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The Campus Stories Oral History Project is a multi-year project deed to collect the memories of UW Oshkosh alumni, faculty and staff as a way of helping document the past sixty-five years of campus history. By conducting oral history interviews, we are able to engage the past by tapping the unique and very personal perspectives of people who experienced it.

When interpreting the events, lives and ideas of the past, historians make use of original records created by individuals from earlier times. Conducting oral history interviews allows us to go beyond these records and ask new questions, discover new interpretive angles, and recover fascinating untold stories untold.

InUW Oshkosh will turn years old.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

Doing so will hopefully help us fill in holes in our institutional history and, equally important, allow individuals tied to the campus to get their perspectives recorded in their own words. To listen or review the transcripts of over 90 oral history interviews already completed browse by name or subject or search the abstracts below.

By Alphabetical. By Search. She changed her major her sophomore year after realizing that teaching was not a good fit for her. In this interview, Martin reflects primarily on how college taught her to navigate relationships and learn life skills. She was a strong student who struggled with finding worthwhile friends before hitting her stride after becoming involved in the History Club, where she served as Secretary, Vice President and President.

She also reflects on the bar and party scene in Oshkosh. Martin currently works full time as a nanny, and she argues that she uses the communication skills she learned as a journalism major to market herself and the research skills she learned as a history minor to stay up to date on child development news in order Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women be a competitive job candidate. He studied biology at UW Oshkosh from Christian chose UWO for a of reasons: his parents were alumni, he was attracted to the business program although he would later opt for biologyand he had attended football camp at the university as a senior in high school and liked Coach Ron Cardo.

Christian admits that he did not handle the responsibility and independence of his freshman year well, and he spent much of his time partying. This changed when his low Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women threatened his ability to play sports, and he quickly worked to make school a higher priority.

In this interview, Christian discusses his favorite professors and locations on campus, his memories of the party scene, and his relationships with his friends who were all either football players or fellow biology majors.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

He finished college with a strong academic record and went on to graduate school. Christian now teaches at a university in Boston and is very impressed with the strides UWO has made to remain a relevant and innovative university. Fett discusses the rigorous training schedule and the lessons about resilience she Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women while playing at UWO.

The internship enabled her to travel around the country and paid in part for her graduate degree. She currently works at Verve Credit Union in a position she loves and is proud to be part of the Oshkosh tradition. Betts was an active high school student who continued her involvement at the college level through positions as a campus tour guide, cheerleader, PR Intern for the Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women, Advance Titan OSA reporter, and co-president of the Society of Professional Journalists, among other things.

She speaks about the experience of attending college and graduating during the Great Recession and discusses how she made efforts to diversify her talents in order to be a competitive job candidate. Betts credits extracurricular activities and her willingness to take risks for her later career successes. She also shares memories of residence life and her favorite classes, and she reflects on the relationship between the campus and the outside community. Betts compares it to living in a bubble and argues that this was especially apparent during the presidential primaries where she perceived there to be a lack of political knowledge on the part of the students.

Betts is an active member of the UWO Alumni Board and currently helps to advise the interactive web management program. Sunila is a first generation college student from a tight-knit family whose parents supported her decision to pursue higher education. She chose UW Oshkosh for its nursing program but switched majors to biology when she realized the coursework was not a good fit for her. Sunila was an extremely active undergraduate who worked as an Odyssey new student orientation leader, helped to coordinate Speakers Series and volunteerism events, and was a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

It was through her extracurriculars and relationships with Greek Life and Volunteerism office advisors that she realized her true passion was helping people and that her skills lay in communication and advising. Sunila shares her memories of her favorite classes, meeting her Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women, the roommate selection process, and her favorite past-times at UWO, including going to Appleton to shop.

