My boyfriend likes another girl

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By crystalpistel11February 27, in Trust and Relationships. Heres my deal Ive felt like something has been going on with my boyfriend and his one girlfriend for awhile now. Well my "feelings" are always right. So I read some messages written between the two of them. And they were planning on hanging out. It wasnt for him to cheat.

My boyfriend likes another girl

She told him to tell me. Well he ended up hanging out with her behind my back. So finally I couldnt take it anymore. And I asked him what was going on. I asked him if he liked her and he said yes. My boyfriend "loves " me and likes another woman. Well that just broke my heart because I have done nothing to deserve something like this. So I asked him if he wanted to My boyfriend likes another girl with her and he said no.

And I Said well do you love her. But he clearly has a crush on her. It just kills me because I know that the more you talk to somebody the more you get to like them. So I told him either he doesnt talk to her or its over. I know it probaly wasnt the right thing to do but I dont want to lose him. And I Know that if they didnt talk then theres no way he could like her more and more.

Well I told him to tell her how he feels about her and why I am so upset about them hanging out. He ended up telling her. So then they were not talking. And then I ended up getting into a My boyfriend likes another girl bad car accident on the 3rd of febuaryand I had to go stay with my father for a few weeks while my boyfriend was here alone at our apartment. Well while i was gone. After I told him how much it hurt me. What I want to know is. Is it possible to love me fully but have crushy feelings towards somebody else? He's not ready to be in a committed relationship, period.

It's as simple as that. Sure, you could get him to agree not to see this woman, but he'll still think about her, dream about her, fantasize about her, perhaps even when he's with you. You can't change that. You can only control you. So your decision is simple. Can you tolerate some guy who isn't really ready to be in a relationship and will crush on other women, and potentially, cheat on you down the road?

If you can handle it then do it. If not, then get out now. It's your choice. One thing is clear, you will not be "reabilitating" him. That's just not done. He will only be resentful and want to do something more is he's continuously told that he can't do something. He's just like or a bratty teenager that way. I just dont understand what is going on I really dont.

My boyfriend likes another girl

I dont want to deal with him liking another woman But I guess it just happens. He said he doesnt want to be with her. They were friend before we met. He had a chance to be with her and he chose me. And she is in a serious relationship as well.

And Ive talked to her about this whole thing too. You can love someone fully while crushing on someone else. We're mammals, it's a My boyfriend likes another girl of our biology. But when you do love someone fully, you put them ahead of the crush and make them your priority. He isn't doing that. Well he is too a certain point. I just dont understand him. I mean I even made him cry.

I truly got thru to him. I thought. But now they are talking agian. I just dont understand it.

My boyfriend likes another girl

Yes he can both love you and like this girl at the same time. The question is do you want to be with him while he is hiding his feelings from you? He knows what he could loose and does it anyway. That is not the action of someone with control. I want to be with him.

Because I dont think I would be happier with anybody else. He truly makes me happy. Ive never met anybody that makes me so happy Im the one he is with. He must want to be with me. But why would he risk our relationship? Should I let them be friends? Should I get to know her. You're the jealous type of girl, right? Not trying to justify anything, but it would explain him not telling you when he went to hang out with her. About the liking part, what's My boyfriend likes another girl big deal? I like my guy friends the same way I like my girl friends. That doesn't mean I have a crush on them or want to be with them.

Liking is liking somebody as a person, simple as that. I think you're actually pretty possessive and controlling if you're going to forbid him to talk to other girls. You need to trust him.

My boyfriend likes another girl

I am the furthest thing from being possesive and controlling. And he doesnt just like her as a friend. He likes her more than a friend. Why wouldnt I have an issue with that?? No he can't love you and be with someone else. It's impossible. I've been in a situation just like that.

All he is doing is hurting you, playing with your head, making you think and believe everything he tells you is the truth when really it's just a lie. Girl please get out of the situation ASAP. He isnt with her. Hes never told her he wants to be with her.

She doesnt like him as more than a friend. Shes in a My boyfriend likes another girl relationship. And she told me that she isnt going to ruin her relationship and even try to ruin ours. I just know that he liked her before me but he chose me instead. And a year and a half later he tells me that he likes her.

Doesnt love her. Doesnt want to be with her. But he likes her. Its very confusing.

My boyfriend likes another girl

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My boyfriend says he loves me but likes another girl too. What should I do?