Nice woman dirty mind

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Do you love me? Are you sure? Is there anyone else? Do you promise? Are you happy with me? What if you change your mind? People come and go. People tell you what you wanna hear, when you wanna hear it to shut you up, and to avoid distress. I can tell when someone is lying to me and it causes me distress! I guess it just scares me. Yes, people come and go. If you care about me, please put the effort in. Constantly lied to. Emotionally manipulated. Always feeling like I was never good enough. My insecurities are my biggest weakness.

Lord knows I am guilty of fast-tracking a relationship… shit, I moved in with my ex not two months after we started dating. As I recall my past few relationships, pseudo included, I realized I gave them all privileges that should have been for my husband… which led me to think, Why do I do that? What am I trying to get out of this? I was also focused on everyone my age who was getting engaged, married and having families of their own, or even in long-term relationships.

The more I gave to these boys, the less of myself I had. It took me some time to find out that you can only give Nice woman dirty mind so much of yourself without feeling completely empty at the end of the day. The most tiring thing you can do is care about someone, and I was fucking tired. And so I shifted my focus to finding who I was, learning who I was, learning to like who I was without validation. If I continue to do so, what did we have to look forward to when if we did get married? But I am saying that there should be standards and boundaries set on what we give to our boyfriends and when to give it Nice woman dirty mind them.

Boyfriends and girlfriends need to realize that being a boyfriend or girlfriend, a. But until then, girlfriends will continue to give boyfriends husband privileges and boyfriends will continue to indulge. But really, can you blame them? So what do you do when timing sucks? Maybe not. They say love is patient, but it is also quick. Waiting is one part hope and one part fear. Is waiting healthy? To an extent. A little bit of patience?

Nice woman dirty mind

You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. So fear inspires you to wait right alongside hope.

Nice woman dirty mind

For how long? Sometimes bad timing goes away and good timing arrives.

Nice woman dirty mind

But sometimes. So waiting for awhile is worth holding hope in one hand and fear in the other. But love, in general, is a handful. In fact, there are so many Nice woman dirty mind to love, it is a juggling act of variables that makes it easier to see why so many people compromise.

And in turn, why so many people seem to end up with the wrong person. To find someone who is on the same as you, at the same time, who want the same things. Anyway, to finish, bad timing can really teach you a lot about yourself and you two together. How you manage bad timing situations is a reflection of your character and personal strength and respect and all the things that are actually part of great relationships anyway. It just sucks. Because if you love someone, regardless of bad timing, well … you love them. Maybe our relationship happened too quickly. Maybe I could have put in more effort.

Maybe you could have understood my hesitations. Maybe we can try again when the timing is right. I know we gave it our best. I know we had an amazing time together.

Nice woman dirty mind

I know it was just for a short time, but I know we were happy. I know I gave you my everything. I know you love d me. I know I love d you. For some twisted reason, I tend to Nice woman dirty mind for guys who are emotionally unavailable because I think I can be the one to change their mind.

In fact, I strive to be. I have unrealistic expectations about what I want in a man. I have trust and abandonment issues. But my dad was never present. I push guys away for no good reason. Thanks to my trust issues, any one who shows the slightest interest in me, and God forbid be nice to me, I kamikaze that immediately. I need to get out of that situation before HE has the chance to leave ME. I blow things way out of proportion. And again with the trust issues. You must be cheating on me. Thanks dad — I look like a crazy bitch thanks to you.

I rush into things way too fast. Flashback to the time I moved in with a guy a month after we started dating. I do too much. I care too much. I learned that the hard way, one too many Nice woman dirty mind. But why do I need constant reassurance? Because I need to know I still mean something to you.

And now, we wait…….

Nice woman dirty mind

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