My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him

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One evening, My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him a very long and trying day at work, I decided to sit down and watch some TV. You know, like a regular person would do to unwind after a stressful workday. He was into every kind of sport; golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, football. Being the big sports fan he was, he rooted for the one team that represented his hometown of Houston, Texas. It had been one month since our breakup. So, as I sat there on my bed watching the Rockets lose this playoff game to team whoever, my heart sank for two reasons aside from the fact that the Rockets were losing :.

After every breakup, thoughts tend to cloud our he. If we are being honest, most of those thoughts tend to trail back to your ex boyfriend. But I digress. Today I want to talk about the desire that comes after that initial thought, the question that makes you ask. You are likely familiar with the silent debate that happens every time you pick up your phone… and then set it back down… only to pick it back up five seconds later.

Or it could be an actual debate that you have with friends or family about whether you should text him or not. No matter what, though, when you do pick up that phone, you set it down again when you think of what external influences have said to you:. You only brought this on yourself. The truth is, deciding whether you should text him or not can be one of the most trying decisions you will face while going through the EBR Program.

Well, it can make or break you because it is one of those first steps that you take after No Contact. Knowing when it is right is not always easy. After breaking up with my ex boyfriend, I went on a few dates to help me get over him. I remember one guy in particular who I had a one month fling with.

Towards the end of this fling, this guy had stopped being responsive and what went from daily morning texts and continued conversations from the night before slowly becoming nothing. In fact, the only thing you are sure of is that you do want to text him. We all feel that way at some point. I should be able to text him whenever I want! This is ridiculous. You sound just like all of my friends and family. The reason I say that it depends on your situation is that I highly encourage you to complete the EBR process first before sending out a text.

That way, your texting conversation will end successfully with your ex thinking.

My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him

No Contact allows you and your ex time to heal from whatever split you up in the first place. For more examples on how to send a text to and carry on a conversation with an ex, you can refer to this podcast article. Answer: Depends on the situation. If you have successfully completed No Contact and have read the material on texting your exthen yes. If not, no. Maybe You had one solid conversation with him maybe not. Maybe even wait three days to keep him on his toes! After that, honestly, there is no hurt in texting again — especially if his response was positive.

On the other hand, if your conversation was uneventful and left you with the impression that you were more invested in the conversation than your ex was, you should definitely wait a while before you send him another text. If your texting streak is strong with him, he will naturally be expecting to hear from you. Answer: Stick to playing it safe and wait a few of days.

Look, I understand that you want to reconnect with your ex whether you know if you want to get back together with him or not yet. But you have to My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him extremely careful in this situation. Normally, I would encourage you to go out and get what you want. Like, if you need something that you can only get from him; belongings you left at his place, approval to cancel t s, something involving or a pet that belongs to both of you, etc. If you have a desire to text him outside of these limits, remember to be sensible and sensitive.

Keep any conversation with your ex, who is already dating someone else, platonic and light. No subtle flirting or planting ideas in his head. Then, he would blame you for it. Why would he ever want to get back with you after that? Not to mention, how would you feel if your boyfriend kept getting messages from his ex?

Not good, right? Question: Should I text him if he has a girlfriend? Answer: If you are using the Being There method, then you should be following the guidelines in that section of the book. Otherwise, the only reason you should message and ex who has a girlfriend is if there is no way to avoid it. Calm down and give it some time before you go panicking. So before you react, remember to keep your cool and stay calm.

Instead, shoot over a text at six in the evening, when he is off of work and probably numbing his mind with social media. Some of them used it just to track when they texted their exes every other day, every two days, etc. Others used it to track that, as well as who texted first on each day, so they can keep up a pattern and not text first too often. Both were helpful in their cases, but the most successful implementation of the calendar was from one girl who used it on another level. She used the calendar to track:.

By doing that, the girl was able to see what topics her ex was most likely to respond to. Then she used that information to create conversations that lasted a while versus those that just seem to fall short. Follow her lead and try to change things up in your next text message! Answer: Be patient. Learning how to control your emotions is paramount. After No Contact you have a fresh start. There is nothing that will ruin it faster than bringing up past transgressions. But if he was angry with you right after the breakup, then obviously texting him a week after breaking up will not be enough time.

Use common sense. Give it time. A long No Contact is ideal for tough situations like this. There is no solution for anger better than time. And even then, you should keep it My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him. I hope we can put it in the past. Obviously, I feel really strongly about that, but I could have handled it better or been more patient.

You see? There is no real blame being tossed around. The last time I sent my ex a text was at the beginning of November when the World Series was happening. Yes, new season, new sports playoff series. He even used to have their flag hanging in his closet in his old apartment. Well, if you know that then you also remember that I am not into sports. So, naturally, I adopted the Dodgers as my own. During a particular game in the Series, my ex had posted his excitement of the games on his Instagram. Again, I debated whether or not to text him. This time, however, I ultimately decided I would text him.

I tried to be funny in this text, so I sent him something along the lines of.

My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him

But I hope your team loses! Just kidding. Good luck. After my shift, I checked my phone and he did reply about how the game was emotionally charged, but it was a good game anyway. My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him was happy that he texted back, but even happier because the Dodgers managed to win that particular game. The moral of this story is, even if a lot of time passed you and your ex by, you can still text him. Just be mindful of what you do send him.

A lot can happen in a long time. In this case, a good memory text would be good to send. Memory texts usually involve telling your ex about how you encountered something that made you think of them as the subject. Sending a memory text would mean something more and would elicit more a response from your ex than one that just simply says. I mean, think about it. Well, I fell on my ass trying it again today, but it made me think of you!

It shows that even after all that time, that memory is still a dear one to you while also showing him that you were thinking of him. Answer: Yes. I waited a while to gather what I would say before I texted it took me several drafts and sent him this:. WHAT is going on with them? He responded with a laughing emoji and telling me that they were having a rough playoff season, but most people from Houston take more pride in football and baseball over basketball anyway.

The takeaway here is that, yes, you can text your ex. Give him the space you both need. Here is a video that explains what No Contact is featuring our fearless leader Chris.

My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him

When you do text him for the first time, remember to send him a good first text to get his attention and to keep the conversation going. If there is a lull ever in the conversation, take another shorter No Contact period, and try again. Texting is the gateway to getting your ex to open back up to you. I want you to tell me about the circumstances surrounding your breakup.

I also want to know what you have done since then and what you think your next move should be. Then, our experts will work with you to decide what will be your best next move. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

My boyfriend broke up with me should i text him

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