My ex started dating my best friend

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You must never start dating his or her ex because if you do, you will make things uncomfortable for everyone. He or she should have been able to tell right from wrong from the beginning and have the willpower to pull away before things got messy. You trusted this person like your family, yet you still got betrayed and mistreated in the end. In this case, you may want to have a discussion with your friend and say that something must be done about it. Either your friend apologizes, shows respect, and stops dating your ex—or you distance yourself from both of them so that you can heal from the breakup and move on with your life.

Your ex may not feel obliged to listen to your wishes, needs, and concerns, but your best friend definitely should. He or she is your friend — someone you can trust and confide in, which makes him or her by definition a person who is responsible for promoting your well-being. Especially best friends. By dating your ex, your friend is just being selfish and disrespectful. But the thought of dating someone you wanted your friend to be happy with and maybe even have children with should repulse you.

Your friend is doing it because he or she saw your ex as an opportunity to get involved with someone new. Whether your ex was a good choice is, of course, debatable, but one thing is for certain. Neither your ex nor your friend considered your feelings before they started dating each other. They both merely acted on emotions and cravings, and as a result, got close to each other without your awareness or approval. If you really want to know why your ex started dating your best friend, the simplest explanation is that your ex and your best friend knew each other from before at least a little bitso they got in touch with each other after the breakup and gradually developed feelings for each other.

At first, they probably just exchanged information and joked about things. But over time, they developed a bond and decided to give their relationship a try. I like to stay friends with people who I can trust My ex started dating my best friend who I know will never start dating my ex behind my back. I would explain to them that dating someone I used to have an intimate relationship with My ex started dating my best friend messed up and that they have an important decision to make. Bear in mind that this is not a threat or something I would say out of jealousy and spite. I would say it solely out of self-love and self-respect.

Neither your ex nor your friend truly cares about you, so you may as well stick with the people who do. It makes you anxious and desperate for reconciliation, so you probably want to say or do something that brings them to their senses.

He or she already knows that and is perfectly capable of making decisions on his or her own. He or she would still be single or perhaps with someone else. Is your best friend dating your ex who you still love? How does that make you feel? Leave a comment below the article. Zan, the wedding happened last month and while I had major anxiety attacks prior to the wedding and immediately after, it went very well. I stayed composed, happy and humble. I said hello to everyone, including my ex and my ex bestfriend.

I even had comments from other people about how well I handled myself in light of the difficult situation. It was like they were strangers. In any case, thanks for all the good work you do. Your blog sustained me through one of the most difficult times in my life and helped me grow immensely.

I have since used this knowledge and my experience to help my other friends who are suffering. This happened to me and it was horrible, but I managed to navigate it with grace and I ultimately won! I was still completely in My ex started dating my best friend with him but I gave him space. He had a rebound relationship that ended very quickly.

I told her this, we discussed our exes and had a heart to heart. The she met him via a mutual friend, right after he broke up with his rebound, and she started dating him.

My ex started dating my best friend

Our mutual friend warned her about his pattern too but she was adamant. I remained silent, secretly raged but kept it cool on the surface. Then he dumped her about 10 months later and I was vindicated! My ex immediately began dating someone new after her and she was very upset, which I found hilarious!

She deserves every bit of pain he causes her. It absolutely paid off to take the high road. It hurt, I cried a lot, but I stayed strong and ultimately came out on top.

My ex started dating my best friend

I was as gracious and mature as possible. I will never let her back into my life or speak to her again, but I want to cultivate forgiveness internally for myself. Had you got involved, you would have turned them against you. And that would have complicated things and made them worse. Your friend should never have dated your ex behind your back.

My ex started dating my best friend

Life is very good, especially in these times. Sorry for the super late reply. The wedding has probably already happened. If it did, how My ex started dating my best friend it go? If not, just act natural. Your improvements will speak for themselves. Happiness will show on its own. What if the best friend died? Does the code still apply? In my opinion it does but l have been told otherwise. This is the worst. I had a very dear friend of 15 years. Right after I got dumped from my ex, I told my friend all the details of my recent breakup and how I hoped things would work out in the future with my ex.

One My ex started dating my best friend later, I unpleasantly discovered that my dear friend was hanging out with my ex. I was more upset with my friend then with my ex. I even went so far to write a hand written letter to my dear friend, explaining that I felt extremely betrayed and that I would never do that to him. I asked him to wonder how it would feel if somebody did that to him? With all the pain, I told him I was more than willing to put our differences aside and to move on.

His friendship of so many years meant that much to me. The breakup with my ex sucked. But the loss of a friendship that I truly thought was loyal, really hurt the most. I could never live my life having that weight on my shoulders, to treat a loyal friend in such a harsh way. This sounds almost exactly like my situation and yes, I agree. The loss of a best friend is almost worse than the breakup. It sounds like you handled it well, and I hope you are able to help those around you that are suffering from a similar situaton. Thanks again Zan! I feel like this whole experience earned me some wisdom points.

Hi Ana. Sincerely, Zan Reply. Any feedback would be spectacular. JL Reply. Hi Johnel. Kind regards, Zan Reply. In my opinion it does but l have been told otherwise Reply. No exceptions. Zan Reply. And I never got any response.

My ex started dating my best friend

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My Ex is Dating My Friend! How to Handle it and How to Keep From Going Insane