Monaco man needs a black woman

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PARIS, July 6 - In what is either a fairy tale come true or a true confession of an expensive indiscretion, Prince Albert II of Monaco on Wednesday officially recognized paternity of a boy born to a French-Togolese woman nearly two years ago, automatically conferring on the boy the eventual rights to a thick slice of his billion-dollar fortune.

The prince, who assumed royal powers in April upon the death of his father, Prince Rainier III, issued a statement through his lawyer saying he "has and will continue to face up to his responsibilities" after having fathered the child with Nicole Coste, a former flight attendant whom he met in July Monaco man needs a black woman an Air France flight to Paris from the French Riviera. The statement noted that the situation was a private matter and would have no effect on Monaco's future dynastic succession.

Monaco amended its Constitution in April to restrict succession to children whose parents are married.

Monaco man needs a black woman

The statement also said that out of respect for his father, the prince had not spoken out until after the official three-month mourning period. The boy, Alexandre, now becomes the Monaco man needs a black woman heir of the storied Grimaldi family, which emerged from the Crusades as one of four ruling families of the Genoese nobility and has been ensconced for years on a patch of rocky coast on the glittering blue Mediterranean Sea.

His grandmother was Grace Kelly, the American film star. Prince Albert's revelation does not plunge his family into scandal. His sister, Princess Stephanie, has had three children with men to whom she was not married, and his grandmother was the daughter of Prince Louis II of Monaco and a North African laundry worker. Prince Louis did not formally recognize his daughter until she was 13, and she did not become an heir to the throne until she was Alexandre could yet become an heir to the throne if the family, which has changed the rules on succession twice in the last century, decides it is in its interests.

For now, he is simply in line to become very, very rich. Coste, 33, was born to a merchant in Togo and came to France to study when she was She was a flight attendant for Air France when Prince Albert, a passenger, asked for her phone. The love affair that ensued lasted several years until, according to her, Prince Albert's father intervened.

She says Alexandre was conceived when she and the prince briefly reunited to celebrate her 31st birthday.

Monaco man needs a black woman

The magazine Paris-Match revealed the child's existence in May when it published photos of him in Prince Albert's arms and an exclusive interview with Ms. Coste just weeks after Prince Rainier died. The revelation shocked many people because the prince's lack of heirs had become a matter of concern.

Monaco man needs a black woman

Coste said in the Paris-Match interview that she had decided to go public because the prince had not made good on his promise to register as the boy's father upon his own father's death. She said he had acknowledged his paternity to her after a DNA test but had never given her the papers to prove her claim. The prince is now expected to register as the father of the boy, making the month-old child his heir under French law, which was liberalized several years ago to give equal rights to so-called "natural" offspring born to unmarried adults.

Under the law, which prevents parents from disinheriting their children, Alexandre will automatically inherit half of Prince Albert's estate if he is the sole heir upon his father's death. The other half would go to whomever Prince Albert deates. If there is another heir, Alexandre and that person would each receive a third of the estate, with the remaining third being distributed according to Prince Albert's wishes.

Most of that comes from the inheritance he received upon his father's death. The prince Monaco man needs a black woman not be reached for comment, and the palace declined to comment, as did Ms. Coste, reached through her lawyer, Daniel Vaconsin. Vaconsin said Ms. Coste would press the prince to formalize child support payments, which he said had been made to her on an ad hoc basis by Prince Albert's lawyer, Thierry Lacoste.

Monaco man needs a black woman

Vaconsin said. Coste lives in the prince's two-bedroom apartment in the upscale 16th Arrondissement in Paris and will have use of a house on the French Riviera, half owned by Prince Albert and half by his son, Mr. But he said she needs more space to accommodate her two other children, from a marriage.

Monaco man needs a black woman

Those children now live nearby with their father. The prince's statement, released by Mr. The statement said the prince deplored the fact that the revelation was made within days of his father's death. It also said the prince hoped that Alexandre would be able to spend his childhood and adolescence in peace and without interference from the news media.

The French press did Monaco man needs a black woman reveal her existence until Mr. Mitterrand chose to speak publicly about her when she was Prince Albert's acknowledgement could encourage others to step forward and claim him as their father. Tamara Rotolo of California says she bore the prince a daughter on March 4,after an affair in Monaco the summer. Rotolo could not be reached for comment.

Laurent said, but he praised the prince for his willingness to acknowledge his son, adding, "The great majority of people here see this as something positive.

Monaco man needs a black woman

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Prince of Monaco Acknowledges Son by French-Togolese Woman