Online dating profile questionnaire

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Online dating profile questionnaire

Writing an online dating profile is hard. In working with guys to help them improve their online dating profiles, I came up with the below 12 questions to help guide their answers. The idea is not that Online dating profile questionnaire should put these answers directly into your online dating profile. These are self-knowledge and research questions, which will allow you to then write specific, detailed, and compelling online dating profile lines, answers to questions, and conversation starters that hook.

This question is de e d to get you understanding your own romantic scripts and archetypes. If you like stargazing and she likes nightclubs, you guys might not be a fit. This question gets to your sense of humor: what tickles you?

Online dating profile questionnaire

What do you find funny? To be most successful in dating, you have to be very deeply rooted in your own humor and self-amusement. Women speak the language of emotions. This is because we are all low on self-awareness. What we consider humdrum or boring about ourselves, others consider fascinating and attractive. This question gets back to your romantic scripts and archetypes. This is deed to bring up your standards.

What sort of women are you really looking for? Is she active, athletic, extroverted, and assertive? Or is she more submissive, thoughtful, introverted and shy? You need to know, and your dating profile needs to be written in such a way that you are selecting for the type of girl you want to meet.

Further refining the question above. Knowing the top 3 traits really allows you to narrow down your non-negotiables, which also sheds light on your values. Travel is an aphrodisiac. People crave adventure, escape, and the glamour Online dating profile questionnaire is often associated with exotic or international travel. You gotta have priorities. So — what is your dream vacation? You should be actively recruiting a woman to you on this. People want to make plans.

Online dating profile questionnaire

Give them a reason to get excited about being in your world! Feminine women are attracted to men who can Produce, Provide, and Protect — and if you are not dangerous in the least to anyone, you will probably have a much harder time getting a date. Think of the ways you lead and how you can put those at the forefront of your online dating profile, Online dating profile questionnaire you will do much better.

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Online dating profile questionnaire Online dating profile questionnaire

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12 Questions Guys Need To Answer to Write Better Dating Profiles