One night in cyna

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In. Hide Spoilers. Madison-8 16 January Now I have to be honest with myself and the readers: This is not the type of adult film that will be for everyone. Its celebrity status aside, it's a darkly-lit film with two "performers" who are by no means the most attractive of specimens. Sean Waltman is a scruffy, skinny guy who says the most obnoxious things, while Joanie aka Chyna is a very muscular woman, and to help turn things off for most, her genitalia is swollen, probably in no small part to past steroid use.

One night in cyna

All of that be damned, I actually kinda liked the home video these two made. Sorry, but I have a thing for Joanie, enlarged privates and all. She may not be the definition of femininity, but watching her go at it got me aroused. Was this review helpful? From the distributors of One Night in Paris Comes this unnatural horror porn. This review contains minor spoilers, but I really doubt that will ruin anybody's day. I'd vote zero if I could.

Now, I"m not an adult movie fan in the least, but as a former pro-wrestling fan, One night in cyna also a horror buff, I just had to check it out. This movie is scarier than any horror flick, Has worse cinematography than a home video shot by someone's drunk dad not that I expected much from a celeb porn vidand it's about as erotic as watching grass grow. This was like seeing an accident, you don't want to look, but you just can't turn away.

One night in cyna

Between disgusting sex scenes if you can call them sex, it's more like frantic humping is Shaun hamming it up in China, with worse lines than he had back as X-Pac or the Kid, and that's really saying something. I hope this movie is a lesson to One night in cyna Light District, just because they're are or were celebs, doesn't mean people will want to see them getting busy.

Its sharper that a lot of other "professional" movies. It just goes against the idea that amateur sex tapes have to look crappy with bad audio. But its just bad irony that this great video has sub par performers.

With his pro wrestling credentials in tow, Sean Waltman visits China to help sell the name. Well, 'One night in Chyna Doll' doesn't as catchy.

One night in cyna

Other than the curious factor, it feels the only reason to watch is the novelty of seeing semi-celebrities getting freaky. And some would argue about freakishness in this one.

One night in cyna

This is proof that there's a huge, huge difference between being a fan of Joanie Laurer and wanting to see her have sex. The Red Light District people scraped the barrel with this one. One night in cyna 4 November I gotta say, I only bought this 'cause of all the hype around the internet that Chyna and X-pac Sean Waltman? However, even at that price, I now feel ripped off and know it's not really worth watching even if you got to watch it for free. The whole thing seems to be nothing but X-Pac filming his own ding-dong while Chyna lays in the same position for most of the night making annoying sounds that don't go anywhere.

She can't seem to climax, and gives off the impression shes faking it.

One night in cyna

It doesn't matter to me if she is or she isn't, but the whole things was a waste of time to watch. Share this :. Clear your history.

One night in cyna One night in cyna

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