She currently has a job in an admissions office for another university and expresses a deep appreciation for her time at UWO because it allowed her to take risks and learn about herself. She returned from to receive her Spanish language teaching certification. Anaya did not come from a family that valued higher education, but she was inspired by an influential teacher in high school to pursue a college degree. Her guidance counselor suggested that she consider studying Spanish because she excelled at the subject.

Anaya credits this piece of advice for changing her life.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

In this interview, she discusses her campus memories, including her experiences with the foreign language department, the local bar scene, Reeve Memorial Union and campus food, and dating. Anaya met her husband at UWO and, at the time of this interview, teaches Spanish in the Iola-Scandinavia Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women district.

Delponte was always interested in teaching science and chose UWO because of its reputable education program. He attended UW Fond du Lac for a year and half, where he played soccer and was involved in student government, before transferring to UW Oshkosh in Delponte found it hard to become involved as a junior, and he spent the rest of his undergraduate career focusing on his classes, in which he excelled, and spending time with friends.

He received a competitive teaching position right out of college in Union Grove, WI, where he is working at the time of this interview. Delponte laments the current lack of enrollment in the education program which he argues is because teaching is no longer perceived of as a worthwhile job.

Ultimately, he credits his time at UWO for teaching him how to accept life as it comes. Sinceshe has worked as the Office Manager for Facilities Management at the university. In this interview, Liddle reflects on her childhood in Kenosha, discussing how the diversity of the city shaped her outlook on life. Although neither of her parents attended college, she was encouraged by her family from a young age to strive toward education. She entered UWO as an undecided student and struggled with her coursework despite flourishing socially.

She changed her major to social work before finally deciding on criminal justice. Although Liddle ended up with a successful career in sales and later management, she credits UWO for helping her build lasting relationships and putting her on the right path in life.

She speaks at length about her family history and the experience of growing up in Rosendale. Kunkle-Jones shares stories of her favorite professors and reflects upon her relationships with professors in the Anthropology and History departments. She discusses one instance where she was compelled Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women report sexist behavior on the part of a history professor.

Kunkle-Jones also speaks about campus past-times, including going downtown or driving to Appleton to shop. She shares her thoughts on the changes she has seen come to campus sinceespecially the increase in school pride, and finishes with a brief discussion of the adoption of the University Studies Program. His family expected him to pursue higher education, Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women he was unsure of what he wanted his career path to be, and he chose WSUO on impulse. Goodman is thankful for his choice and shares a plethora of warm memories of the university in this interview.

He discusses his experiences on the swim team, his role in the founding of the marketing fraternity Pi Sigma Epsilon, his involvement in a Ford Motors marketing contest, and his favorite business professors, particularly Clifford Larson, the Dean of the School of Business. Goodman frequented the bars for social purposes but was not a big drinker, and he spent much of his time studying or with friends in Reeve Union.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

He reflects briefly on the political climate on campus at the time and shares his perceptions of events like Black Thursday and Kent State. He chose UWO because he wanted to stay close to home and was already familiar with the campus because his girlfriend was a student.

Schaefer originally studied psychology but struggled to pass a required course, so he switched to social work. He reflects on the program and discusses an internship with the Fond du Lac Juvenile Court, a life changing experience that Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women him to realize that his true passion was coaching. Schaefer played volleyball throughout his undergraduate and graduate careers at UWO. He discusses his experiences traveling and bonding with the team and writing pieces for the Advance Titan. Schaefer was a talented and distinguished player who also worked as an Assistant Coach while attending school.

Schaefer discusses his relationships with his players, his coaching style, his recruitment philosophy and the changes that he has seen on campus in his long, successful career. Tabbert was an active student who had already set her sights on studying music education and playing volleyball at UWO while in high school, but a sports injury her senior year changed her path.

She still chose Oshkosh because her older sister was an alumnus, and she used her lifelong interest in the law and politics to inform her choice of major. Tabbert was an extremely social and involved student. She credits her involvement and the Greek Life community for giving her a strong support system after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer her freshman year.

