choose since we all learn best in different ways. She believes you are never too old to start something new!

Music has been such a fulfilling part of her life that she truly enjoys helping others achieve steps toward their own musical goals and dreams. After studying voice for 10 years and graduating with a degree as a Recording Artist, Ashley discovered a love for teaching music! As a person who digs spending time with people and music, it could not be more ideal. She's now been teaching music lessons for four years and is always excited to meet Minneapolis guitar lessons students.

Minneapolis guitar lessons

With training and experience in Classical, Broadway, Jazz, Soul and Pop, it's easy to start learning to sing and play in a healthy way. If you want to find Ashley outside the studio, you can catch her at one of her band's shows in the Twin Cities. Hi, I'm Katherine, but you can call me Kat.

I've been studying piano since I was four years-old, and I picked up guitar, ukulele and percussion through junior high and high school. I went on to study percussion performance at the University of Wisconsin Superior, where I also began exploring voice and bass guitar. Sometimes I rap. I have been teaching privately sinceand I love it more than anything. Lessons generally include a combination of theory, ear training, technique, fundamentals, composition and terrible puns.

I put passion above all else, and my primary goal is to discover what we can do together to encourage a life long love affair with music. I started Minneapolis guitar lessons drums when I was in 6th grade. When it was time to the school band, I wanted to try the saxophone, but my best friend was convinced that she wanted to "bang the drums. My best friend quit the school band in middle school but I always thank her for convincing me to "bang the drums" and, in turn, develop a life-long passion.

Throughout high school, I played in Concert band, Marching band, Jazz band, and my own rock bands while taking private lessons throughout. The summer after high school, I ed a regional all-drum Drum Corp, called "Su Fu Du," which performed nearly every weekend that summer. Since then, I have traveled all over the country and internationally with various touring rock bands performing everywhere from small clubs to House of Blues'.

I perform locally about twice a month with my current band, The Evening Rig. Minneapolis guitar lessons lessons is relatively new to me but receiving lessons is not. I know what worked well for me when I was taking lessons and want to share that experience with my own students. I strive for a unique and personal journey through the musical path that the student wants to take. From expanding knowledge received in school band, to experimenting with their own musical endeavors. I've been a playing and performing music for 20 years. I began on acoustic guitar, electric lead and rhythm, and then moved on to harmonica and banjo.

I have been teaching lessons for these instruments for the last five years. On harmonica, I mainly play country blues lip-pursed style, but also get into Chicago blues tongue-blocking Minneapolis guitar lessons. On bass, I focus on rock, blues, Minneapolis guitar lessons classic country styles. And, on banjo, I play three-finger bluegrass style.

Minneapolis guitar lessons

I prefer to tailor my lessons ti the student rather than have a set curriculum. I teach what the student wants to learn, at the pace they are comfortable with, and with equal focus on techniques, theory and application.

Minneapolis guitar lessons

I also perform solo acoustic blues and folk on guitar and harmonica. My true love is American roots music, whether playing it or teaching it. Lars Johnson is a drummer and educator from St.

Minneapolis guitar lessons

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