Nina and ian dating 2014

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Even though the fans were rooting with all their hearts for The Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev to find their happy ending in real life, their relationship did not work out and the two eventually moved on. Nina who played the role of Elena Gilbert and Ian Somerhalder who featured in the teen drama show as Damon Salvatore started dating in real life after their onscreen characters fell in love with each other.

However, she started developing feelings for Damon and the two started romancing each other from season 4. Damon and Elena shared flawless chemistry in the show and it was one of the most celebrated love angles in the series. Back inNina also admitted that during the initial stage in her Hollywood career, she had a very strict rule about not dating her co-stars. But she made some changes in her life for Ian. Nina revealed that she never wanted to date Ian, but she simply couldn't resist her feelings for him, even though she tried.

Every time they made a public appearance together, the two looked happily in love with each other. This is why the news of their breakup took their fans by surprise. Ian started seeing Nikki in and after dating for about 6 months, the two decided to get married. However, even after their breakup, the co-stars maintained that though their romantic relationship did not work out, they Nina and ian dating 2014 good friends. Reportedly, Ian and Nikki walked down the aisle in April Nina and ian dating 2014 Nina said goodbye to the show the very next month. The fans believed that Nina was too heartbroken to see Ian with someone else and could not stand working with her.

The former lovers never discussed the real reason behind their split and never addressed the issue with the media.

Nina and ian dating 2014

How would you end the series? Nina and Ian did share some cryptic posts on their social media handles, and the fans thought they were referring to their breakup. Shortly after the news Nina and ian dating 2014 the split surfaced, people fans thought Ian took a slight dig at his former lover by posting a vague message on his Twitter handle.

On the other hand, Nina kept her feelings under tight wraps. However, when Ian started dating Nikki, the actress posted a series of quotes that seemed to be about their failed relationship. Tell Me are you a mosquito? But that was all. During media interactions, the actress always praised Ian and stated that that they are friends. Ian later shut down the rumours and posted a cozy picture of them happily posing for the camera. In the caption he mentioned that it was the first time the two had ever met and enjoyed an evening together.

Currently, Nina is friends with both, her ex-boyfriend Ian and his wife Nikki. The happy couple shares together. Anonymous : noone cares. REPLY 0 5 months ago. Anonymous : ughhhhh god the drama.

Nina and ian dating 2014

Anonymous : i believe Nina and Ian should be together forever all Nikki did was mess up every thing they had she is a parasite in there relationship. REPLY 8 9 months ago. Anonymous : Woe, some of these comments are crazy. Like some people swear like they know these actors personally.

News flash, these people for the most part only let you see what they want you to see. Y'all have no idea what happens behind closed doors. Sure, on the outside you may see a cute couple and hope for the best but on the inside things could be an absolute mess. If you really hope for the best for these strangers, than maybe try supporting their decisions when they find their happiness in someone else.

And side note, unless what ever relationship they're in is superficial and just for publicity, I'm pretty sure they werent thinking Nina and ian dating 2014 what their fans wanted when they were looking for love. I know I wouldnt be. REPLY 11 1 year ago. Anonymous : Who gives a shit they are characters on a show!? Nobody knows them really. Who cares? REPLY 2 1 year ago. Anonymous : Agreed. REPLY 1 1 year ago.

Nina and ian dating 2014

Anonymous : He is gorgeous. REPLY 9 1 year ago. Anonymous : Yes he is. I really would have been hurt to loose him. But I don't really know him either. REPLY 2 10 months ago. Anonymous : Well Nina should have held on to ian with both hand, so even though I liked them together on tv, he seems happy now Nina you probably lost the best thing to happen in your life REPLY 8 1 Nina and ian dating 2014 ago.

Anonymous : she probably just wasnt ready to get married, which he clearly wanted, and plus who are we to say whats the best thing to happen to her, she seems really happy with her current bf. REPLY 6 1 year ago. Anonymous : Hello?? REPLY 0 1 year ago. REPLY 20 1 year ago. Anonymous : Your absolutely right. REPLY 0 9 months ago. Anonymous : Obviously nikki and ian look good together rather than nina and Ian. You know they have that vamp-vamp connection.

I really wanna the reason behind nina and Ian's break up. REPLY 13 1 year ago. Anonymous : It's tough to be friends with your ex. REPLY 7 1 year ago. I feel like she's lonely and needs the comfort of him in her life Anonymous : I prefer ian with nikki,nina she isn't the right choice she is perverse and immature she act like in real life she is so deferent from elena Gilbert,nikki is mature enough for him. Anonymous : No nina is more mature.

REPLY 4 1 year ago. Anonymous : As if u know Nina and ian dating 2014 personally. Anonymous : U couldn't be further away from the truth they were great together u need to open ur eyes. Anonymous : Have you met her?

Nina and ian dating 2014

If not then stop finding faults in her. Anonymous : Perverse??? Anonymous : Nina is not at all kiddish the times when nina praised their marriage on the other hand ian was always rude to nina Whenever her name was taken. REPLY 1 9 months ago. Anonymous : Friends? But they do not follow each other on social media though. REPLY 22 1 year ago. Anonymous : So lol. It happens. Anonymous : Why do you have to follow someone just because you are friends. It's not a law Anonymous : That's what.

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Nina and ian dating 2014

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