She is extremely thankful for her time at UWO and is active in alumni events - her wedding reception was even held at the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center. The eldest of the family and a first generation college student, Kling remembers feeling like a trailblazer.

She discusses Residence Life, including navigating roommate problems, and she shares her memories of the Presidential election and seeing the Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women Bo Burnham perform. Kling believes that UWO taught her Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women challenge herself. She is thankful for her time at the university. Mitchell, a first generation college student, had dreams of becoming a marine biologist but, under pressure from her parents and then boyfriend, forewent the opportunity to study at the University of Hawaii in favor of attending UW River Falls.

Craving more independence from her family, Mitchell ultimately moved to Fond du Lac, making her the first member of her family in three generations to leave River Falls, and finished her studies at UW Oshkosh. In this interview, Mitchell reflects on life as a commuter student, campus party culture, the burgeoning LGBTQ rights movement, and her experiences as a human services major. Although she entered with the intention of studying criminal justice, she realized early on that human services, with its emphasis on helping people, was a better fit.

Mitchell was an active student who was involved with the cheer and stunt team, the Human Service Organization, and the Alpha Delta Omega honors society. She completed three internships, including one with Save the Manatees in Florida, where she was able to combine her love for marine biology with her passion for helping others. Mitchell credits Oshkosh for helping her grow emotionally, socially, and academically, and she has had a successful career as a trauma response and prevention coordinator.

He attended UW Oshkosh from and studied biology with a healthcare emphasis. He started his college career at St. Norbert, but transferred to UW Oshkosh to save money and experience a higher level of student-professor interaction. Welch was an active, career-oriented student who served as President of the Chemistry Club for two years, worked as an organic chemistry lab technician, did research with Dr. James Paulson on leukemia, and held a position as the head intern of the Clean Boats Clean Waters initiative which worked to educate people on the Lake Winnebago chain about invasive species.

He speaks about his fond memories of Demolition Night, a Chemistry Club event in which members essentially lit things on fire for science, as well as his experiences playing soccer, performing at Open Mic Nights in Reeve Union, and studying computer science as a hobby.

Welch enjoyed his time at UWO because he Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women that the university did a good job teaching him the general scientific and ethical principles important for a well-rounded life. Fruhwirth was a motivated high school student with an intrinsic drive to succeed. She was not raised in a family that valued higher education, and she applied for colleges at the last minute after she realized she would not be satisfied with her well-paying union job at a local grocery store. Fruhwirth started at UW Fond du Lac with a major in graphic de and transferred to UW Oshkosh where she studied art and then, after realizing she disliked the subjectivity of the art world, business.

She was an active and committed student who did well in her classes, worked her way through college, tutored for math, and was involved in student government and Christian youth groups on and off campus. She shares her memories of dating, including meeting her husband whom she married her senior year, and living on campus. She credits college for introducing her to the broader world and believes that it helped her to be more mature and independent. Her lifelong dream was Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women go into television, and her mother was a strong source of support.

She brought this confidence to UW Oshkosh and led an active social and professional life on campus. She also discusses an incident in which she was abused by her boyfriend. Although she successfully dealt with the situation on her own, and believes the overall experience to be empowering, she discusses the changes in attitudes toward and the increase in resources for domestic violence and social justice she has seen on campus since the s.

Following her graduation, Weiss had a successful career in video production in Milwaukee. She moved back to Fond du Lac with her husband to start a family and care for her sick mother, an experience that changed her outlook and brought her even closer to her lifelong faith. Weiss is currently an active Lutheran pastor and campus minister at The Gathering Place, a role that she loves and is passionate about. Kiedrowski grew up in a poor, rural area, and she wanted to do more with her life than stay in her hometown. She chose UWO because it was as far away as possible from Ettrick while still qualifying for in-state tuition.

Kiedrowski also speaks about the bar scene in Oshkosh.

Nude tingeling goes Oshkosh women

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