My ex wants sex but not relationship

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People tend to have a lot of strong feelings about having sex with an ex. Some are convinced the sex is better the second time around, while others assert that it only ends in heartbreak. Participants kept logs of their post-break up experiences, including whether or not they tried to initiate sex with an ex partner. And there may good reason that exes found comfort in pursuing each other.

Here are eigh things to keep in mind before you have sex with an ex. Isabelle MorleyPsyD tells Bustle. And we might be more inclined to overlook the bad depending on the state of our present social life. That idealization paired with the uncertainty of where things with an ex might lead can make sex with them even more erotically charged, she explains.

My ex wants sex but not relationship

Silva agrees, adding that sex with an ex can offer some clarity. We're kidding ourselves if we think that having sex with somebody that we had relationship with is not going to bring up feelings. They are unavoidable part of being human.

My ex wants sex but not relationship

Without some base-level communicationhaving sex with your ex could lead to a lot of unnecessary conflict. Is this going to be a recurring hookup that you both agree is going to be exclusive? Will you be seeing other partners? Is this hooking up with the possibility of reigniting your relationship? What are the indicators that it needs to end? What happens when one of you catches feelings? What if you see them out with someone else? Otherwise, confusion between the two of you could damage the relationship further. This matters, she explains, particularly if you want to preserve any kind of friendship.

The reality is that having sex with your ex does offer some benefits that sex with a one-night stand may not. Emotionally, they can offer you a lot of comfort and security.

My ex wants sex but not relationship

But that comfort can be a double-edged sword. Silva thinks issues surrounding self-esteem might be at play, too. When a relationship comes to an endthere's usually a good reason for it. What if I threw the one away? What if there is no better person out there for me? Plus, she adds, dating can be hard, exhausting work.

Going back to an ex out of fear you may never find someone else could be a way to settle and avoid that work, or even to avoid having to face other parts of yourself that new relationships can bring up. Silva recognizes the role insecurities might play. When it comes to realizing it, however, she puts stock in listening to your gut intuition. Morley agrees that sex with an ex may lead to an overall more pleasurable experience. She adds that your shared sense of history and the built-in comfort level might lead you to let go of some of your hang ups and even try some new things, too.

But if you're hoping those orgasms will lead to something more, like getting back together, the risks may not outweigh the rewards. If, however, you ultimately decide things are getting more serious, it might be worth opening up a conversation with close people.

Similar My ex wants sex but not relationship ending that over-idealization, sex with your ex might help you get the closure. It is, in some ways, like tying up loose ends. Sex with your ex can help reveal why you chose to remain apart," Silva says. It may come down to a cost-benefit analysis, Morley explains. Arch Sex Behav. Epub Oct PMID: Clarissa Silvabehavioral scientist and relationship coach.

Isabelle MorleyPsyD. By Amanda Chatel and Ali Drucker. Updated: May 28, Originally Published: June 19, Getting on the same might be the antidote to some of that uncertainty.

My ex wants sex but not relationship

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My ex only wants sex what do I do?